Monday, April 29, 2013

A flowering day

The day begun like that… 
with 24 Celsius in the morning and 30 degrees at noon!

We took advantage of this splendid summer weather and went 
have coffee in the gardensmelling the scent of lemon flowers, 
hearing the insects buzzing, watching the butterflies 
flying all over the plants…

Here, in town, the garden is a green open space with Leyland 
and Tuscany cypresses, citrus trees and a “red robin” bush 
along the hedge which is in full bloom at this moment.

Next Sunday is Easter and for the first time we are going 
to stay home and roast the traditional lamb on our barbecue! 
Wish us luck! So, there are a lot of things to do and to check out.
 First we visited a flower open market. There is a whole area 
dedicated to gardening, farming, tinkering and we did some
shopping just to refresh the garden scenery.

A short break in Kifissia, a lovely district of Athens 

and back to the country home, say hallo to grandma, 
take a look to the house and picking the first roses!

The country garden is really amazing! 
Life seems to be popping and sprouting up from every crack and crevice. 

So, have a nice, creative week. 
I’ll be back with the photos of Greek Easter, 
I hope that it will be successful …
Big hugs to each of you and 
thank you so much for your …footprints in this place!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Silver & color


Silver is a precious metal which my mother liked so much. She used to fill the tables 
with silver decorative items which certainly added an elegant feel to the living room. 
However, silver by itself icold and stern and I think colors make it softer and lighter.
All the objects I’m showing you are from 925% silver, almost all of them new pieces.
 Some are signed by Armaos, a Greek silverware manufactorer. 
They represent a particular moment in my life, my marriage, 
the birth of my daughter, family gifts, travels …

Thank you so much for being here!
I wish you happy, sunny days!
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