Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Almond trees and wild irises in Ancient Nemea

February is a month full of loveliness as we have many 
celebrations at home. Anniversaries and birthdays, 
Carnival parties, Valentine’s Day and all associated… 
Excursions and romantic strolls are included in program 
so let me share with you a beautiful escape to
ancient Nemea, a few weeks ago. 

Winter is on its last legs while spring seems 
ready to assume the task...

I particularly love this transitional season where buds are 
barely out, where almond trees come to life and wild irises are
carpeting the fields. In the middle of this fabulous landscape, 
Greek archeological sites emerge almost mystically.

Ancient locations always have a tremendous effect on me as
 I feel not only blessed to walk on my ancestors paths but 
also because there is so much peace around the antiquities, 
so quiet and spiritual.

The Nemean games were founded in 573BC 

and a sanctuary was dedicated to Zeus, 
in whose honour the games were held. 

Temple of Zeus, last third of the 4th century BC

Gold leaf ornaments displayed 
in the archeological museum of Nemea

Apodyterium, Nemea ( Undressing room ) where the athletes got 
undressed, oiled their skin and prepared for the games.

The ancient Stadium

Vaulted entrance tunnel of the ancient stadium of Nemea.

Ancient Greek pottery figurines 

Nemea is also known as a wine region but unfortunately 
we didn't have the time to pop over to the aging cellars 
as we continued our trip to Nafplion. 

A beautiful day! I came back having captured the awaking 
of almond trees, delighted with the flowery spectacle 
of wild irises, appeased by the ancient Greek wisdom.

So, now...
the winner of my giveaway is my Dutch friend...

 Gerthe blogger of Hoorn des Overvloeds. 
Dearest friend
 please email me your address 
so I can send you the stuff!!!

Wish I could send a little gift to all of you, 
I’m so thankful for your participation to my humble giveaway; 
you always leave so sweet and thoughtful comments. 
Thank you so much!

Hope the upcoming season increases your inspiration!
Keep your mood sunny!


  1. Dear Olympia your friendship is a gift ! congratulations to Ger!
    I love the photos you share today ...the blossom on the trees is divine...we have to wait a while longer to see any over here...patience....Also I know exactly what you mean about the ancient places...they do fill me with a sense of peace and spirituality ...have a nice week...Gail x

  2. No problem to keep my mood sunny by reading your post! I hope spring will come soon, hope the temperatures will be better soon. By enjoying your wonderful pictures I can imagine you had a wonderful day!

    Congratulations to Ger, I am sure she will be very happy!

    Hugs, Ingrid

  3. What a beautiful post, Olympia, and lovely reminder that spring isn't far away. I love your iris photo as I also focused on the wild iris this week in my post. Their beauty is difficult to ignore, isn't it?

  4. Beautiful blooms and gorgeous views...and such blue sky! A lovely sunny post, Olympia! Congratulations to Ger on winning your lovely giveaway.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  5. Dear Olympia,
    your blog is fantastic.
    I would like to read all the post's.
    Yours pictures are great.
    And I also like the flowers.
    All the best from France!

  6. Lieve Olympia,

    Wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt tijdens jullie uitje,mijn hart maakte al een sprongetje bij het zien van de weelderige bloesempracht aan de amandelboom en Olympia zou Olympia niet zijn als ze niet op het idee kwam om de mooie blauw/paarse irissen stijlvol te decoreren op de oude bemoste overblijfselen van het antieke gesteente.

    En om in de sfeer van amandelbloesem te blijven,mijn ogen werden zo groot als amandelen toen ik las dat ik de gelukkige ben van het winnen van de mooie give away☺☺☺,wanneer ik niet zo'n last zou hebben van mijn kapotte knie ging ik een vreugdedansje maken,misschien wel de Sirtaki;-)

    ♥Efcharisto poli !!!♥
    Ik ben jou en je lieve vriendin erg dankbaar voor dit mooie geschenk dat naar mij toe komt!!!

    Ga snel mijn adres in email sturen.

    Geniet maar fijn van al het fraais wat het voorjaar jullie in Griekenland gaat brengen en lieve groet van een blije Ger.

