Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The roof garden and its visitors

 I can’t believe how peaceful the veranda looks now after 
the absolute upheaval of June! You will not believe it!

A month ago,
sprucing up the rooftop patio for summer I noticed wasps 
getting too near to the roof tile. Deadly afraid of them, I 
threw down brooms, dustpans, hoses and all kind of tools I 
was equipped with and ran quickly down the stairs. Alas, I had 
to return to check out the attic. What a disaster! 
Hundreds of wasps flying inside and a layer of dead 
wasps on the floor. 
A l a r m ! 

The deworming company we called destroyed half of the 
roof tile trying to find more nests but to no avail! A clever 
worker we fortunately knew gave a radical solution to this 
problem and repaired the roof. Don’t ask how much it 
cost us, I don't want to think about it! Count equally; repairing 
the wooden pergola, fixing the irrigation valves, fertilizing 
and adding some plants, what an adventurous opening 
this year! The roof garden had surely seen better days…

and kinder visitors like those colorful butterflies feeding on nectar 
from flowers.

However, this is our little paradise on the hot summer evenings,
 an isolate space on the second storey, where a steady breeze
 blowing out towards us makes life easier and happier. 
It’s the go-to spot for gatherings with family and friends 
at the end of the day. 

Just laying outside, enjoying the natural light, listening to
the sounds of the neighbourhood, the sounds of waves,
gazing at the stars or even beating the heat by enjoying
 a night’s sleep in the cool night breeze is mood-lifting.

 Still no plans for this summer. Our work has not gone yet 
on holiday, so we neither. Until then, nothing to complain about; 
sandy sun-cream adventures just at the doorstep, 
life in a slower lane, 
soaking up the sun on the roof top terrace, 
sweet and juicy watermelons and outdoor living, 
spotting shooting stars in the night sky,
 if this is not summer, what could it be? 
Wishing you lovely and lazy summer days. 
Store summer vibes the more you can!
Until next


  1. Lovely colors, lovely flowers, lovely setting, lovely photographs. All so uplifting.

  2. Oh such a lovely reminder of how beautiful a Greek summer can be. Your deck is stunning and you caught the light perfectly. Our Seattle summer is an unseasonably cold and wet one so we are dreaming of our return in September -- hopefully, fingers-crossed, we won't have any more medical matters that cause us to leave our Stone House on the Hill as abruptly and unexpectedly as we did last spring! Enjoy your summer sunshine ~ Hugs, Jackie

  3. Ah, what a joy to be visiting you this morning as your blog is one of my favorites :) You always take the prettiest photos and I love how you're able to capture the sun shining on your beautiful things.

    I am so sorry about the wasps...how horrible, my friend! Take care and enjoy your summer. Love and hugs to you!

  4. Relaxing on the rooftop what a great spot!!!

  5. Oh, wat was het weer heerlijk vertoeven bij jou!
    Wat een prachtige, zomerse foto's!
    En wij hebben alleen maar wind en regen, de zomer wil nog niet echt komen.
    Geniet er enorm van!

    Liefs, Gerry

  6. Horrible wasps, but as I understand the problem is solved and you can enjoy your lovely sunny days on the rooftop again. Love the colours of all those pretty spots in and around your house, it makes us feel happy.
    Greetins, Janneke

  7. Owwww so Nice.....great summer pictures....must be great to live where you live......wowwwww!!....enjoy summer love from me Ria x

  8. Beautiful pictures and a lovely words that create summer day dreams

    Outdoors as I type the weather here is perfect for sitting out in the evening (with a spritz of bug spray). They aren't out yet, but they will be. The hornet haven't been around since we had a lot of heavy rain. I found a nest they started and left when clearing out old planters.
    Wishing you and yours wonderful roof top evenings!

  9. Dearest Olympia,
    Oh no! Wasps are unwelcome guests in the attic and an expensive detour to the summer fun! But look at how beautiful your lovely rooftop is now! Enjoying all the pretty details - flowers, climbing vines, cozy, colorful cushions, wonderful serving pieces. I can almost feel that cool, ocean breeze in the evening light, with tinkling glasses and lovely conversation. Bliss!
    Happy summer to you! Hugs xo Karen

  10. Oh dear.. what a terrible story about the wasps! But now you can enjoy this little paradise again! Over here in Holland it's raining cats and dogs... so I can warm myself at your pictures!

  11. Ton billet est une véritable explosion de couleurs, les couleurs vitaminées de l'été!
    Tu nous montres aussi comment on peut créer un vrai coin de nature en ville et être complètement dépaysés!
    Un grand merci Olympia pour ces photos magnifiques!
    Bises et bon été à toi.

  12. Lazy sunny days, exactly what summer is all about, you had wasps, we had bees! Swarms of them! C'est la vie en France!

