Friday, February 1, 2013

British highlights (part II)

Impossible to catch with an amateur camera the whole dinosaur in the unique Natural History Museum in London.

                                " Trademark " for London the Tower Bridge immersed in fog

                                 Smoked salmons "in the making" (somewhere in the Hyde Park)

During a getaway in the Cotswolds, we stopped at Stonehenge but I can't really say that this place fascinated me. I think the picture I took shows it much more "earthy" than mysterious.

But Bath !!!  Rome of England. What a charming city. This is a city not to be missed if you ever stroll in the English countryside. As a World Heritage site , Bath has some of the finest architectural in Europe. Enjoy ...

The Roman Baths

                       ( Ariston men ydor)   Ι lapsed into an ecstasy, noticing upon the façade of the 
 baths,  the Greek saying attributed to Thales the Milesian: ΑΡΙΣΤΟΝ ΜΕΝ ΥΔΩΡ, which 
        translates  "Water is best " used as the inscription over the Pump Room at Bath upon the  
                                                             Corinthian Columns

A big thank you to Vignette design  and  Just Jeanette !

                                                           I wish you a nice week-end!


  1. Hi Olympia,
    I remember you leaving a comment about the apple cake months ago, and was delighted to see you have started your own blog and I could pop over and visit you.
    I love Bath too, with it's architecture and the baths and interesting shops too.
    Sarah x

  2. Grazie per la visita e per i complimenti.

  3. Bath is one of my favourite Cities - hope to visit again soon! Beautiful photo of the Royal Crescent, and of course the stunning architecture of the Baths.

  4. Hi Olympia,

    Thank you for your email and kind comment on my blog. I enjoyed it very much! The photo's of England look lovely. I see lots of familiar places. Bath is one of my favourite towns. We visited several times now, but still enjoy it! Your photo's look great!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x


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