Sunday, January 8, 2017

For snow lovers

Way to make a grand entrance, 2017 begun with great amounts 
of snowfalls blanketing parts of our coastal region what’s not 
really typical at all. It all started through the early hours 
of Saturday morning. A sprinkling of delicate snow covered 
the fragile branches of the pine and olive trees, just a few 
kilometres from home and not above 300m of altitude.

With the mercury hitting zero, the white blanket coated
our familiar location making it bright and fresh, 
an enticing winter-wonderland. 
Fresh, puffy, powdery flakes warned us 
of what might happen…

The beginning of a snow storm is one of the most exciting 
experiences and truly unique! My daughter’s sheer enthusiasm 
was floating through the air! 
Within two or three hours, the snow storm changed all at once 
with its thick winter coat. What a pleasure to hear the crunch
 of snow beneath our feet and feel the most beautiful 
white powder falling on our cheeks and blowing over our hoods. 

With my face turning redder and redder, I pushed myself 
out of my comfort zone and brought my cup of coffee outside, 
just to enjoy the snow-saturated atmosphere and the absolute 
quiet and calm that always go along with it. 

I blinked my eyes and shook my head! 
What a miracle in front of me!
Mother nature cooperated and provided us 
a gorgeous, white day!

So, let there be white!

Close your eyes and dream your dream
Then all your wishes will be seen…

May the New Year 
sparkle like the snow under the sun,
 with endless moments of love and laughter
may your footprints lead you 
to the place you really love to be.


  1. WOW! Enjoyed seeing the pictures! I love to enjoy this type of climate!

  2. Well what a surprise to discover that you have snow, and believe it or not we do not - I wonder if it might be on the horizon for us.
    I can well imagine just how much you enjoyed photographing it - the joy is clear for all to see on your daughter's face.

  3. A most amazing event there! We also had reports of snow in our area of the Mani - didn't last as long nor cover as much ground though. You've captured the winter's magic in your photos. Happy New Year my friend! Hopefully this year will be the one in which we meet face-to-face. xxx

  4. Amazing photos Olympia!!
    I adored the photo with the candle in the snow and the cup of coffee.
    We , in Athens, don't have any snow but it is bitter cold.
    Your daughter looks so happy!! I think snow makes us all feel like children . I wish it snowed here again .
    Happy 2017 , my friend!
    Tina x

  5. Happiest of New Year to Your & Yours! Beautiful photographs
    Happy Snowfall!
    Enchanting is the old tree with the couple and dog walking on the road. Imagine how many that tree has greeted along the way.

  6. Crystalline, cold, yet cozy scenes surround you, Olympia. Enjoy these early, frosty days of 2017!

    All the best for the new year!


  7. God's world is incredible, and we are so fortunate to capture its beauty through our lens. Love the candle picture. A bit of warmth amidst all that cold. Your pictures are amazing, Olympia. And I really like the foot prints one. :) It's nice to see your daughter playing in the snow, how fun. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  8. Simply amazing to see the snow and your amazing photographs too.
    Your daughter looks so happy to be enjoying this white world.
    Just by looking at these is quite exhilarating!

    Thank you for sharing your weather with us.
    I think here in the UK they are forecasting snow for later in this 'new week'.

    Take Care and all good wishes for 2017.

    All the best Jan

  9. A snowfall in January ensures the good harvest of the new year.

  10. So magical! Wishing you and your family love, health and happiness in the coming new year! Hugs xo Karen

  11. Snow in Greece is something I would never expect, but such beautiful and magical scenes. You really know how to create 'hygge' in the snow with candles and a nice hot cup of tea . Nothing is more quiet than snow and it gives you a feeling of childish wonder. Best wishes for the New Year.

  12. I get you completely when you say the snow makes you want to get out there despite of the cold. I'd be just like that! Snow adds a bit of magic to the world. You captured it perfectly and your words describe so beautifully that feeling when being out in the snow. Enjoy it while it lasts dear Olympia! I enjoyed your wonderful pictures and words!

  13. As you always do, you captured what is most beautiful about your subject. The serenity, the crispness and even the quiet it brings have all be conveyed in your usual, creative fashion. Your daughter's face says it all.


  14. Wowww what a snow !!!.......happy week love Ria x

  15. I love seeing trees in the snow, none here so far, enjoy it while it lasts. Hx

  16. How very unusual for you Olympia, I bet your daughter just loved it? I love that you brought a candle outside with your coffee, so pretty.I think we may be due some snow at the end of this week. I do love it when I am home and not having to travel to work.Much love, Linda xx

  17. Πολυ όμορφες εικόνες μας χάρισες Ολυμπία μου ..
    μου αρέσει το χιόνι ...καλή χρονιά με υγεια και ευτυχια

  18. You get snow?! Lucky you. We don't, but it is still cold and so very welcome after the endless summer.

  19. What a great pictures! Especially the blanket and cup, looks like a postcard! Enjoy the snow!

  20. It is hard to believe that you have had snow in Greece, it does look so beautiful. Thank you for sharing those magical moments with us and also showing how your familiar landscape has been transformed.I have heard that the cold spell is continuing there and is now causing many problems, hope you are OK. Sarah x

  21. Et pendant ce temps je suis à Toulouse au lieu de profiter de la neige en Grèce. Dommage!
    Mais je profite de tes belles photos.
    La bougie dans la neige est une idée magnifique.
    Ne prends pas froid ma belle!

  22. Gosh, quite unexpected for you I am sure! It all looks very beautiful though, and I love that you made the most of it. We are forecast for snow later this week, I am not looking forward to it, but your post made me feel differently - better! - about it.

  23. Lieve Olympia,

    Kan me helemaal voorstellen hoe jullie genieten van deze prachtige smetteloze witte wereld om je heen.
    Zeker omdat Koning Winter zich bij jullie niet zo vaak van deze kant laat zien.
    Ondanks de koude stralen je foto's stuk voor stuk een sfeervolle warmte uit waarin jullie genieten in eigen omgeving,prachtig om te zien.

    Maar........ik zie ook dagelijks beelden in de media over de keerzijde van die extreme sneeuwval in Europa waar mensen noodgedwongen dag en nacht de koude trotseren bij 'n zelf aangelegd houtvuur waarvan het licht de wanhoop op hun gezicht en in hun ogen laat zien.

    Hoop uit de grond van mijn hart dat er snel de juiste oplossingen gevonden gaan worden in deze in mijn ogen oneerlijk wereld...

    Liefs en warme wintergroet ♥♥♥

  24. That cup on the shawl is a good one.

  25. Beautiful photos! I'm glad you got to see the best kind of snow, the puffy kind. We haven't had that at all this winter but every once in a while either the wet kind or the freezing kind both of which have melted in between. At the moment we do have some snow but the cover looks thinner than that on your photos. It's been another unusual winter around Europe.

  26. How lovely Olympia and I wonder when you last had snow in your area? It certainly looks magical ...I love the look of happiness on your daughter's face and also the cosy cats...surely they did not venture out at all ....ours don't when the weather is chilly ! Enjoy your weekend...Gail x

  27. You've captured the beauty of a snowy day in your photos. It looks like a winter fairyland.


  28. In places where snow is rare people are so pleased to see it. Children above all must have been delighted in your area to play in the snow. Your pictures are lovely and the pleasure of your daughter is evident. A great post.

  29. So beautiful and snowy...I just love the picture with the big olivtree in the snow!
    Have a happy weekend now, take care.
    Love from Titti


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