Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The country garden

Time to wind it all up for a while and sit down to write a note 
on this blog. I apologize for not getting in contact with you 
before…whenever I scroll down to see my favourite blogs, 
my heart does a crazy dance not only of curiosity to see 
what I have missed out, what you are up to, but also because 
I feel guilty of not having left a comment on your sites. 
I detest «musts» and whatever I do, I want to do it with my 
entire mind in a peaceful moment.And it happens that my 
schedules don’t allow me this luxury anymore. 
And I feel so sorry for this. 

On the flip side, I have to be sincere. Blogging has been an 
incredibly fulfilling journey for me, it has opened my eyes, 
and I see the world differently now. But I currently find 
myself at a bit of an impasse on my blogging activity. 
So, I turned off comments on my page; it doesn’t look fair to 
not reacting when others take the time to be gentle and kind. 
And yes, all those four years, I think I got an overdose 
of inspiration that I need to handle from now on.

For the rest, things are fine and our idyllic spot to spend 
the Easter break is waiting for us to enjoy. A lot of garden 
tasks have been done even if it can sometimes look like there 
aren’t many things to do for early spring. 
Last winter snow and rare 
freeze have seriously damaged several shrubs, bougainvillea 
mostly. We pruned out all dead stems, some plants are still 
without leaves, it seems they will survive though. 
Nevertheless, spring has brought happiness to the yard and 
the perennials thrive buoyantly in cheerful gangs of colour. 

Glad to share my photos with you 
in honour of Easter and of Mother nature,
I’m leaving you with a huge THANKS
and I wish you a blessed and joyful Easter time.

Please, feel free if you would like to e-mail me. 
You can find me or follow me on Instagram as well. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The home in the country

Settled back into our usual routine and normality, we resumed our 
visits to our second home. Way out in the sunny land of citrus trees, 
in the home, I like so much to photograph as light is spilling so 
seamlessly here and there. 
Join the peacefulness and the beauty of our quaint retreat, 
stepping into the yard, feeling free to unwind, clear the
 head, sharing feelings, laughter, food in intimacy. 

For this home, nestled among orange and lemon groves, I wanted
get inspiration by the moods of nature surrounding it. Without any
 current trend in mind, I have been striving to mix and match 
what we have found in this home, family heirlooms and items 
with new and time-worn findings in a carefree style.
I have taken cues from a medley of colours 
with the desire to bring nature indoors.  
That being said, there are times when I don’t recognise myself 
inasmuch as my choices overcome my initial inspiration and I think
 I went overboard with my cluttered kitchen so to speak. 
But even with guests, this home never tires us, so easy-living it is. 
A space we can feel at home in. 

Cooking and eating are big parts of our time at the vacation home. 
I personally thrive in the kitchen whether we are entertaining 
guests or feeding the family. 

Here, the essence of cooking is simplicity.

Despite what you see in the photos, this year, we are experiencing
 winter in all its intensity so far, with snowfalls, frosty roads 
and winds blowing wild and free through the trees. 
I personally marvel at that weather which 
greeted our coastal area with unexpected  phenomena.
It was an interesting sight, olive and orange tree branches with
leaves on them, heavy with so much snow. All the roof tops were 
white, and the snow was so thick in the garden! Rare and 
crazy but so beautiful!

However, I can’t wait for spring to come. So keen to feel nature
 in person, feel the earth in my hands and the sun on my face, 
be closer to the land and its magic. Routine accustoms us to be
 sedentary and I’m really happy when it comes to giving it all up 
and finding me here. 

My new bag from The Linen GardenThank you Vicky!

 I'm eagerly waiting for spring to warm and wake nature from 
its sleep. Still way too chilly and wet to be working out in the 
yard but I’m often observing the bare garden beds to spot 
signs of spring, bulbs popped up and all beautiful promises.

In the meanwhile, we take pleasure in the smell of burning 
wood until nature comes to life.
How is the new year treating you so far? 
Sending out a hug to all of you 

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