Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The roof garden and its visitors

 I can’t believe how peaceful the veranda looks now after 
the absolute upheaval of June! You will not believe it!

A month ago,
sprucing up the rooftop patio for summer I noticed wasps 
getting too near to the roof tile. Deadly afraid of them, I 
threw down brooms, dustpans, hoses and all kind of tools I 
was equipped with and ran quickly down the stairs. Alas, I had 
to return to check out the attic. What a disaster! 
Hundreds of wasps flying inside and a layer of dead 
wasps on the floor. 
A l a r m ! 

The deworming company we called destroyed half of the 
roof tile trying to find more nests but to no avail! A clever 
worker we fortunately knew gave a radical solution to this 
problem and repaired the roof. Don’t ask how much it 
cost us, I don't want to think about it! Count equally; repairing 
the wooden pergola, fixing the irrigation valves, fertilizing 
and adding some plants, what an adventurous opening 
this year! The roof garden had surely seen better days…

and kinder visitors like those colorful butterflies feeding on nectar 
from flowers.

However, this is our little paradise on the hot summer evenings,
 an isolate space on the second storey, where a steady breeze
 blowing out towards us makes life easier and happier. 
It’s the go-to spot for gatherings with family and friends 
at the end of the day. 

Just laying outside, enjoying the natural light, listening to
the sounds of the neighbourhood, the sounds of waves,
gazing at the stars or even beating the heat by enjoying
 a night’s sleep in the cool night breeze is mood-lifting.

 Still no plans for this summer. Our work has not gone yet 
on holiday, so we neither. Until then, nothing to complain about; 
sandy sun-cream adventures just at the doorstep, 
life in a slower lane, 
soaking up the sun on the roof top terrace, 
sweet and juicy watermelons and outdoor living, 
spotting shooting stars in the night sky,
 if this is not summer, what could it be? 
Wishing you lovely and lazy summer days. 
Store summer vibes the more you can!
Until next

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