Thursday, November 14, 2013

Around the fireplace

Well, it’s raining cats and dogs here…at last! This is exactly 
what I needed!Just to snuggle up with a blanket, slippers, 
hot chocolate or wine in front of the fireplace and 
I find my lost happiness!
And a book, yes, I need a book, but nothing heavy, something 
that requires the less spiritual effort, I wouldn’t mind indulging
 in un-cool reads, perhaps a Christmas craft or recipe, 
in the best case a re-read book…
To be honest, snuggling would be a perfect way of life 
during the dark, cold winter evenings. 

But while I’m telling you all this, I’m thinking of all those people 
in the Philippines and everywhere around the world... I feel 
sometimes "guilty" when disasters and all kind of 
misfortunes destroy lives while we sit comfortable on our sofa… 
It’s not obvious…,it's not fair...

I believe in the power of prayer.

 I wish each of you can stay warm, safe and happy and 
can feel the touch of love


  1. That's my idea of a perfect day or night. Rain outside with a fire and snuggly blanket inside. Sometimes I do have to remind myself that we are fortunate to be able to enjoy those simple pleasures. The people in the Philippines are in my thoughts.

  2. During autumn and winter a fireplace is the best place to be. Such disasters as in the Phillipines make us realize that we need to enjoy every day! It's terrible what happened there!

    Warm wishes, Ingrid

  3. May your prayers extend to all those who need them! It's too hard to fathom all that suffering, isn't it, try as one might. So, so terrible. Your evening cosy on the sofa is a simple pleasure and, struggle though I do to turn my back on summer autumn has its benefits for sure. And winter? Well, I love its poetry and its magic.

    I am so thrilled to have caught up on your penultimate post! (Where was I when it popped up on Google Reader, I wonder?) I became quite emotional as I read your descriptions and cast my greedy eye over your pictures of Athens. I lived there for two years as a teacher and I have been filled with nostalgia for those bygone days living in that chaotic, backwaters, FABULOUS, capital city; I loved my experiences there - it wasn't always easy - but my Greek friends were possibly the most wonderful friends I've ever had; so generous, spontaneous, so spirited. Oh, how often did I walk those roads you have photographed; in winter as in early summer. The museum, however, did not exist at the time and I thank you for showing it to us.

    I'm so grateful for your Athens adventures. Thank you.


    1. Je me sens plus a l'aise avec le francais qu'avec l'anglais...alors, quelle surprise agreable d'apprendre que vous avez vecu et passe deux ans a Athenes! Ne me dites pas que vous avez travaille pour L'IFA?! Je suis vraiment contente que vous gardez un souvenir chaleureux de ce pays et de ses gens.C'est tres gentil de votre part de parler de la sorte...

  4. What a warm, comforting post! It is hard to comprehend what those poor unfortunate victims are dealing with in the Philippines . . .our hearts all reach out to them. Stay safe and warm. . .it's only the start of winter!

  5. Lieve Olympia,

    We leven allemaal onder dezelfde hemel, maar we hebben niet allemaal dezelfde horizon......
    De verschrikkelijke trieste beelden op TV over de enorme natuurramp in de Filipijnen zijn voor mij bijna ondraaglijk om aan te zien,hoe moet het dan wel niet voor de bevolking zijn die midden in die hel zitten,huis en haard en hun naaste verloren zijn.....
    Wij waren bijna vijf jaar na de tsunami in Sri Lanka op rondreis en de gevolgen van die grote ramp destijds waren nog overal zichtbaar op het eiland.
    Wat mij opviel was dat de mensen die toen arm waren en hun schamele bezittingen verloren en waar wij mee in gesprek raakten de draad van het leven weer opgepakt hadden en dolblij en dankbaar waren met al die goede giften van over de hele wereld,de arme vissers weer een nieuw houten bootje kregen,de tuktuk chauffeurs ons met een brede glimlach met hun door Nederlanders geschonken nieuwe tuktuk met de naam van de gulle gever op het dakje geplakt rondreden , en tijdens de rit hele verhalen vertelden hoe zij de bergen invluchten toen zij de hoge vloedgolven aan zagen komen,het zijn sterke mensen waar ik diep respect voor heb.
    Ook wij hebben ter plekke de schooltjes bezocht en allerlei spullen en geld gegeven met gulle warme handen, die warme lieve lach en die stralende kinderogen van dankbaarheid zal ik nooit meer vergeten.

