Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where time has frozen


Delightfully unspoiled snapshots of a forgotten way of life, 
old fragrances blended with vintage lace hanging on the panes, 
quiet steps on the narrow lanes while everything seems asleep 
behind the shabby wooden front doors, burning under the 
hot summer sun which lights up every single nook … 
the past frozen in time and an old world feeling, 
this is what we experienced in the place I’m showing you. 

I 'll intrigue you a little bit leaving you to find its name, 
the birth place of Aphrodite and a crossroads for seas, 
cultures, pirates and conquerors. Allegory and imagination 
are strictly attached to the island which had inspired artists
 such as Watteau and later the cineaste Angelopoulos… 
You like this land in the way you like a painting, 
you say yes or no...the chosen destination may not be for
everyone, no cosmopolitan lifestyle there, 
they have certainly missed the bus of development, 
only pureness, authenticity and extreme kindness and 
sweetness from the indigenous on the top of a rock, 
below the Venetian castle….

You can pretty much google both words. 
The link will be the same

Cyrigo – Kythira 

It was truly a lovely stay and our journey took us back 
to past decades where life followed slower paces and 
needs were fewer.

May you have always the chance to taste life at its best.
I have to run to catch up with all of you, I have missed you!


  1. Hello,

    Time really does seem to have stood still in this most delightful place. You have captured such beautiful details, all of which, as you say, illustrate a pace of life which moves more slowly and where the essentials rather than the extravagances of life are important. How we should love to be there too.

  2. A wonderful place to spend your time...I can imagine it was very special to be there.

    Welcome back :-)!

    Hugs, Ingrid

  3. This is absolutely our kind of place. It goes on our 'must visit next time' list. So nice to have you back among us in the blogosphere! Missed you and your posts ~

  4. These are the images that make my heart skip a beat or two O! I know this is the kind of life I could live and probably be quite content. Never worrying whether the sills needed a new paint job or the door a coat of varnish. Age of objects and people seem to make them more beautiful to me. Not that I don't appreciate youth and a more modern decor. It's just that this aged beauty has a 'spirit of place' as if it's hold memories of all who have passed by it or stood in the doorways.
    Your beautiful photos will be in my mind all day.
    sending hugs...

  5. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos Olympia, they are beautiful and remind me of holidays past, 20 or 30 years ago when we visited many of the Greek Islands and found the same time stood still feel about them which is so relaxing, and away makes you feel you have got away from it all when you are busy working the rest of the time.
    I hope you had a lovely and relaxing break away from it all!
    Gill xx

  6. Olympia Ooh, what a magnificent photos! A pleasure to watch.
    So glad you enjoyed so on vacation!
    And now equally delicious afterglow!

    Love, Gerry

  7. How beautiful, Olympia - such a timeless place with the wonderful patina of sun washed hues! How lovely are those peeks inside the windows! I hope you feel relaxed and renewed from your vacation - I can only dream of going there, but I can visit through your beautiful photos. They are simply wonderful. Hugs xo Karen

  8. These images were of an outstanding beauty, I enjoyed them very much. You must have had a wonderful vacation.

  9. So lovely to hear from you Olympia, I was honestly just thinking about you yesterday - or the day before, time has blurred the days! - and wondering how you were. It looks as though you have been having a wonderful time, I hope that you did and that you are well. xx

  10. How lovely to have you back dear Olympia - your photos and your words convey a sense of timelessness, a place to relax and unwind, and just be yourselves. Really enjoyed scrolling through these imagers.

  11. Lieve Olympia,

    Wat heerlijk om op deze regenachtige kille dagen hier in NL even met je door de sfeervolle vakantie foto's te scrollen,
    Krijg er een warm gevoel van en dit is nou precies waarom ik zó dol op Griekenland ben,alsof de tijd heeft stilgestaan.

    Geniet jij maar lekker na van een vast onvergetelijke vakantie op een prachtig eiland.

    Lieve groet,

  12. Dear Olympia,

    We have just returned from our blissful summer holidays - another island; Belle Ile en Mer - and your blog is one of the first I have jumped on! The joy of visiting you and catching up on your perception of beauty. Truly, your pictures are wonderful. Very Greek, yes, but reminiscent of 'La Vieille France' too with those chipped painted shutters and lace curtains.

    Welcome back, Olympia.

    Warmest wishes,


  13. Dearest Olympia,
    Very restful for sure! Going back in time to the Venetian Cerigo, for sure works very calming... like Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Too bad that for over a century now people have left the island but maybe it is just enough for upholding this unique summer vacation escape.
    Glad you enjoyed it and I love the photo of the old windows with the peacock lace...

