Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spring on an island

What a wonderful time we had in Zakynthos! 
Invited by a good friend and customer of my husband, 
owner of four amazing hotels, we spent the long Easter 
weekend on the beautiful Ionian island. Thanks to his kind 
invitation, we relished not only Greek hospitality but the 
unique spring landscape and witnessed the solemnity 
of Easter rituals. 

There is a great video in English giving credit to 
the Zakynthian Easter 
which still keeps alive the Venetian influence 
ever since the Italian Rule.

Marching bands and vivid street celebrations  
(One of the four Philharmonic bands of the island 
on Good Friday).

The capital of the island 

Zakynthos belongs to those few regions which experienced 
the Renaissance and the Enlightenment instead of the 
Turkish yoke. In fact, the Italian input grafted from the local 
element is everywhere present, creating a very interesting 
and beautiful culture.

The statue of the Glory

While tourists were soaking up the sun around the swimming pool 
of the hotel, we have been strolling all around the island 
with good company and good mood. Too bad was not longer! 
It put so much energy in our reserves...

With its beguiling landscape of wildflowers, the cypress trees rising 
out of shimmering olive groves, Zakynthos remained in our memory
as one of the most charming places to visit. 

Shipwreck (Navagio)
One of the most famous beaches on the planet, tourist 
trademark of the island and Greece. It was created in 1982 
when a ship carrying contraband cigarettes from Turkey, ran 
aground due to adverse weather conditions. It’s defiantly worth
 getting on board one of the boats taking cruises and enjoying the 
majestic scenery of the turquoise waters as Navagio beach is 
only accessible by sea. Lack of time, we admired the view from 
above on a special platform that exists up the cliff.

"Greece's Ionian Islands were where "the blue really begins" 
as far as writer Lawrence Durrell was concerned. 
Durrell had the mots justes, as always. Like legions of travellers
 and tourists before and after, he revelled in the intensities 
of light and colour that Ionian islands reflect 
from the mirrors of sea and sky."
Independent journal - June 2013

The bell tower of an old church at Kiliomenou village

Ιn a place like this, hidden in the middle of an ancient olive grove 
offering an amazing panoramic view of the surroundings, is 
located the hotel Elegance Suites of our friend Stamatis.
Thank you so much for being so gently generous dear friend!
This escape will remain unforgettable!

"From the steep prow I marked with quickening eye Zakynthos 
with every grove and creek..."
Oscar Wilde

I know I've been absent from your blogs 
as I take blogging breaks quite often lately... 
I read and appreciate every single word you leave me
and I thank you for being so kind, so sweet, so encouraging!
Hope you are all doing fine!
See you around

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