Monday, February 22, 2016

The advent of spring

This year with no proper winter, things have been strange 
but miraculously beautiful in the garden. The advent
of the spring has already begun with those beauties 
appearing throughout the yards in the village, putting 
a smile on our face and pushing us giddily 
towards outdoor projects! 

For anyone that gardens the spring is pure bliss! 
Exciting things happen all around! Part of the front yard 
has been sowed with zinnias and sweet peas. Some
unexpected poppies are prematurely in bloom adding with 
audacity their touch of red. The eastern part of the edge
has been covered with decorative gravel in order 
to eliminate weeds.

How gladly we henceforth trade the gardening chores 
for the benefit of having a bunch of flowers like those! 
Ahead of schedule and not yet full-blown this wonderful
 bunch of violets made our day! 
Everything outside is gearing up for 
s p r i n g. 

I picked up the anemones from the local nursery; 
they fit with the season albeit I crave violets!

This year, lemon and orange trees carry too much fruit 
on their overcrowded branches. It’s time to prune them 
and shape them more nicely. Unfortunately, a spray 
application will be needed as an infection produces brown 
spots not only on their leaves but also on the fruit. 
Until now, they have been totally organic 
and heavenly scented.

Spending time in the garden with my husband is one 
of my passions besides others.... He does the heavier yard 
tasks and doesn’t complain even when asked to pose 
for my pictures! A sweetheart!

I’m still rather invisible on your blogs. 
It becomes a little stressful as 
I’m currently away from my laptop… 
I make an effort to keep this little space 
of mine alive, it’s a goal I want to achieve, 
just an entry once in three or more weeks…  
Just don't give up! 

Anyway, I’m very, very grateful that you still 
take the time to stop by and leave a kind word. 
Thank you so much!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Anemones and a Love Story

I’ve rounded up some photos of those awesome anemones 
highlighting the beauty of the season and capturing the
 romantic atmosphere surrounding Valentine’s Day. 
Greek mythology linked the red anemone, sometimes 
called the windflower, to the myth of Aphrodite
Goddess of Love and Adonis, a mortal.
Anemos in Greek means wind! 

According to this myth, when Adonis lived with Aphrodite, 
the two lovers would go hunting in the woods. As Adonis 
chased game through the forest, the goddess would follow 
closely behind, in her swan-driven chariot, dressed as a 
huntress. Aphrodite's ex-lover, the god of war Ares, 
grew jealous of her affair with the mortal. While his rival 
was hunting alone, Ares disguised himself as a boar and 
attacked Adonis causing him lethal injuries. Adonis used 
his spear to strike back to Ares, but was soon gored to 
death by the boar's great tusks. Aphrodite hurried to 
Adonis in her chariot, but his soul had already descended 
into the Underworld. In despair, she sprinkled nectar on 
Adonis’ wounds. As Aphrodite bore her lover's body out 
of the woods, crimson anemones sprung up where each 
drop of blood and nectar fell onto the earth.

This specific myth inspired great poets like Ovidius or, 
much later, Shakespeare, to compose hymns dedicated 
to  l o v e !

Enjoy Valentine’s Day! 
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