Monday, February 25, 2013

From the balcony...

Sunday morning,

I opened the windows


and lovely sunlight

flooded the house...

Such a good opportunity to go out and enjoy warmth…

First easy step, my balcony which overlooks our backyard.

How many days is it since I have seen my tiny hidden garden?

The succulents are already in bloom, the ivy has survived
and the rosemary is in stable condition.
 Thank God!! I made some coffee and

let my eyes wander to my colorful garden...
It isn’t warm enough yet to sit out, it’s still cold but spring is in the air…

I have been enjoying these fruit trees since my childhood. Those in the garden were planted by my father, the rest are on our land nearby and my father-in-law has taken care of them all his life.

There is a vast variety of uses: eat them, drink the juice, grated them and take the zest,
make sweets with their peel, jams, decorate…


And think that these citrus trees aren’t flowering yet
because when they do….
you’ll be overcome by the fragrance!

Step by step, timidly, spring comes closer, although I can’t say
that we have suffered from a heavy winter. Rather the opposite.

It was a lovely Sunday morning, I hope the same for you..

I’m so happy with my new friends and
I thank them all for their kind and generous comments.

Have a nice week!
☀ You are invited to participate in this week's "Sunlit Sunday".
Let's brighten up the beginning of a new week!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zoom in on the garden...

Winter lawn, some flowers in bloom

or in full bloom

and plants just before spring...

Loulou,why are you watching me?

No, this isn’t my garden, I’ll show it to you another time.

 A while ago, I photographed this home and garden and have waited patiently for the moment to post these pics and have your comments. It’s a friend's home that I visit often. But every time I go there, I have the same feeling. Such a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. For the moment,I would like to share its garden  with you and tell you that for these photos nothing was changed or added.

Please, enjoy!

I always admire inventive people who are constantly looking for changes. The garden I’m showing you will never be the same again! Isn’t it exciting? As nice as a house is, it becomes boring if we leave it unchanged...Hope you like this arrangement.

From the conservatory

Greetings from a soaking wet place !

More to follow...


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About love...

Eros in Greek mythology was the winged God of love and the son of Aphrodite , the Goddess of beauty and love.The most handsomme of immortals...


                                   Block VI of the east frieze (Parthenon)
A depiction of the gods Poseidon, Apollo and Aphrodite, on whose knees is perched a winged Eros. 442-438 BC - Acropolis Museum 

 His "weapon" is darts or arrows.

                      William Adolphe Bouguereau
                            "L'amour au palillon"

      Since then, Eros -Cupid - Love  has been reappeared in hundreds of 
                masterpieces all over the world

and has scratched and wounded with his arrows millions of people on the earth.

         Love, in all its kinds, is the most beautiful and precious feeling that a human being  can experience.

Valentine's day is a good pretext which allows us to escape of the routine and daily life .
Let's celebrate it , each of us in his own way!

I wish St Valentine, the holy priest of Rome,protects all LOVERS

I wish the Eros arrows could find you!

He's coming !!!

This is my cake for this year. It's a normal cake
with roses of marzipan made by me!!!
I'm so proud...



Friday, February 8, 2013

A special day

That's how my day started today. A good friend was waiting in a cafeteria with these pretty almond branches ..       Great start for Friday!


                         I didn't even know that the almonds trees are         
                         already in bloom!




 A little later, two jars of orange sweet  appeared on the table. How nice are friends when they want it !



 Returning home, spring knocked on my door once again.A street vendor was selling these narcissus for only 2 euros. Yes, my favorite flowers are tulips but they looked so tender and fresh! After all, I prefer seasonal flowers because they are more natural and I bought them.




                             On the dining room table, what do I see ?


                      This lovely bouquet of tulips, my favorite flowers.  
                         What's going on ?






Somebody arrived hidden behind a flowerpot with    flamingos......Incredible

                                                           It was my husband !!

You certainly understood that today was a special day for me.
My birthday.

 Thank you all, for this beautiful day

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