Monday, March 4, 2013

A little walk and a limoncello

What’s more regenerating and relaxing than a walk in the open air,

or the touch of sunshine and its reflections on the vivid wildflowers?

That’s what I did a few days ago with a good lost friend of mine.
We don’t live in the countryside but fortunately we have everything in our reach.
In ten minutes you are transferred wherever you want,countryside or sea,
just get in the mood and find the time.

Here we are, strolling through the olive groves and  flowery meadows,
observing the slow transformation of nature and its awakening.


It was a mild sunny early spring afternoon.
The foliage was shining but for me,spring's herald is the tweet of migratory birds.
It was a real orchestra.I wish I could send you their music in this post!
But look at this incredible light!

Turning home, let’s take a look at the  flowers. Here is progress!

What a beauty this pansy! Isn’t?
If I create a little bouquet, won't the plant be destroyed?

What about that home made limoncello which smells so nice?
We need some rest...

Inside, it’s still quite cold but I already sense the increasing daylight.

And what’s better than a fellow with such  humor?
Between liqueurs, dried figs, apricots and almonds... we laughed and chatted so much!

I hope you had a pleasant and delightful break before the new week’s start.

I thank my new followers and all visitors
 from the bottom of my heart!
Have a lovely week !

You are invited to participate in this week's "Sunlit Sunday".
Let's brighten up the beginning of a new week!

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