    1. You are always welcome Ger, the pleasure is all mine!

  7. What a wonderful place you have visited!The blue color of irises is surely saying spring will come soon. 

  8. The purple Iris is so beautiful, Olympia. The almond trees are lovely too. They are starting to bloom right now in my area. Here, we call them the pink cherry blossom trees. It sounds like February is a fun and busy month for you. I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. It's such a favorite holiday of mine. The ancient Greek pottery and figures are interesting. Spring is on its way, Olympia.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Dearest Olympia,
    Indeed do those ancient ruins look quite mystical in the perfect sunlight and with those wild irises and almond blossoms!
    You made such lovely photos, that do cheer me up and let us anticipate spring in real time.
    Yes, the budding of flowers is so nice to watch.
    Your Cupressa sempervirens, Italian Cypress made me think again about Italy where we lived and worked for one year. Here at our home we did have 3 of those tall Italian Cypress but we lost one. Hope the remaining two will last as they bring back such fond memories of the Mediterranean.
    Sending you blessings,

  10. Everything is so lovely, dear Olympia - the flowering trees, the ancient ruins, your precious daughter, the irises - these all have brought a smile to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this springtime loveliness, and congratulations to the lucky winner of your give-away! Hugs xo Karen

  11. Que maravilla de fotos!!!! sabes reflejar la belleza en cada una de ellas, me encanta visitarte.

  12. Dear Olympia, this was such a lovely, sunny springpost. You have already almond blossems coming out, I love these, and the beautiful blue irises, I just saw 2 tiny Iris reticulate in bloom in the garden yesterday, well it is something.
    Wonderful is the combination with the impressive ancient temple of Zeus and what to think of the Undressing room, I see in my imagination the athlets oiling their skin, ready for the start.

  13. Two things to set my pulse racing - places of antiquity where I can dream of ages past, and blossom time where I can dream of the coming seasons.
    A delicious pink and blue springtime post Olympian and big congratulations to Ger.

  14. Chère Olympia!
    Merci pour ton féerique billet plein de fleurs et histoire de Greece ....j'adore!'
    Chez moi il y a le paysage blanc et hier encore un peu de le neige ...
    Donc je suis si heureuse de voir des fleurs chez toi.
    J'espère tu vas bien et je te souhaite une bonne journée!
    Je t' embrasse fort!

  15. You really showed that spring is on its way there in Greece.
    Your photos are wonderful.
    To think what tales the ruins could tell us Olympia.
    Those wild iris are so big with such vibrant color.
    Nemea looks so very interesting.
    nice post..
    val xx

  16. It is so wonderful to see the beautiful Iris's and the lovely blossom on the trees as well. It looks as though you had a fascinating day out! xx

  17. Such a wonderful outing, Olympia, among the flowering almond trees, and flashes of blue irises among the greenery, there, surrounding the history of this country's many accomplishments, now humbled by the stormy winds of recent compromise.

    I shall remain there, in the sunshine of the ancient Greek spirit. For now.

    Wishing you a warm and sunny Wednesday.


  18. A lovely post, the blossom looks wonderful x

  19. Wow, so many beautiful photos.
    Hugs from here

  20. Dear Olympia, you've captured some beautiful images, those almond trees are exquisite! Here in England it is still cold but time to plant the garden and see those seeds grow. Wishing you a lovely week Sharon x

  21. What a beautiful post! I love the pictures with the colourful wild irises. And what a nice trip you made to the temple of Zeus.
    Have a nice week. Greatings from Aleta

  22. UN post che riempie gli occhi con immagini bellissimi, ma quello che mi attrae in modo particolare è il colore di questi spettacolari Iris ! Abbraccio.