  14. A wonderful place to stay and enjoy the way life used to be. Sarah x

  15. Dear Olympia,
    This post hit home for me, as me and Jess just took a bunch of pictures while walking around town that I will post tomorrow. What a great selection of photos you have here. I just love the blue doors and shutters that you have in Greece. The brick stairs are so charming, what a sweet picture that is. And those curtains with the peacocks are delightful. It's nice to have you back, Olympia. I really enjoyed your photos today.


  16. Aphrodite, must have been in heaven ... The venitians too.
    I can feel the warmth and romance in this post.
    The little houses of different architectural style.
    The deep blue of the Ionian sea..

    This is a place i would love to visit. Experience all the old world charm.. no fancy shops or high rise buildings.
    A beautiful post Olympia.
    I enjoyed reading it.
    I have been to Athens and Corfu.. but this island attracts me.
    Best wishes

  17. Beautiful doors, gorgeous windows, pretty old stairs . . . what a lovely spot!

  18. Such a romantic post. I love the Greek blue painted doors and windows.

  19. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Olympia! I've missed your romantic and colourful posts, and today's is the perfect example! You know, I truly think that if one does not come and see these brilliant and bright colours for themselves, they simply seem unbelievable!! Gorgeous textures and patinas, landscapes and coasts. Thanks for sharing the spectacular beauty of Kythira.


  20. What a beautiful island Olympia, and you have done it such justice with your beautiful photos and teasing snippets of information.It definitely looks like a wonderfully romantic and relaxing place to stay. Thank you for your kind comments on my post. Hoping all is well with you, love Linda x

  21. oh how I enjoyed looking through those photos ! so nice to see places still untouched and full of soul ......
    Gail x

  22. Dear Olympia,
    wonderful post! I adore the pale blue shutters and the black cat, of course, but all of it reminds me of the first holidays with my husband (in Santorin...).
    Have a nice weekend (as you shurely will...)
    Yours Sarah

  23. Such a beautiful, atmospheric post, Olympia! I love all your delightful photographs and the subjects you chose are among my favourite things.....especially the pretty old windows with shutters, lace curtains and flowers. Lovely to see you back again.
    Happy week.
    Helen xox

  24. Pics just make me fell quiet. I like that king of place to live.. and colours on houses.
    But I like in countryside in a big country with white 6 months by year. So I need colours.
    Beautiful post.

  25. Beautiful photos, love all
    the colours.

  26. Dear Olympia,

    What a wonderful place and yes, to have the peace and quiet would be great.
    I love the little beach and the pretty lace curtains at the windows.
    Thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely week

  27. Bellissime foto che sottolineano il titolo del post. C'è sempre un fascino speciale in posti che sembrano untouched dal tempo , e sicuramente una vacanza qui ti rimette a nuovo . Abbraccio .

  28. Chère Olympia!
    Je suis heureuse de te retrouver!
    Quel bonheur de voir tes photos!
    Mon coup de cœur il me faut dire ...
    Comme toi j'adore des vielles maisons, la calme et ce temps perdu ou tout était un peu différent!
    J'aime des fenêtres avec cette couleur ancienne et ton bol dans ta dernière photo est adorable.
    J'ai aussi un bol avec des oliviers de Paros ....artisanal fabriqué de Noe!
    J'espère tu vas bien et je te souhaite une très bonne semaine avec ta famille!
    Je r' embrasse!

  29. Bonjour et merci pour ces superbes photos quel régal bonne journée

  30. Oh Olympia, this is just BEAUTIFUL....the colours, the houses...the windows, I´m sitting here dreaming!
    This is the kind of places I will collect in my heart!

  31. just won.der.full !!! i love love love your pic`s!
    my husband and me have spent several holidays on crete and the last 2 years we`ve been to santorini...always looking for and finding...
    mystical and hidden places without tourists...hearing the wind*wispers around forgotten corners...feeling the past and untold stories...
    so lovely!
    thank you for sharing ♥ and dreaming...happy greetings, dornrö*chen, germany

  32. Beautiful pictures! I go with a photografer friend to abandoned villages in the mountains to make pictures, to walk, to drink a glass of wine in a local kafenion/shop and talk with the few remaining, usually old, villagers.

  33. Oh, this is just lovely! Amazing images of beautiful places and the colours are stunning!
    xoxo Ingrid

  34. Thank you for showing us these beautiful pictures from forgotten corners in Greece! Lovely colours!
    Thank your for visiting my blog.
    Hugs from Hjørdis (Norway - :-))


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