Sunday, October 23, 2016

More hygge

I know that feeling when it’s coming. 
It just arrives, falls on my shoulders, sent by the universe 
to wrap me up, to fill my entire being with good energy 
demanding me to harness every single cell in my mind, in my body. 
It might be the kick off autumn season that I’m so fond of. 
Perhaps, the fact that time flies faster as we get older and 
feel anxious about. The point is that it’s that time again where 
I feel bursting with strength. It’s about embracing things, 
all at once and quickly! 
This is craziness because all I have neglected before, 
I want now, in a minute! Posting twice a month…!!!, looking fit, 
inhaling books, listening to new music, trying new lipsticks 
and perfumes, baking something extraordinary, buying new 
clothes, seeking lovely shades of yarn, rearranging furniture, 
becoming a serious gardener, a never-ending list!
But most of all, I need to slow down and 
just cherish moments of the day and 
try not to rush through them very quickly.

 Bring hygge into life. 
You know, the Danish art of living cozily. 
Treating myself to a glass of red wine to round off the meal, 
picking some humble branches of rose hips, dawdling and 
sitting outside while enjoying that glorious autumn 
sunshine streaming in through the leaves of the garden, 
caressing the fluffy feline,
oh yes, this is the good life and its bright side.

Greeting autumn with a big smile. 

 Time to head indoors and lit the candles

I wish you cozy days and warmth around you.
May the sunshine flow into you 
and follow you everywhere. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Casting a feeling

Crocheting might be the craft that you can get excited about ... 
Whoever said this, was absolutely right! Just have something to 
grab once you sit on the sofa. Something to help you empty your 
mind. A joyful project only with a hook and some yarn, it does 
add magic on an ordinary evening because you create something 
real out of nothing but simple yarn. 

 I wanted a throw for my girl’s bedroom, combining the colours 
of her space. A personalised gift for her birthday 
which is soon approaching. I chose pure cotton yarn in the 
shades that you see on the screen but at first, 
there was chaos in my head. 
Which hue? How large would it be? How many flowers in a row? 
What about the edging stitch? No pattern except those existing 
on  youtube without concrete directions regarding the assemblage 
of the pieces or the way to have a tidy, neat back of the blanket. 
I improvised, as usual, this is my kind of thing. Nevertheless, 
it took me long to understand how it could be and evolve. 
An adventurous process, the outcome didn’t disappoint me, 
though! It turned out great I think!

The icing on the cake was given by a handful of paillettes scattered 
here and there in the hope that they will all remain intact 
in the wash! If you have similar experiences, please, do share! 
Reveal some secrets or remarkable links to visit! 
I personally have been so much inspired by Brigitte
a master on crochet inspiration!

So, my ordinary evenings oozed a little dose of glamour and turned 
into a kind of enchantment I really needed. 
It’s all about casting a feeling, 
an essence in the mundane. 
Spicing things up. 
Erstwhile, I was thinking that magical moments were out of 
my grasp or beyond me. Photography showed me the way but 
I’m slowly striving to find it elsewhere. My little crochet work 
helped me not only to stare in amazement on some boring days
but also create memories.

Be well
and thank you for still stopping by!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Daydreaming on Pelion

How is your summer going so far?
 We have had a wondrous holiday time this year heading to some 
great mountain destinations, seeking cooler climes and serenity. 
June and July reached over 36 degrees, June in particular,
 was the hottest ever recorded, I don’t remember myself having 
sweat so much in my life but thankfully we’ve beat the scorching
 heat on the beach a few feet away from home and 
on the green slopes of the mountains. 

So, where do I begin? Describing the first place we visited,
the land where reality and daydreams meet

The land of C e n t a u r s and C h i r o n
The summer resort of the O l y m p i a n  G o d s
The healing Mountain
The homeland of the A r g o n a u t s
Of A c h i l l e s
The land A p o l l o loved
The land of the D r y a d s, 
the nymphs of trees and meadows
The legendary mountain mentioned in poems 
of H o m e r and H e s i o d's...

Those who know a bit of Greek Mythology can readily find 
the place I’m talking about...

Mount P e l i o n
situated in a long boot of land jutting into the Aegean 
between Thessaloniki and Athens, a hidden holiday gem, 
a favourite place to be and find yourself...

Having taken a huge amount of photos during our stay, it was quite 
difficult to select a good portion of them giving credit to this 
fairytale land. A real deal for an amateur photographer as am I!
Did I my best? I'm not sure but you can  
get the feeling of the area we spent our vacations in. 

Cliff-side beaches

Endless stone paths through the woods

Well marked trails reaching secret, virgin beaches 

The most idyllic outdoor-dining spots

Over 3,000 species of herbs with therapeutic properties

astonishingly beautiful beaches and
horseshoe bays filled with glittering turquoise sea

In some villages, the only means of transport are donkeys

Beautiful vintage gardens

Distinctive traditional architecture, the hallmark of the whole 
region, so that many villages have been declared as preserved  

A furry creature inspector style

Heavenly hydrangeas in all colour everywhere

As long as we were there, we have been immersed in that 
blissful moment that you don’t think about anything else,  
this was exactly what we were searching for and 
felt nourished in a different way, felt completely 
and utterly in love with Pelion despite 
having visited it many times in the past. 

I'll be back with more photos and details from that place.

Oh, friends, it’s crazy how fast time is flying by! 
I hope you also enjoyed your holidays and that 
you have a great autumn planned ahead of you. 
Looking forward to catching up with you and 
hearing what you are up to

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