Monday, May 25, 2015

Shades in red

The garden is creeping up now, bursting with colour and still 
promising more with the geraniums, bougainvilleas and some 
laurels which are quicker to bloom. What is frustrating this
 year is that the rose bushes haven’t given sufficient blooms 
but it has probably occurred because of the upheaval in the 
front yard. A new path has been constructed, soil has been 
added and they may have felt stressed somehow.
I wish we could get closer to the garden especially in 
the country where flowers hang their heads for lack 
of water and we aren’t able to remedy it on the spot.

The school year is wrapping up; students are allowed to count down 
to vacation which doesn’t mean that they will be totally carefree 
though. Some preparation in advance for more difficult or 
challenging topics will be necessary. I’m thinking about this as my
 daughter is graduating from elementary school and has to face
 a higher level of requirements. Do you have kids at this stage?

I would like to thank my dear blogfriend Jane Moller from 
true-colors  who so pleasantly surprised me with this 
beautiful painting despite the fact I wasn’t the winner of her 
giveaway. It's difficult to find the words to express my thoughts 
and feelings when “unknown” people can be so unexpectedly
generous and polite, friendly and bountiful.
Jane is an aquarellist, a talented painter, native Danish but 
residing in Milan for more than 30 years. On her blog, you can 
discover various painting techniques, she is so talented indeed! 
A hug Jane!

See you!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring days on the mountain

I’m back from an escapade to Arcadia, a land immersed in myth 
and legend, a land of woods, fields and flocks, the land of Pan 
according to Greek mythology. Here are some snaps to share 
with you in rush as I’m overwhelmed with the challenges 
of my job.This is a crucial time every year. 
So, it takes less than an hour and a half to reach Vytina, 
where we use to lodge in .It is because of this retreat that 
we choose to stay there, really perfectly accommodating.
I personally needed to unwind from head to toes viewing 
the fir forested slopes and spending more time with my 
family, this is what I did. Vytina village by itself doesn’t 
say too much, hamlets around seem more picturesque and
 interesting, like Dimitsana or Stemnitsa I’m 
showing you in the pictures. What is striking is to see spring 
transform the evergreen landscape into a colourful patchwork
 between bright hues of royal purple and burning yellow. 
A real joy to walk and take photos through those 
stunning displays, a pleasure that my dear nephew shared 
more than the others with me. Woodland flowers and blooming 
trees created the most beautiful springtime symphony soothing 
the spirit outside from the hustle and bustle of the town. 
Awesome chapels hidden in the forest, wood artisans along
 our way, equestrian pitches and a scenic countryside made us 
stop several times to seize the moment and experience 
the beauty of this world. 
Are you organizing some getaway 
after a long and heavy winter? 
Wish me luck! 

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