Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oleanders and a tale

Oleanders probably don’t compete with the preciousness 
of other plants such as roses, peonies, hydrangeas or 
tulips but their characteristics make those evergreen 
shrubs a garden-must in southern warm coastal 
landscapes.They grow very fast and easily, require 
little care and when they are covered with blossoms, 
they are lovely and if you have provided 
a vast space for growing them massively, 
they repay you by offering a spectacular 
and enduring view.

There is a tale in which a beautiful maiden, Hero, 
a priestess of Aphrodite was in love with Leander,
a young man who swam across the Hellespont every 
night to join his beloved.
One day, in stormy weather, he was drowned and his 
body was thrown against sharp rocks.
 Hero was anxiously waiting for him and when she found 
him, a beautiful flower was clutched in his hand.
She kept it but magically the flower continued to grow
 until it became the beautiful oleander, 
symbol of everlasting love.

July is on its way, our daughter is preparing for the ballet 
show like every year. The months of rehearsals have 
flown by and the big day is at hand! Staying in a  summer 
camp for a couple of weeks is also in her plans!
 We spend our free time οn the roof terrace where it’s 
much cooler than in our town garden, going for a swim and 
at the week end we still try to arrange our courtyard 
in the country house which nevertheless demands 
a lot of patience and… not only!

I am making an effort to understand how Pinterest works 
since my computer guy has refused to give me a hand, 
considering that it’s easy to do by myself. 
This cute boy gets on my nerves because 
I am wasting time and it’s not sure that I will make it...
the big computer genius that I am!!! Haha...
Anyway, I have nothing to promote or to sell but 
it’s interesting to get a glimpse into an ocean 
of photos, share beauty, be inspired or just relaxed. 
If you have a simple suggestion, you are welcome!
Hope everything is under control in your pace of life,
Sending you beautiful thoughts


  1. Happy July, Olympia! I have an oleander standard tree grown in a container. Each year I haul it outside and it rewards me with beautiful white blooms all summer! Thanks for sharing that tale - sad but sweet. And thanks for all the lovely photos! Cheers

  2. Beautiful photos of pink and white oleander that grows so abundantly in Greece, effortlessly, really, and rampantly, as you say! I'd love to see more of your country house garden and courtyard, and of course, the interiors, which are so cozy and quaint! Happy July, Olympia!


  3. Hello Olympia,
    The oleanders are gorgeous. You can also buy it here as potstruik, but it must in winter inside.
    The accompanying story is beautiful.
    I wish your daughter all the best in her ballet performance. Gonna be very nice! And have fun at the holiday camp.
    And I wish you a nice summer time!

    Love, Gerry

  4. Dear Olympia - I returned from Sicily a couple of years ago with the tinniest cutting of a deep red Oleander which, fingers crossed, will flower this year. When it flowers I shall reflect on the tale you have told us of the poignant love with a sad ending between Hero and Leander.
    I have never tried Pinterest because I think that I probably spend enough time already on the computer, but I don't believe it can be difficult, much easier than setting up a blog. I am sure that you will manage it. Your cute guy is not being very helpful to you.
    Hope that the ballet show is a great success, and that you continue to enjoy the summer break.

  5. The oleanders are so beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen a real one, though, only in photos. I've heard they smell very nice. I'm on Pinterest, but I only use it sporadically for short amounts of time. I can see how it would suck you in. It's easy to use, though; have you made an account for yourself? You can repin things you find on Pinterest, or pin things from anywhere else on the internet. If you want to connect with me there, I'm "Jennifer @ thistlebear". :)

  6. Dear Olympia,
    The Oleanders are very pretty. I don't see them much around here. The pink ones look a bit different than the others. I loved the tale that you shared, and I enjoy hearing stories like this.

    It is our fourth of July Friday, so we celebrate in a big way. But this year, I will probably just go up on the hill and watch the fireworks with husband.

    Have a beautiful summer July.


