Thursday, July 28, 2016

Whiling away the hours

The season is here to stay and our big desire to chill out at 
the summer house comes finally true. We are struggling to get 
all bad thoughts out of the head, following a slower gear and 
just clearing the mind of all that madness we all witness nowadays 
around the world. What’s happening out there has somehow 
affected our mood and everything could upset us is listed off. 

Where have gone all those days of carefree travels of yore?
We have been thinking a lot about a holiday abroad but we decided 
not to move for the moment. The second house can host all our 
dreams of peace and serenity and two getaways in Greece are 
already planned. We are desperately craving some slowing 
down and nothing more, so I’ll be off from blogging for awhile,
hope you don't mind too much!

As a farewell, here are some snippets of our life in the 
country home where we are whiling away the summer 
hours surrounded by our beautiful garden and nature 
experiencing true, genuine country living.

Enjoy your vacations to the fullest whatever you do. 
I hope you spend them happily accompanied by your beloved ones. 
Have fun ,come back safe and rejuvenated!


  1. Beautiful photos, my friend. Wish you wonderful days.
    Sending a big hug your way

  2. Beautiful photos, my friend. Wish you wonderful days.
    Sending a big hug your way

  3. I think we are all starting to feel a bit punch drunk. I would like to be in Greece now, actually, and I hope you enjoy your summer home and get some peace and quiet.

  4. Enjoy a lovely summer break with your family Olympia and have a relaxing time - the dazzling colours in this post are stunningly beautiful. We shall be awaiting your return - take care.

  5. hello dear Olympia, your photos look beautiful and relaxing...those bougainvillea are so beautiful! Wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable time in your country house and thank you for always leaving lovely comments on my blog. Have a beautiful summer. Sharon x

  6. Real summer feeling post Olympia !!! it Ria x

  7. Lieve Olympia,

    Heerlijk in je eigen vertrouwde veilige en landelijke omgeving tot rust komen en vakantie vieren,niks mis mee.
    Zo'n mooie tuin vol bloemenpracht en waar ik ook kijk op je foto's alles straalt sfeer uit met liefde samengesteld.
    Maak plezier,geniet en lach de zomermaanden door samen met je geliefde familie.

    Lieve groet ♥♥♥

  8. Wishing you a wonderful respite this summer, and your photos are lovely, as always.


  9. The pictures are very relaxing and beautiful. Where else would you like to go, if you have all this on your doorstep? Excellent place to quiet down. Enjoy!!!

  10. Linda casa. Amei o colorido das flores.

  11. I agree with Ada, with all this at your doorstep, I can see why you'd never leave. We've found that about our Stone House on the Hill as well -- with so much beauty and peace there, why would we want to go in search of it? Happy summer dear friend. Maybe we will meet this fall???

    1. It would be great!We'll fix an appointment somewhere this fall!A warm hug your way...

  12. Dit is ook een fantastisch huis om vakantie te vieren!
    Je weet zoveel sfeer om je heen te maken, je foto's zijn prachtig!
    Een heerlijke sfeer om tot rustte komen, en dat is het belangrijkste van vakantie, even weg van de waan van de dag. En als je dan zo'n heerlijk huis hebt staan....dan hoe je niet perse ver weg.
    Geniet van een heerlijke vakantie, Olympia!

    Liefs, Gerry

  13. Wat een heerlijke foto's! Geweldig het huis, ik zou er zo willen intrekken deze zomer :)

  14. Your summer house is lovely, Olympia - colorful and cozy! Love seeing all the flowers and pretty scenes of your summer. Yes, the world is catching up with us, especially for you in Greece. It is good to rest your mind and your soul. Sending hugs xo Karen

  15. Sweet friend, I could look at your photos for hours upon hours. How I love the colors and textures that you present in your have a gift for sharing beauty, dear Olympia.

    Much love to you!

  16. Dear Olympia
    Thank you for another lovely post and I too wish you -
    a happy and relaxed vacation, and yes please come back safe and rejuvenated ...

    Good wishes to you, my blogging friend

    All the best Jan

  17. Olympia, your pictures always touch my heart. I love that aqua colored wall with the plates and the pink blossom trees and the gorgeous flowers and the fruit pie! Have a restful time away from blogging, and I noticed your pictures are a bit bigger. I am wondering what setting you used?

    Enjoy the rest of the summer days. I'm just getting ready for Jess' wedding. It's very soon. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  18. Happy August!
    The tray of food is what I wish is for my breakfast right this minute. Delicious photographs! Your interiors are a beautiful as the outdoors.

  19. Wish you a wonderful summer but promiss you will come back ;-).

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  20. Hello Olympia,
    I hope you have a wonderful break away and return rejuvenated and refreshed. Your images always transport me to Greece, a country I hold fondly in my heart but have yet to visit.

    Fondest wishes and may peach and joy be with you.

    Helen xx

  21. Having a wonderful summer enjoying the peace and beauty of your country home. Sarah x

  22. Such a beautiful summery post Olympia!
    Wishing you a wonderful vacation,
    Susan x

  23. You are really favored with wonderful chances presented by the great nature.

  24. You are so right about needing respite from all the terrible news in the world ! Glad you have a wonderful refuge to relax the mind and refresh the soul ! enjoy your holidays !
    Gail x

  25. So lovely and beautiful...and I would love to have the greek salad you have on the plate :)

  26. J’espère que vous passez tous un excellent été, avec des journées très relaxantes. Tes photos donnent une vision d’un été ensoleillé, joyeux et rempli de couleurs brillantes.

  27. As always it's pure joy to visit your blog sweet Olympia. Your beautiful pictures makes me happy and I do hope you and your loved ones are enjoying lovely summer days together. Fill both body and soul with that lovely summer feeling and return to blogging when you feel like it. We're here. :)

    Take care sweet Olympia.♥


  28. Beautiful post. I am weeding away the hours, too much yard work. yvonne

  29. You are an artist of everyday life, Olympia. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this beautiful post.

  30. From Instagram to your Blog,here and there so inspiring and creative, it indeed helps to visit places like there to clear the mind out of the madness that had fallen on this planet.


  31. your photos the real genuine touch of country life all pics have mesmerizing effect on nerves ,thank you for sharing joy ,have blessed time off dear

  32. Just beautiful pictures...vacation, summer, flowers and good food!
    Always so nice visiting your lovely blog...
    Hug, Titti


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