Thursday, July 28, 2016

Whiling away the hours

The season is here to stay and our big desire to chill out at 
the summer house comes finally true. We are struggling to get 
all bad thoughts out of the head, following a slower gear and 
just clearing the mind of all that madness we all witness nowadays 
around the world. What’s happening out there has somehow 
affected our mood and everything could upset us is listed off. 

Where have gone all those days of carefree travels of yore?
We have been thinking a lot about a holiday abroad but we decided 
not to move for the moment. The second house can host all our 
dreams of peace and serenity and two getaways in Greece are 
already planned. We are desperately craving some slowing 
down and nothing more, so I’ll be off from blogging for awhile,
hope you don't mind too much!

As a farewell, here are some snippets of our life in the 
country home where we are whiling away the summer 
hours surrounded by our beautiful garden and nature 
experiencing true, genuine country living.

Enjoy your vacations to the fullest whatever you do. 
I hope you spend them happily accompanied by your beloved ones. 
Have fun ,come back safe and rejuvenated!
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