Monday, June 15, 2015

Laundry in the garden

Having in mind to put a little order to a messy home and with 
the leisure of a whole empty day, I chased the idea of drying 
the handmade linen in the tumble dryer. Looking outside, I 
realized how full of light and color these early summer 
mornings are and how great it would be to let the fine linen 
hang and air in the sun. By good luck, this inner garden 
offers privacy, so the entire thing was ours! Capturing a 
quiet moment, diving into garden’s loveliness, adjusting 
the camera for a sunburnt landscape, 

coming across the teenager who so 
unexpectedly invigorated the scenery...

The laundry was ready in less than a quarter of an hour,
so e c o, so e a s y ! 
Happily for me there is a person available 
to do the ironing, something I hate. Don't you?

The garden is at its best now, the lawn and the hedge look great, 
the two lemon trees which risked exsiccating this winter sprouted
new leaves and the palm tree survived a serious disease 
widespread in the Mediterranean zone. The burgundy colour 
of the bougainvillea provides such a happy feeling and vitality 
in a garden mostly green.

  Lazy days are already here. The graduation is done, 
time to wind down, thoughts of vacation are dancing around us. 

Hope you are doing fine,
Sending you warm, sunny hugs
until next 

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