Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let's dream!

Dreaming of open horizons looming ahead,
Immersing the gaze into the deep blue
Being swept away by the sublime Aegean
Hearing the sound of its waves
Longing for endless summer days
Soothing the soul with the utter rightness of everything
Feeling blessed to experience the epitome of beauty,
Of the unexpected, breathtaking beauty of nature
Feeling reborn under the dazzling summer light

Seeing the sun drop into the inky waters
Acquiring different hues of violet while sinking in
Leaving only silhouettes in its wake
The blue domed churches
 Creating one of the most beautiful sunsets on Earth…

For those who are already in search 
of a dreamy place to go,
Who have already escaped in their mind,
There is a unique place called Santorin.
A tiny paradise and if I blame myself for something 
is that I waited  until the fourth decade of my life 
before visiting this island which ιs at my doorstep, 
20 minutes by plane from Athens

Dear readers, with 26 degrees outside, 
you shouldn’t consider this post
premature, or out of place!
And, don’t tell me I’m promoting Greek islands 
because they don’t need my contribution,
especially as my photos don’t do justice to 
the sheer and photogenic beauty of the island.

 May travels be a way of thinking better, 
more spherically, more modestly, more ecologically...
Until May…

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Photo above

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Α few days before Easter

Easter is fast approaching and there are a lot of things 
to do as usual. We are actually looking after the garden, 
pruning the citrus trees, seeding some herbs and cleaning 
the whole area from withered plants and wilted flowers. 
The violets are still in full bloom and the first roses have 

 We have finally finished painting the country house, 
to be exact, a part of it. We choose shades of duck egg blue 
and rose of Benjamin Moore Paints for the living room and 
the kitchen. I tried to uplift this lovely country house by using 
materials that I already had and exploring my imagination...

A colourful lamb, creation of my own! 

This is the color of the chimney!
(photo above)

A spring wreath for the front door.

Chicks for sale, in a paper box, in the street…
1euro each one!

On Holy Saturday, at midnight, we go to the church to 
follow the ceremony of lighting candles. Children 
hold the candles offered to them by their godfather. 
Here is one of these lovely candles. 

This year, we are not celebrating very glamorously
 as we lost a member of our family a few months ago.
Hope your Easter is lovely and serene. 
Hope the renewal of life is the renewal of 
love, joy and happiness.
Thanks to all my followers, both known and unknown

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Outdoor spring joys

Life is going on but not without troubles. 
My mother’s health isn’t good enough but I look 
around me and feel blessed by who and what surround me. 
Capture a little of the beauty of the season and bring it 
deeply in the soul, this is the best therapy of all! 

The first shy rose…

The garden demands a lot of seeding and of course 
before that, there is a need to add new soil. 
An ancient cement craft was turned into 
an enormous pot ready to greet some lovely pansies.

Oh, impossible to send you the sweet, haunting 
fragrance of the flower of Easter, lilac !

Calendulas are perennials in the area and come back 
every year and multiply. Before the explosion of all kind 
of blossoms, they are the only flowers which give color
 and cheer up the front garden. 

Tidying up the storage room of the country house, 
I pulled out an old hanger and I freshened it up! 

The lovely heart hanging on the second input of the house 
is an awesome creation and gift of a beloved friend of mine. 

Sometimes I wonder if I could be like Keanu Reeves in Matrix, 
just to manage in the same time city and country garden!

Colorful and captivating flower markets where 
you don’t know what to choose! Especially if you 
are a bit inexperienced like me!

Lavender has already been cut and perfumes 
wardrobes, chests, everything…

Gardening, crafting, having lunch outside, strolling 
in the open air, this is exactly what makes me
 feel better and have a breath…

So, with this colorful post and mood, 
I hope life will do me the favor 
to be kind and clement as always…

Sending you sweet thoughts...

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