Friday, March 16, 2018

Early spring cuttings

As promised, I’m opening the gate door of the country garden, hoping
 to strike your dormant spring chords and letting you savour the early
 season loveliness. Sun-kissed afternoons make their appearance
 timidly, inviting the lucky visitor to indulge in the warm caress of
 the soft light and observe nature’s slow but firm march into spring.

 Most plants are still hibernating. Nevertheless, there is a strong 
will for life to take its place again and fill the whole space with 
greenery, colour and happiness. 
I’m really thrilled to follow all these phases of transition and 
transformation in the country garden although I’m not known
 for my patience at all. Being able to cut little bouquets from our
 home grown flowers not only satisfies me but gives me a push to 
think more deliberately about what would be best for next year, 
what we did wrong regarding the placement of the flowers
 and such. Ignorant gardener some years ago...
 You don’t really learn that quickly when it comes to discovering
 the secrets of nature. 

Anyway, here are some happy photos from a sweet afternoon break
 in the company of my husband who shares all my childish excitement 
with this lovely space. Indeed, it’s thanks to him that I’m back to being
 a child again who is learning the rules that govern nature and the
 way to maintain and push forward a piece of land. Raised in this 
place of wonder, this spacious yard, this kitchen garden overflowed
 with citrus and jasmine scents, it’s like rekindling his own playground 
and making m e a part of it.

Orthodox Easter falls on 8 April this year and I feel I’m way behind
 getting ready. So let’s get the things done! 
How about you? 
Has spring knocked on your door yet?

Flowery wishes to all of you


  1. Hello Olympia ...Nice spring we have had spring days last week ...but thuis weekend their wil come snow and lots of cold weather......brrrrrrrr ....winter is coming back....but i hope spring wil start soon...have a Nice weekend love Ria x ❤️

  2. Lovely Spring flowers, Olympia. And your tea cup is gorgeous. You know, I smiled when I saw the orange, as my mom used to put an orange in our stocking every year at Christmas. I wish I had some of those goodies to go with my coffee this morning.

    Wishing you wonderful March days.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Wonderful, zingy, bright, cheeerful colours, Olympia - I thought that spring was here, but we have just been informed that snow is heading in our direction.

  4. Oh Olympia I can hear the childlike delight in your voice in this post! Isn't spring simply magnificent in the Greek countryside?? I go out and survey my garden and keep thinking how it will look 'next year' the improvements, the plants, the blooms and then I take a breath and think how magical it already feels and I am content! Loved this post my friend!

  5. Ton jardin et ton verger forment un vrai petit paradis chère Olympia! Ce qui est bien, c'est que tu en as conscience et ta joie devient la notre!
    Je m'assois à côté de toi pour un petit café et un petit four. Tout en respirant les odeurs délicieuses des fleurs!
    Merci pour ce partage!

  6. Your area is full of spring! Have a happy Sunday.

  7. Hi Olympia,
    Love these beautiful flowers and the way you have combined them. Great photos, as well. Sensational colors.

  8. Les fleurs de ton jardin sont superbes, chère Olympia, et tes fantastiques photos multiplient leur beauté!!! J'aime beaucoup ton service à café!!!
    Moi aussi je suis en retard pour les préparatifs de Pâques! Comme les jours passent vite!!!
    Bises et bon Dimanche!

  9. Love how you create atmosphere with your beautiful set ups . And I am at awe at how many flowers you already have in your garden. I haven't even begun to think about Easter yet, so much going on lately.

  10. Olympia, Your photos are all stunning!

  11. Your photos make my day! How we are longing for some spring sunshine. Cold frost in the middle of March. Brrr. Groetjes Hetty

  12. I love Spring and I loved seeing all of your colourful photographs, they are so lovely.

    Spring hasn't yet arrived in my part of the UK maybe soon I hope!

    All the best Jan

  13. What a LOVELY springpost with beautiful flowers! It´s still very cold here and we have some snow, it´s been a loooong winter...
    Have a happy week, take care!

  14. Such lovely, bright photos and beautiful flowers, Olympia. Spring has arrived in full force here as well.

  15. what a beautiful spring post always beautiful pictures ...and a cozy atmosphere
    Happy spring Olympia ...

  16. Nice spring post, Olympia!
    Especially like the photo of flowers and lemons.
    We had very cold terrible winter, this year. But cherry blossoms will be in bloom around next Monday in Tokyo, Japan, which means spring has finally come:)

  17. Imagens encantadoras. Feliz fim-de-semana.

  18. Oh, I am so in love with these photos. And those narcissus are stunning. I planted a few varieties and I am ready for them to bloom.

  19. Loving your photos...I love walking out in the yard daily and seeing the changes as spring moves in more and more.

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  21. Your photos are really magical. Amazing flowers, lovely cup, charming atmosphere. :)

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