Friday, October 19, 2018

Impressions from Prague

Have you ever browsed a map in search of a hidden gem that you 
were not yet aware of? This was the case with us last summer 
when Prague appeared as an option. So our choice was made.
 Spontaneously, without a second thought.
The city is definitely beautiful to look at, as is widely accepted. 
Strolling along the old pebbled streets gives you the feeling of being
 one with the historical past. Gazing at the sunsets between the towers 
along the river made me bless the moment we decided to visit
 this architectural wonder. 
The discovery of the Czech countryside added to this sense of marvel
 and filled me with images of golden balls of hay, cute vegetable 
gardens and vintage cars. Nevertheless, if you -like me- are imagining
 yourself posing by Charles Bridge as if a princess in a fairy tale,
 please don’t make the mistake of going there in August!
 You will be met with a never-ending crowd of tourists and scorching
 heat. Gladly, there will be plenty of that exquisite beer to save 
your day. It’s available everywhere and is even cheaper than water.
 If only the faces of those serving it, were a bit more cheerful. 
I wondered if the serious demeanor was a remnant of a bitter
 historical past. Could this past have affected even the people’s love
 for flowers? Where were the coneflowers, hollyhocks, dahlias, 
alliums, anemones, hydrangeas and all those gorgeous summer 
blooms that I was sure the Czech climate could afford? 
Unpleasantly surprised at the lack of abundance of flowers. 
Spotted some beautiful vases and splash of color though.
 Hope you like the time capsule I created for pretty Prague 
and I’m pleased to share it with you. 
 Wherever you go,
 whatever you may see,
 be sure to keep looking
 until you find the treasure you are seeking.
Until next

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