    Lieve Olympia kan mij jou gevoel van schaamte helemaal voorstellen,omdat wij het zó goed hebben en zij niet....
    maar ook al hebben we een ruim hart en geven we met gulle warme hand.........ook wij kunnen niet de ellende van de hele wereld op onze schouders nemen, helaas.

    Probeer jij toch maar te genieten van je mooie en sfeervolle huis , familie en omgeving ,het is je van harte gegund !!!

    Lieve groet!!

  6. Dearest Olympia,
    Well, for me there is absolutely no doubt that there is life after this earthly life because so many did not even get a fair chance in this short life... We cannot change things, we can never prevent such natural disasters and again, who can still say there is no Creator? But with the love we have, we can share and reach out and donate things from the comfort of our own safe shelter that we call home.
    Enjoy your cozy indoor indulgence and happy weekend to you!

  7. Your home is such a lovely refuge from the dark and cold winter days. The simple pleasures of a fire, some tea or wine, a cozy blanket, flowers for the soul, and something soothing to read are some of the best things in life. Our hearts break for all of those suffering through disaster and sorrow. It is a helpless feeling and all we can do is offer support to relief agencies and pray very hard. Thank you for your humble reminder of our blessings and our heartfelt sorrows. A hug for you xoxo Karen

  8. We have had so much rain during the last weeks, I am fed up with it. But you are right it is so bad to see people on the Philippines with destroyed homes and suffering from hunger and no clean water.
    Prayer is a good means to support them because we can't all go there and help personally.
    Your home is a very nice place to enjoy autumn. A good book is absolutely necessary for me, too.
    Donna G.

  9. Such a warm and cosy atmosphere just waiting to be 'snuggled' in . Like you I often feel almost guilty when I think of how many are in despair, in need and without a home. The world is not a fair place. Here it is raining cats and dogs too ! xx

  10. What a gorgeous room so cozy with such rich colours and your lovely flowers. You definitely live pink.I do love a rainy day when I cozy up read , watch films, eat too much and just relax. We all need a day like this to recharge.

  11. Je zegt het helemaal goed: lekker in huis omringt door warmte, prachtige bloemen, een mooi boek en door de liefde voor elkaar.
    Wat heb je een mooi huis Olympia!

    En ja, je gevoel begrijp ik wel over de Fillippijnen. Ze hebben zeker ons gebed en onze zorgen nodig. Het is afschuwelijk.

    Ik wens je een mooi weekend en veel liefs,

  12. What a nice fireplace you have...youre house is warm and cozy.
    I'am thinking about the people who lost everything...and i try too help with sending some money...but as always is the question...the people who need help and food and things...are they received this things....i hope with my hole heart that the money is for that people.
    Have a nice Weekend Olympia.

    Inge, my choice

  13. I wish I could snuggle up under that beautiful plaid, looks so warm and cosy. When it's dark and cold there is nothing that can beat a wonderful fireplace and hot chocolate.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Your living room looks so very cosy, comfortable and warm, and full of pretty flowering plants.
    And it makes you realise how very lucky we are, and how we take all these luxuries for granted, when we hear of the terrible loss and devastation elsewhere in the world. I have just made a donation to try and help those in need.
    Gill xx

  15. That looks such a wonderful place to snuggle in. It is heart breaking to see the devastation in the Philippines and how everything has been destroyed. Already millions have been raised in the United Kingdom to help them. It seems so little has been done in a week, I hope that they will get the food, drink and accommodation that they so desperately need.
    Sarah x

  16. How comfortable your house looks Olympia! The reds and pinks make it look warm and cosy.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  17. Looks like you are all nice and cosy and waiting for Christmas! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo Ingrid

  18. Your livingroom looks cosy! It's rare to see a fireplace in a home here in Japan, you have a nice one!! As you mentioned, I sometimes feel guilty thinking of Philippines. So I donated a little money, which is the least I could do.
    Have a lovely weekend:)

  19. Olympia,
    I enjoyed looking at all these pictures today. Your house is so warm and cozy. I love the red chairs, and especially the heart pillow! You know, I have a thing for hearts. The silver tray is so unique and beautiful. And the pink flowers are just lovely. It's nice to cuddle up by the fire and read a good book and relax. It's just what we need sometimes.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  20. For me now the bad Zet of the year starts again .. I wish it would be so fantastically warm as with you ....

