Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Almond trees and wild irises in Ancient Nemea

February is a month full of loveliness as we have many 
celebrations at home. Anniversaries and birthdays, 
Carnival parties, Valentine’s Day and all associated… 
Excursions and romantic strolls are included in program 
so let me share with you a beautiful escape to
ancient Nemea, a few weeks ago. 

Winter is on its last legs while spring seems 
ready to assume the task...

I particularly love this transitional season where buds are 
barely out, where almond trees come to life and wild irises are
carpeting the fields. In the middle of this fabulous landscape, 
Greek archeological sites emerge almost mystically.

Ancient locations always have a tremendous effect on me as
 I feel not only blessed to walk on my ancestors paths but 
also because there is so much peace around the antiquities, 
so quiet and spiritual.

The Nemean games were founded in 573BC 

and a sanctuary was dedicated to Zeus, 
in whose honour the games were held. 

Temple of Zeus, last third of the 4th century BC

Gold leaf ornaments displayed 
in the archeological museum of Nemea

Apodyterium, Nemea ( Undressing room ) where the athletes got 
undressed, oiled their skin and prepared for the games.

The ancient Stadium

Vaulted entrance tunnel of the ancient stadium of Nemea.

Ancient Greek pottery figurines 

Nemea is also known as a wine region but unfortunately 
we didn't have the time to pop over to the aging cellars 
as we continued our trip to Nafplion. 

A beautiful day! I came back having captured the awaking 
of almond trees, delighted with the flowery spectacle 
of wild irises, appeased by the ancient Greek wisdom.

So, now...
the winner of my giveaway is my Dutch friend...

 Gerthe blogger of Hoorn des Overvloeds. 
Dearest friend
 please email me your address 
so I can send you the stuff!!!

Wish I could send a little gift to all of you, 
I’m so thankful for your participation to my humble giveaway; 
you always leave so sweet and thoughtful comments. 
Thank you so much!

Hope the upcoming season increases your inspiration!
Keep your mood sunny!

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