Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About love...

Eros in Greek mythology was the winged God of love and the son of Aphrodite , the Goddess of beauty and love.The most handsomme of immortals...


                                   Block VI of the east frieze (Parthenon)
A depiction of the gods Poseidon, Apollo and Aphrodite, on whose knees is perched a winged Eros. 442-438 BC - Acropolis Museum 

 His "weapon" is darts or arrows.

                      William Adolphe Bouguereau
                            "L'amour au palillon"

      Since then, Eros -Cupid - Love  has been reappeared in hundreds of 
                masterpieces all over the world

and has scratched and wounded with his arrows millions of people on the earth.

         Love, in all its kinds, is the most beautiful and precious feeling that a human being  can experience.

Valentine's day is a good pretext which allows us to escape of the routine and daily life .
Let's celebrate it , each of us in his own way!

I wish St Valentine, the holy priest of Rome,protects all LOVERS

I wish the Eros arrows could find you!

He's coming !!!

This is my cake for this year. It's a normal cake
with roses of marzipan made by me!!!
I'm so proud...




  1. You have put together a lovely set of images - I am particularly fond of the painting by William Adolphe Bouguereau - what a cute little cupid is that.

  2. Such awesome pictures! What a lovely cake! Stunning poppies! Have a great week!

  3. A beautiful post for Valentines day and I am so impressed with those lovely roses you have made.
    Sarah x

  4. Hello Olympia

    You asked a question on my blog, I have tried emailing you but was unsuccessful
    Can you email me at:

    Many thanks

    Helen xx


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