    Kind regards Erwin

  21. So beautiful, Olympia. Such a lovely blanket, beautiful fuchsias and atmosphere. Happy and warm Sunday!

  22. It is a wonderful room, i like all the red.
    And the fireplace is so cosy.

  23. hello
    une maison pleine de charme et de gaieté et de fleurs
    je découvre ce blog , merci de ton passage
    prendre un bon thé avec quelques douceurs devant la cheminée
    edith (iris) je m'inscris , à bientôt

  24. Beautiful...I love the colours... thanks for you visit my blog...
    Kinds regards Sofia

  25. You got tears to my eyes...

    I really understand you!! I feel guilty, too. BUT I`m sure that the most power is on the our prayers!! God really hear us!
    We can bless the other people! Everyone need so much love in this world, time is really hard. And we can do something good for passer-by, we can simple smile, help to curry something heavy, open the door, giwe a little money for example to Philippines and other countries which need our helping hand and we can PRAY!♥

    Thank you for this really beautiful post and I say, too that your home is really beautiful and cosy!!

    With ♥♥ Marikki

  26. This is for me, making the interesting point that in winter we can have flowers inside, to compensate us for not having them outside. I hadn't thought of it that way.

  27. So much pink! It is one of my favourite colours, especially for sofa's. Unfortunately my husband won't let me have furniture in pink because we have 3 cats who'll ruin it with all of their hair in it.

    You have a real real warm and cosy home.

    I adore your blue carpet with the little deers in it. So charming. And all of these beautiful flowers. Where do you get them around this time of the year?

    Have a nice evening!

    Brigitte from Belgium

    1. Chrysanthemus come from our garden as they are seasonal flowers, the rest from the florist.

  28. Your home is the perfect place to snuggle, with the colour and comfort it offers. So many can't imagine such richness as we have.


  29. So cozy and warm, Olympia. You have a wonderful home :)

  30. Olympia,

    Your home, filled with flowers, always, is like a scented sanctuary, where one can find solace and serenity, among beautiful colours, textures and sights. When devastation plagues our world, as it has done most recently in the Philippines, it is natural for us to feel pangs of guilt, and in my case, even shame, with regards to my passion for pretty things and cozy environments, and thus, I can relate to your concerns here today, by the warmth and comfort of the flaming fire, that surrounds your soul, from the harsh elements outside.

    Have a lovely week!


  31. I think very many of us felt guilty as the full horror of that terrible disaster unfolded, but unfortunately there is so little that any of us can do, apart from donate money. As humans we naturally build homes, which we 'cosy' in order to 'cocoon' and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe ...
    Your home looks lovely.
    M x

  32. Hi Olympia..oh it looks so nice and cosy in front of your fire ! I agree its definitely the season for hibernating and getting cosy with a book ! I too believe in the power of prayer and have been so sad about what's happened in the Philippines. Hope you find a good book ! Have a nice week...Gail x

  33. ~ A lovely warm post, In more than one way...I have been praying also, Olympia that the aid is enough and can get through to those remote places...Each and every night!! ~ And for the loss of those loved ones...soo cruel! I am hoping you find that good read and get to enjoy your beautiful, cosy home, my friend! hugs and kindest thoughts...Maria x

  34. This is a lovely tribute, Olympia. I believe in the power of prayer, too.

    Your home looks so warm, comforting and inviting. Just the thing during these cold, harsh months.

    And thank you for your very kind words on my house and blog post. Coming from you, it's extra-special.


  35. superbe post !
    Very nice post!
    Thanks & Welcome for your comment and your next visit to my blog.
    Have a nice day! Cath

  36. Dear Olympia,

    Lovely seeing your cozy warm home and looks so inviting with the fire and pretty flowers around. Can picture you reading here enjoying the warmth and comfort.
    My heartfelt thoughts and prayers have been with the poor people from the Philippines, so tragic.
    Enjoy the week

  37. Tes photos sont de très belles compositions de couleurs comme des tableaux et j'aime beaucoup cette réalisation!
    Merci de tes commentaires sur mes blogs.


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