Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Seasonal flowers and salty air

Heureux celui qui peut d'une aile vigoureuse
S'élancer vers les champs lumineux et sereins;

Celui dont les pensers, comme des alouettes,
Vers les cieux le matin prennent un libre essor,
— Qui plane sur la vie, et comprend sans effort
Le langage des fleurs et des choses muettes!

 Charles Baudelaire

Happy is the man who can with vigorous wing
Mount to those luminous serene fields!
The man whose thoughts, like larks,
Take liberated flight toward the morning skies
--Who hovers over life and understands without effort
The language of flowers and voiceless things!

With this post, I’m leaving you...
 I ‘ll be back at the end of summer.
Enjoy your holidays whatever you do, wherever you are!
A big hug to all of you


  1. sehr schöne fotos!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

  2. Flowers!!! Décidément c'est le temps des fleurs et la couleur de cette année c'est le rose...
    Beautiful pics.

  3. Wish you a wonderful summer, with family and friends!!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  4. When I see you pictures, I always get the feeling of going on holidays, beautiful. Love the poem of Charles Beaudelaire, most of his poems are sad, but this one certainly not.
    Have a happy summer!

  5. I wish you a lovely summer Olympia! The best!
    Warm hug,
    Psst...beautiful photo´s too!

  6. Oh, what gorgeous lovelies, all of them, smiling at us, as if to say, 'Yay! I'm on holiday, are you?'. The colourful fishing villages, unmistakably Greek in design and dazzle, await your adventures, in and around their sunlit, stucco abodes. Happy Summer, Olympia and thank you for sharing your salty air - it is fabulously fresh!


  7. I hope that you have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you again before too long! xx

  8. Olympia you have given us some beautiful vistas here. Thank you. Have a wonderful summer and looking forward to your return


  9. Heerlijke uitnodigende plaatjes van zon,zee en Griekse sferen!!!
    Een schattige dochter die volgens mij al gereed staat om een fijne vakantie te vieren.

    Wens jullie veel zomer plezier en kan me nu al verheugen op meer mooie foto's!!!

    Lieve groet!!

  10. Breathtaking pictures sweet Olympia! And the last one is the best. You sure are surronded by so much beauty and love my friend.♥ Enjoy a wonderful summer and looking forward to your return. We're here when you want to sweetie.

    Take care!


  11. Dear Olympia,

    Wishing you a wonderful summer with lots of sunshine and relaxation.
    I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful photos - pretty flowers, scenery and your sweet daughter.

  12. Chère Olympia!
    Que c' est beau chez toi avec toutes les fleurs, la mer et ta jolie jeune fille!
    Je te souhaite aussi un bel et douce été!!!!
    Je t' embrasse!

  13. Dearest Olympia,
    What a lovely poem about understanding the language of flowers...
    Also lovely gems of smooth stones in the salty water. What a beauty so go and enjoy YOUR family summer.
    Cutest picture of your darling daughter in her summer outfit.
    ENJOY and capture the happy moments with photos for lifetime memories...

  14. Le poème de Baudelaire s’accorde si bien aux photos de ce post. Bonne vacances chère amie !

  15. Beautiful words, images, flowers and colours! Have a wonderful summer. Sarah x

  16. I've just returned from our 'summer in Greece' a most interesting four weeks that won't soon be forgotten. . .and sometimes fate steps in and changes all those anticipated memories to new ones that you weren't prepared for, but that will always be with you. Hope you have a wonderful time away. Look forward to your return. Happy days and wonderful memories. my best, Jackie

  17. Dear Olympia,
    Pretty flowers on here today. I especially like the bright pink and orange ones. The views in your area are incredible. I hope you have a nice break, and I'll be here when you return. Enjoy the summer days.


  18. Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you, Dear Olympia! You have a way of seeing the world that is truly amazing. Every photo is so lovely - especially the last one - so precious! Enjoy your break, my Dear. Hugs, xo Karen

  19. Thank you for this beautiful collection of photos, Olympia! I do love such colourful flowers and I love salty air too :) Your views of the sea are wonderful. I wish you and your family a very happy summer, have a lovely break, and I look forward to seeing you again at the end of the season.
    Helen xox

  20. wonderful post Olympia...enjoy your summer !
    Gail x

  21. I hope you're enjoying lovely summer days sweet Olympia?

    Take care! / Charlie xx


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