Friday, March 28, 2014

March 25th

Α belated tribute to Greek Independence day 
celebrated on March 25th.
A National double holiday as we commemorate the start 
of the War in 1821 when Greece was still a part of the 
Ottoman Empire and the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary.

The wreath laying ceremony preceded the school
 parade and had taken place in the courtyard of 
St.Paul’s Cathedral. 

Watching my little girl dressed in a colorful 
traditional costume, filled me with joy and enthusiasm! 
I shared her momentum and impatience 
before the celebrations. 

In little towns like ours, we celebrate this day with 
school parades and all kinds of festivities. 
Personally, I’m not a fanatic of parades, I can't say 
that I like them but watching all these schoolchildren 
of all ages holding the Greek flag and marching proudly 
down the central avenue of the town, made my heart 
beat a little faster!

So funny applauding the nippers wearing 
 traditional costumes!!!

And a delicious traditional meal at my brother’s house. 
Salt cod fish, batter-fried and accompanied 
 by a tangy garlic dip, absolutely delicious.
This custom has to do with the lent before Easter.

It was a glorious day for the kids and the parents as well.
Thank you for visiting me, 
a very busy time for me now but I’ll be back soon!
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The excitement of spring!

Spring is special not only for its shades and fragrances 
but for the fact that everything is in movement; 
plants, trees, birds, man’s mood… because of this, 
I feel vividly alive, I feel the explosion of life which 
gives me strength and courage to go on.
 I felt more dramatically enthusiastic when I was younger… 
Where is the excitement of those days? 
Anyway, spring always pushes me onwards…

In the country house, I’m now redecorating the 
bedrooms, not letting them become a stash spot! 
I'm in the beginning stage, no photo for the moment!
The weather is on our side as we have to paint a part 
of the house, humidity isn’t a good ally. 
I have to decide about the paint 
colors, I’m keen on color but I still hesitate….

This is my cushion, finished!

 An eventual escape to Holland for an extended weekend 
in April enthralls me but prizes are so high and I don’t like 
to economize on what I habitually want when I travel… 
We’ll see…...........

Strolling along the seaside and on the pedestrian pathways 
is an enjoyable and precious pastime of the season.
Sweet, distant friends
Good bye!!!
Thanks for visiting; 
it’s wonderful to “find” you here!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Country inspiration

It’s unbelievable how inspirational an old house in the
 middle of an orange grove can be, how its energy can cure 
rankled disposition and improve the overall sense of well-being! 
Just a few minutes of soaking up the green scenery 
calms nerves and craziness! Picking flowers and fruit 
from the garden seems the simplest thing of this world…
But of course, besides nature, my main source of inspiration 
comes from your wonderful blogs. 

Origami beetle

Origami, decoupage, crochet this is the craft work 
I have being making, assisted by a special friend of mine,
 all week.A young girl, a friend of my daughter has created 
some origami pieces that I find  lovely. 
The art of paper folding is really passionate as you can create,
 using a simple piece of paper and nothing else, a real piece of art! 
So, here I am, involved in the handwork that I call art or
 artistic creation! I’m a quick learner and I remember 
the words of Benjamin Franklin,
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, 
involve me and I learn.” Origami beetle
I enjoy the process, it’s fun making things, this hides 
a tremendous power for the human being! 

Οrigami crab

Decoupage is also a very interesting technique which can 
transform a boring plastic pumpkin into a fabric item, 
accentuating the artistic aspect of its owner!

Ιm new to crochet but this awesome tutorial is an ad-lib 
of what I understood from your blogs. I picked it up 
so easily, two afternoons work and it was done! 
It will be a nice round cushion.

I have to apologize for my absence, 
I really can’t manage it for some reason but 
I hope to rectify this soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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