Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Basking in the sun

No much to say this time, photos speak for themselves I think. 
I had a beautiful outing. Just lighten up and smell the sweet 
spring aroma. A cute companion, a pampered furry creature 
came towards me, begging for cuddles, yearning for a nap amid 
the daisy slope… I felt the same, basking under the warm 
afternoon sun would be the best thing that could finally happen 
after a dreary, gray winter. This was nirvana for both of us, 
the perfect peace for the state of mind. However, I have the 
impression that the outdoor visitor is permanently living in such 
circumstances, the two last photos prove it vigorously! 
Lucky kitty! 
Wish I could stay for long stretches over there, 
shooting close-ups of daisies, capturing the blooming greenery,
the vibrancy of spring colors and the funny faces of my fellow…
Busy city life and happiness that exists, why not! 
But certainly, nature hides all the secrets to appease a human heart. 
Not today!!!

Such a gloomy, rainy day today!
Actually, these bright, sunny 
photos make me so happy! 
Greek Independence Day today, National holiday 
celebrated annually on March 25, commemorating the
 start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821. 
Look here

Orthodox Easter is on 12th April, it’s coming up soon this year. 
I'm still waiting for my inspiration which comes 
only when I chill out… 

So glad to hear from you every time you leave a kind comment. 
Thank you so much!
Hope you can be as blissful as the guy!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Que c'est beau Honfleur!

Pour l'enfant, amoureux de cartes et d'estampes,
L'univers est égal à son vaste appétit.
Ah! que le monde est grand à la clarté des lampes!
Aux yeux du souvenir que le monde est petit!

Charles Baudelaire – Le Voyage

It was a glorious day when we visited Honfleur, two months ago,
my second time in Normandy, first on the northwest coast.
Beautiful connotations came to mind 
recalling poems and paintings I once studied inFrench
 art and literature. Baudelaire, Monet, Boudin, Seurat, Sisley, 
delighted by the exhilarating beauty of this area, gave birth 
to one of the most beautiful art movements; Impressionism. 
The changing weather, the unflagging play between the sun and 
the clouds, the fickle colors providing the perfect setting, this is
what fascinates you in Honfleur more than anywhere else. 

We strolled along the old harbour, through the cobbled streets and 
paved alleys savoring a romantic feeling of a timeless world. 
This town has certainly got something extra that makes it unique. 
It’s a lively, vibrant town preserving its artistic character with dozens 
of art galleries around. I wouldn’t have mind staying a little
 longer to gaze at the splendid port. And the French gastronomy, 
what a treat! We were definitely craving seafood, calvados, 
apple cake and were not disappointed . A little suspicious
 when it's touristy...But, such a scrumptious
lunch on the peaceful quay!

To a child who is fond of maps and engravings
The universe is the size of his immense hunger.
Ah! how vast is the world in the light of a lamp!
In memory's eyes how small the world is!

Charles Baudelaire – Le Voyage

Nothing serious has been going on recently, 
hope you are also doing fine…

Ι'm leaving you with
the smell of the sea, 
the Normand natural light 
and  Baudelaire's musical rhymes...

See you, 

Friday, March 6, 2015

A head start on spring

Spring is heading our way, super! Τhe fact is that she is coming 
lightning fast so that I find myself racing behind her. Again! 
Such a stressful feeling, isn’t? 
It was snowing and raining pitchforks a week ago! 
And one morning you just get up with birds singing merrily,
with sun’s cheer gleaming and with beautiful flowers blooming...
I get the message, no time to waste. But, scheduling tasks 
is not the easiest thing in this world, what with family
and professional obligations. Ι'm changing the decor inside 
both homes! 
And the worst thing is all the gardening jobs that must be done
 Raking, trimming, fertilizing, seeding, cleaning up. 

We tend two gardens and that makes a different story this year! 
Our country garden needs an ergonomic project immediately
so that it has an informal layout which will be easy to maintain.
Sometimes, I feel guilty about skipping good ideas 
that come my way, about not being very courageous to take 
decisions on time… 

Regardless, I never do without color,
so flowers are in everyday devices. 
Yellow tulips were sent by my mother,
 anemones, muscari and carnation can be easily bought now
as they cost very little. Nothing from the garden, yet! 

Hope spring doesn’t confuse you as it does me!
Joining Karen for Sunlit Sunday,
Wishing you a head start on spring!

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