Thursday, November 28, 2013

A triple birthday!

Last Sunday, we celebrated my brother’s birthday and the third 
birthday of their adorable twins, a girl and boy. 
A triple celebration! It was also the first big luncheon 
at their new wonderful home.
A delicious menu was served, prepared half by my sister-in-law, 
whose culinary competency is well known and half by my brother
 who surprised us pleasantly. ” Well done Michael!” 
Men are definitely great cooks because they take charge 
of the more exotic version of traditional dishes and they  
experiment with new tastes without getting into a food rut. 
But of course they aren’t involved in daily cooking!

The day was spent between gastronomic delicacies and 
cocooning on sofas and armchairs  while the kids....

Oh, yes! I can’t resist!
Walnut, chocolate cake. 
The most successful formula I have ever tasted,
 whose secret remains closely guarded in the recipe books
of my brother’s wife!

 We also overdid the drinking as my brother 
is knowledgeable in wine serving and food matching. 
A top selection of wines and spirits were available and 
we didn’t quail to honor our hosts cheering again and again...

Our Vinsanto aperitif dating from 1989! 

Oh, the kids disappeared, left their hobby-horses 
and went upstairs in their own universe…

A lovely family festive lunch between the happy laughter 
of my three angel-nephews, my daughter and 
the happiest of grandmas, my mum who after having 
 suffered  badly with her health, was finally feeling 

 well enough to share the day with us. 

Christmas is approaching faster than we can count…Lets hope
 that the true spirit of Christmas will not escape us between 
carols, stockings, wreaths and lights...

It would be nice just to spend more time with family and friends, 
to be thankful for that we have and share all this festive mood 
with other people.

Best things to you!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter signs

The countryside... 

the top spot for a nice walk and 
an endless source of inspiration. 

I could spend hours and hours just exploring the surroundings 
and playing with the sunlight which I can’t always adjust 
to my photographer needs.

The first winter signs are already evident and it’s amazing 
how quickly we go from season to season.

I noticed that even if you regularly stroll along the same path, 
each walk is unique if you keep your eyes open! 
Nature changes constantly and each time you wander,
 you could discover a different scent, detail,
or wildlife emerging from nowhere! 

Dried, withered plants and branches, 
tree shapes, ancient woodlands and olive groves tucked away 
around modest hamlets caught my attention while I was 
crisscrossing the fields of this enchanting swath of land 
we are lucky to have nearby. 

Autumn colors are in 
their full glory and took me on a relaxing nature trail 
through the trees, foliage and still life. 

A fig tree ...
 It could easily be taken for a watercolour painting, 
couldn’t it?


My detective walk broke up the monotony of a homeschooling day
 and I felt excited to discover nature’s secrets and delights.
To discover that behind still life is hidden the eternal 
circle of life 
and nature is always fascinating!

Old farmhouses, ancient properties and neglected gates 
along my walk…

An elderly gentleman has just quenched his thirst 
with the crystal-clear spring water. 

My…harvest at the end of this rejuvenating walk.

I'm leaving you...
Time to light the fire !!!

Keep smiling, keep dreaming!

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