Friday, February 27, 2015

Our little Carnival

Last Saturday, the Carnival kicked off in our little town. 
With a blessing from the sun, we all lived it up and although 
don’t go mad anymore for bacchanalias like this, 
it was a fun event. 
Neighborhoods in full swing, filled with color, people 
 in their best mood and what more could a ....
s e r i o u s 
blogger-photographer want? 
Shooting the happenings, capturing the 
essence of the festivities! But...

...for some reason, fingers were not being crossed and all my photo
 gadgets crashed due to a lack of batteries. Disaster! 
Is being forgetful something to worry about? 

Anyway, observing the photos you can easily distinguish various 
shooting versions consuming all the battery strength of all kinds of
equipment! I finally managed to give you an idea of how it was. 
Schools and local clubs were the main planners of the carnival
under the aegis of the municipal authorities who had also
 provided an open air concert. 

As a student in Italy, in my youth I was lucky 
enough to experience Venice Carnival as a participant,
staying up all night dancing in San Marco square, 
dressed up as a marquise, enjoying a magical atmosphere 
in the company of my fellows.
The most beautiful extravaganza ever!
Time has flown by and I have to admit that 
the excitement of those days has now accumulated
 in my daughter's blue eyes.

Here she is with her cousin, a few years ago.
Did you celebrate Carnival ?
Sending hugs

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