  23. Dear Olympia,

    Such a wonderful post and I enjoyed seeing all your lovely photos of your trip away.
    The almond flowers and the wild Irises are so pretty.
    Enjoy February and all the celebrations.
    Sending hugs

  24. Your images are mesmerising. Every image is so detailed and life-like. Thank you for taking us to this amazing tour.

    Hope you have a good week

  25. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une très belle note d'optimisme dans ce merveilleux billet. Le printemps semble vouloir s'installer chez toi. La semaine dernière lors de mon séjour à Nice (en clinique!!) j'ai repéré quelles amandiers en fleurs ainsi que les mimosas... C'était bon et réconfortant.
    Chez moi, il faudra attendre encore un peu pour voir les premiers arbustes fleurir.
    Chacune de tes photos est une part de rêve et de sérénité. Tu nous offres un moment particulièrement agréable.

    Merci pour ton gentil message, te lire me rend toujours très heureuse.
    Gros bisous ♡

  26. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une très belle note d'optimisme dans ce merveilleux billet. Le printemps semble vouloir s'installer chez toi. La semaine dernière lors de mon séjour à Nice (en clinique!!) j'ai repéré quelles amandiers en fleurs ainsi que les mimosas... C'était bon et réconfortant.
    Chez moi, il faudra attendre encore un peu pour voir les premiers arbustes fleurir.
    Chacune de tes photos est une part de rêve et de sérénité. Tu nous offres un moment particulièrement agréable.

    Merci pour ton gentil message, te lire me rend toujours très heureuse.
    Gros bisous ♡

  27. Ps : mes félicitations à l'heureuse gagnante ! bisous !

  28. Congratulations to the giveaway winner! Hello Olympia, how are you? I loved going on that little trip to Nimea with you. You have such a beautiful country and you are so proud of it, it is just wonderful to see. I loved the almond blossom and the irises, a lovely promise of things to come. The sun was out in Ireland today although it was still quite cold.
    Thank you for visiting with me and leaving kind comments, I do really appreciate it. Much love to you, Linda xx

  29. Gorgeous photos!!! A fascinating and captivating post.

  30. Beautiful photos! I enjoyed seeing all of the beauty in your part of the world ~ and it looks a lot like it does here in Oregon! Spring seems to be a month early and the trees and daffodils are blooming everywhere. It has been wonderful!

  31. Muito bom o seu blog, estive a percorre-lo li alguma coisa, porque espero voltar mais algumas vezes,
    deu para perceber a sua dedicação em partilhar o seu saber.
    Se me der a honra de visitar e ler algumas coisas no Peregrino e servo ficarei radiante.
    E se gostar e desejar comente.
    Que Deus vos abençõe e guarde.

  32. Your photos are gorgeous, Olympia!!!!!
    I have only been once to Nemea but not to the ancient ruins...I have to go back for a visit there!
    The wild irises are so beautiful! We also have some in our area!
    Φιλιά και καλή Σαρακοστή!!!!!!!!

  33. Congratulations to your winner. The almond blossom looks fantastic does it have a scent? Sarah x

  34. Dear Olympia,

    Thank you for this beautiful stroll in the midst of all beauty and history. As always such beautiful pictures.♥

    Take care sweetie and thank you for all your kind words on my blog. You're a star.♥


  35. Absolutely gorgeous Olympia. Every beautiful photo was such a treat for my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing you trip to the ruins in Nemea. I loved what you wrote about walking on paths your ancestors did. Love that.
    sending hugs...

  36. καλήμερα Ολυμπία !!
    Είδα το Give Away στο blog της Ger !!!
    Πάρα πολύ όμορφο..είμαι σίγουρη ότι θα το χρησιμοποισει πολύ η Ger ..
    χάρηκα που από το blog της γνώρισα το blog σου ..πολύ ωραίο blog ..
    καλή συνεχεία και κάλο Σαββατοκυριακο

  37. I love your blog! We are Dutch, but my husband and I got married in Crete :) Beautiful Island! I saw the great gift that Ger has won. Lovely! Have a happy weekend!

  38. Un billet qui sent bon déjà le printemps dans un lieu magnifique et chargé d'Histoire !!!
    Merci et à bientôt !

  39. Olympia, Your photos jump right off the page and bring Carnivale to life. Looks like you avoided the rain that dampened the parade in Kalamata. We were in Hawaii, where sadly, the holiday when by without much notice, as there the big celebration was for Chinese New Year. Happy week ahead~


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