Thursday, August 27, 2015


Dearly beloved blog friends shortened my blog break and 
pushed me to overcome my summer laziness and truancy. 

 Thank you for your kind words, I’m so flattered to hear 
I’m sadly missed… 

To be sincere I still don’t want to pull myself out of the summer
 mood and it feels absolutely great to continue the freestyle 
living of the season, so pleasurable really! 

But summer flied by too fast and I’m back now to show you
 some holiday snaps from the places I’ve visited.
Did you also have a nice time? 

It was a full time season with everything. In the midst of 
tough times I experienced excitement, joy, deception, hope, 
sadness, surprise, happiness, satisfaction… 

The important thing is that we definitely had fun and have 
savored some very special moments from our holidays. 
Extended weekends were spent in our second home, alone 
or with guests, those mini vacations are so precious when you 
are waiting for August to come. Then, we had an island 
escape and a mountain sojourn,both wonderful. 

So, today I’m taking you to our first destination, 
a gem in the middle of the Greek Archipelagos. 
Its main town Hermoupolis is not only the capital of the
 Cyclades island group, but one of the most beautiful Greek 
harbors, a thriving place, home to many of Greece’s wealthiest 
shipping magnates and traders. 
The history of settlement on Syros goes back 
at least 5,000 years, to the Early Bronze Age of the 
Cycladic civilization.If you are interested in its rich history, 
there is plenty of information on the Internet regarding 
the island and its port town. 

The absence of flights from abroad contributed to the 
maintenance of the village life and Hermoupolis isn’t touristy 
to a fault. The locals you meet actually have an interest 
in meeting you, in sharp contrast to busier islands like 
Mykonos (I adore!) or Santorini.

We were lucky enough to avoid high temperatures and very, 
very privileged to lodge at the Appolonion Palace, located 
on a steep cliff, in the historical and aristocratic 
district of Vaporia.

Once awake, before breakfast ...

we dived from the steps into the tempting pelagos, 
having theatrical scenery around us, 
a unique experience indeed!

Hope you enjoyed the photos. 
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Until we e-meet again, here or on Instagram
Take care

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