Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas!

How does Christmas make you feel? For me, it's those days leading
 up to Christmas and this anticipation that sing inside me that count
 the most. This lovely period finds me brimming with shining lights,
 red baubles, gingerbread dough in hands, all wrapped in the hygge
 mood, sipping tea by the fire and overflowing the house with flowers 
and music. The silver kettles in full service, the crowded festive buffet,
 the warmth of the Persian rugs. This is the scenery of extra coziness
  to better enjoy each other's company during the holidays but this
 is not a material matter.
 It’s the tenderness, the carefulness and love I want to 
whisper to who I love.
 It’s the way someone feels in his own space.
 It’s the desire to make the home radiate a special kind of 
 It’s that Christmas magic that touches the soul and makes the
 heart feel excited about those holy days. 
It’s a way to welcome better days, hope and joy.  
Wishing you all 

Μy #dachshundiecrochet inspired 
by the lovely Blogger and Instagrammer Brigitte

Friday, December 8, 2017

Thinking of you

 Happily counting down to the holidays, I find myself once more
 in this annual fever of preparations which I haven’t been able to
 limit despite my efforts all these years. The only place to find peace
 remains the garden. Interacting with nature, healing, getting in touch
 with my own spirit, having thoughts. I think that we will never know
 all there is to know about gardening and its effect on us and I’m
 just as glad there will always be some magic about it! I feel so lucky
 to have the privilege of living in this region and indulging in the
 garden’s delights and all blasts of sunshine whenever I wish to.
 Actually, winter never seriously sets over here. 

So, making the most of a sweet November afternoon and taking 
advantage of a shimmer of light, I took my crochet bag and 
stepped into the yard absorbing seasonal scents and followed
 the harvest of the ripe walnuts. As I said, thoughts are flowing 
through my mind. I’m thinking of you and I’m addressing you 
as if I really knew you. I feel so warm inside and so 
familiar when reading your thoughtful and gentle messages.
 I feel grateful. I’m really satisfied to savour and enjoy those
I have come to know and have remained active over the years.
 I have been faithfully following your blogs, even though
 I haven’t often the time to leave a word.

Nevertheless, it’s time to confess; some bitter thoughts I have for us,
 bloggers. I remember when full of curiosity and enthusiasm I would
 seek new inspirational blogs. It’s not the same anymore.
 Many dear friends have disappeared and others barely post.
  Things are degenerating here in blog land, not excluding 
the frequency of my own posts and comments.  


 Yet, a blissful note can be found when browsing through Instagram.
 It was with great joy that I ran into some of you while scrolling 
through images of gardens and home decor. Surprisingly, this 
meeting has instigated the blossoming of selected blog
 almost- lost friendships, rejuvenating them and making
 them more direct, more vibrant. There is nothing better than
catching up with old friends. Really awesome!

 Wishing us a continuous willingness to share, regardless of the
 medium we choose. May we be able to connect in any way. 
This is precious, I think.

I plan to post once more during the holidays.
 Until then, 

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