Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sizzle in the garden

It was intended to be a post dedicated to the Netherlands
featuring photos among the 1500 I took during our summer
 holidays. My last visit to our garden in the village, however, 
had me thinking twice; a travel post could be uploaded 
whenever throughout the year but the golden garden light 
is emerging right now and the oranges are turning orange 
right now .And this is a chance not to be missed! 

So, I’m bringing you once again into the backyard where bushes,
trees and flowers seem to me like smiling faces as the dusk softly 
falls. This little slice of paradise, the small utopia we call our yard,
 is what adds sizzle to the mundane.  

Drive fifteen kilometres back and forth three times a week to 
water a sun shocked garden. Bring the lawn mower to and from
 the country house because there are two gardens to tend to. 
And autumn comes and you hope for wetness which would mean 
less running around, but...   
the autumn rains never came and alas, we are still watering! 

It’s a miracle how we managed to keep this garden alive 
and compose little bouquets from zinnia and daisies.

Four months of light and warmth, many would envy this!;
the oranges shining lavishly in the November sundown...
 A true wonder and a sight for sore eyes especially after the
 last contagious infections from which our citrus grove 
has greatly suffered.  

At last, autumn is upon us with all the sensations that fall flavors
 evoke flowing around. To usher in this sweet season, I get 
inspiration from all ingredients identifying it ; not only cinnamon, 
apples and pumpkins. Living among citrus trees, I cannot but connect 
them to the season. So, I baked a tangy and bittersweet 
pasta frola using the jam of our own orange harvest.

It’s not with melancholy I greet autumn. Rather the opposite
so beautiful as it is! Hope you are enjoying revitalising autumn walks
 in the embrace of nature and cozy moments with your loved ones. 
Until next time! 
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