Friday, February 1, 2013

British highlights (part II)

Impossible to catch with an amateur camera the whole dinosaur in the unique Natural History Museum in London.

                                " Trademark " for London the Tower Bridge immersed in fog

                                 Smoked salmons "in the making" (somewhere in the Hyde Park)

During a getaway in the Cotswolds, we stopped at Stonehenge but I can't really say that this place fascinated me. I think the picture I took shows it much more "earthy" than mysterious.

But Bath !!!  Rome of England. What a charming city. This is a city not to be missed if you ever stroll in the English countryside. As a World Heritage site , Bath has some of the finest architectural in Europe. Enjoy ...

The Roman Baths

                       ( Ariston men ydor)   Ι lapsed into an ecstasy, noticing upon the façade of the 
 baths,  the Greek saying attributed to Thales the Milesian: ΑΡΙΣΤΟΝ ΜΕΝ ΥΔΩΡ, which 
        translates  "Water is best " used as the inscription over the Pump Room at Bath upon the  
                                                             Corinthian Columns

A big thank you to Vignette design  and  Just Jeanette !

                                                           I wish you a nice week-end!

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