  13. What a wonderful place this is! I can tell from your pictures and the way you describe it. Sounds so lovely. Good thing you get to enjoy it again now after the trouble and work you had removing the wasps and fixing everything again. Enjoy your little paradise dear Olympia ❤


  14. Oh, how I'd love to be sitting on your beautiful roof terrace in the heat – it looks idyllic. It's cold, grey and wet here... So sorry to hear you had trouble with wasps, but now you can enjoy your wonderful space after all the hard work. Absolutely beautiful photos, as always– happy summer, Olympia. Sam x

  15. Πρέπει να ήταν πραγματικά ένα σόκ η όλη ιστορία με τις
    σφήκες. Χαίρομαι που ξεμπερδέψατε και τώρα χαιρόσαστε τον τόσο όμορφο χώρο που έχεις δημιουργήσει. Μ' αρέσει πολύ το χρώμα του τοίχου, τα μαξιλαράκια και οι ξαπλώστρες.
    Καλό καλοκαίρι!!
    Τίνα x

  16. I would have cringed at the thought of damage occurring to my tile roof (if I was fortunate enough to have one). Those damn wasps! Well, you have a lovely place to relax and forget about that inconvenience and expense of it all. Just beautiful!

  17. Enjoy the summer and your little paradise...I hope all the problems with so many wasps are over.

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  18. Oh my goodness it sounds as though you have had a very difficult time. I hope that it is now all behind you and that you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful garden. I am not a fan of wasps either, especially in the house!

  19. Getting dressed and going for a water mellon. Great photo's
    It is in the mid 80's in Maine. Hot, hot hot. yvonne

  20. Oh how scary ! glad you got sorted in the end ...and the terrace looks so inviting ...we need some of your sunshine sending over as the summer seems to be on hold at the moment....thanks for sharing your lovely happy pictures !
    Gail x

  21. Dear Olympia, I am sorry to hear about all your troubles, but what a beautiful roof terrace you have. Looking through your lovely photos I can just feel the heat and hear the sound of summer on that roof terrace and almost taste that delicious watermelon! It does seem like the perfect place for family and friends to gather and I do love all the lovely seating with comfy cushions to lean back on. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Sharon x

  22. None of your family has been damaged by wasps attack. You are lucky. I love the red color of a watermelon. It's so vivid.

  23. I love looking at your eclectic style, Olympia. So many pretty things and one-of-a-kind things too. That summer pillow is perfect for your rooftop patio. It's been very warm here in California. The watermelon looks so refreshing - I haven't had it yet this summer. The picture of the shutter with the plant is charming, and one of my favorites on here. And the blue flowered pillow caught my eye, so pretty. This is a beautiful picture of the butterfly. I see that your pictures are a bit larger, can I ask how you got them that size?

    Enjoy the summer days, Olympia. :)

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Yes, the photos are larger now although I don't like them so big.It's the computer girl who fixed their size and Blogger does it automatically since then.

  24. Hello dear Olympia..
    A super post. I so remember your gorgeous rooftop garden..
    Those wasps are terrible.. i was running mad this morning, as one got into my lounge. I too am scared of them. Their bite is not a nice experience.
    They must have been nesting in your roof for years.
    At least you now have it all new.
    Enjoy your summer days.. here I am doing the same.
    hugs Val xxxx

  25. Your home looks so serene and lovely, Olympia, it is difficult to believe it went through such drama. What an unpleasant experience, I have a horror of wasps as well.

  26. OMG, what a story!
    Brr, I don't like wasps, I have strong allergy.

    Now, this is paradise with flowers, and other beutiful things:)
    Hugs from sunny France;)

  27. I can feel the sun, the smell of the lovely flowers and the warm nights...beautiful place and beautiful thing´s!
    Always so nice visiting your amazing blog,

  28. Such a gorgeous summer time post, you have really captured the essence of those beautiful sunny days here! I love your rooftop patio, with its pretty furniture, cushions and flowers....what a beautiful place to relax and catch the summer breezes. Have a happy time, dear Olympia!
    Helen xox

  29. What a beautiful haven you have there Olympia. Lovely! Sad about all the extra work you had to go through and a cost you could've done without. But thankfully all the nests are gone and now you can enjoy this lovely haven of yours. And I absolutely love your pictures sweet Olympia.♥

    Take care!


  30. Wasps!!!

    But now your veranda does indeed look a peaceful, colourful and welcoming place. I'd love to sit a while with you there ...
    But, looking at your stunning photographs, my mind wanders and I can imagine ...

    Enjoy this remaining week of July - and looking ahead - I hope August will be a good month for you.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  31. What a simply gorgeous home you have!

    So sorry about the wasp infestation! Oh my!!!!!!!!

    But now, even your rooftop oasis is too hot, since you commented that you are off to the mountains.


  32. Dear Olympia,

    Your rooftop garden is so beautiful and looks like a wonderful place to relax on all your lovely chairs and cushions.
    Shame about the wasps and all the extra cost and work you had to do to get rid of them.
    Enjoy the summer

  33. I love all of these photos. The watermelon looks delicious!!


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