  7. The Oleander pics are so pretty, as are all the images f your courtyard. I would love to be sitting there right now!
    I wish your daughter every success with the ballet performance. M x

  8. I love your photo's again. So nice and colourful. And I really like the oleander. The story about the oleander is very sweet.
    Greatings from Aleta

  9. I think that the oleanders are beautiful!!! They are just the right sort of flower for where you live and I love how they have so many different colours of flowers too. The story is wonderful too! I hope that you can find some cool spots to relax in and enjoy yourselves and that the ballet goes well for your daughter. I am "on" pinterest, it is pretty easy to use once you get going, and interesting to look at, but I don't have time so I haven't used it much. I think that you will find it fun! xx

  10. Dear Olympia,
    How lovely your Oleander's are - and isn't it nice that they grow so easily for you there! We don't have these beauties here, as it is too cool, but I enjoyed seeing them in your beautiful photos. The story is lovely, too. My Dear Blue Eyes would hitch-hike miles to see me when we were young, just to throw a love note to me at my bedroom window, as my parent's wouldn't allow me to date. I always worried about him....How exciting for your daughter to finally have the 'big night' and I know you must be very proud parents, as it takes so much work and dedication on her part (and yours). Your terrace looks very cozy and inviting and I am sure it is a perfect place to catch those cool evening breezes. Wishing you a lovely week.
    xo Hugs

  11. Oleanders are wonderful plants, a long time ago I also had them in my own garden. But when my oldest daughter was a little girl, I removed the plant, because the plant is poisonous. But in full bloom it's a magnificent sight. I wish your daughter good luck with the show!!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  12. Lieve Olympia,

    Oleander is voor mij Griekenland net zoals olijfbomen je komt het overal tegen .
    Wilde oleander in rivierbeddingen en in kloven en de gecultiveerde wordt vaak aangeplant.Wanneer we in de prefectuur Chania op Kreta snel van westelijke richting naar oostenlijke richting gaan, rijden we over de New National Road waar in de bermen,ook in de middenberm veel bloeiende oleander staat wat werkelijk een lust is voor het oog.

    Ook jou prachtige zomerbloemen doen mij weg dromen.
    Fijn dat jullie enige verkoeling kunnen vinden op het dakterras.
    En wat sfeer betreft zitten jullie altijd wel heerlijk aan de prachtige foto's te zien.

    En ik wens jullie een hele mooie balletvoorstelling die jullie knappe dochter als ballerina gaat geven!!!

    Geniet van de zomermaanden én van elkaar!!!

    Lieve groet,Ger

  13. Someday I would love to see an oleander up close. When I was in Florida I saw them from a distance and they certainly make a lovely statement. What a wonderful tale too.
    I love to see the glimpses of your beautiful outdoor space. It is so rich with color! You set the prettiest table Olympia!
    I'm so excited to hear about your daughter's big night. Best wishes to her!
    Have a wonderful fourth!

  14. Chère Olympia!
    Je pense c' est pas nécessaire pour toi d'avoir des roses ....tes fleurs sont les fleurs de Sud et très très belles!
    J'adore ta première photo - c' est la Grèce pour moi!!!! Avec des oliviers!
    Comme chère June à dit: Ta table est superbe avec des bols et saladiers!
    Tu as la chance de vivre dans un très beau endroit Olympia!
    Je suis été très souvent en Grèce jusqu' à 2009.
    J'ai beaucoup de vaisselle de Noé de Paros - peut-être tu connais.
    La semaine prochaine je suis en Dubaï - encore une fois ...
    C' est aussi un peu comme chez moi parce que nous sommes été chaque année plusieurs fois ici.
    Il y a des gens qui aiment et les autres pas ...Dubaï!
    Moi, je suis toujours très heureuse ici même il est très très chaud avec 45 et plus à l'ombre et 80 humidité ...
    Et notre ami habite ici alors nous sommes très heureuse de reconnaître deux ou trois fois ...
    Et même dans cette ville il y a des petits coins très calme et exotique ...
    Alors je te laisse chère Olympia et je te souhaite un bel été dans ton beau pays que j'aime aussi très bien ...
    Je t' embrasse!

  15. Dearest Olympia,
    What a lovely and full oleanders you have in your garden! Here they don't thrive that vigorous... our soil is very limited.
    Love the legend you told about the oleander.
    Your country home's court yard will make for perfect summer meals on the patio; looks so inviting.
    I'm not on Pinterest... can't do all the social media as it is too time consuming. I know that my photos have been taken and placed on Pinterest; but none by me myself.
    Sending you hugs and love,

  16. Siempre es un placer sentarse a ver tus bellas entradas, llenas de luz, de color y de belleza, gracias por traernoslas.
    Besitos Olympia y felices vacaciones.

  17. Thanks for kind words <3, yes I really hope it will be nice with a white floor :-)) So lovely pictures you show, flowers so beautiful and outdoor living is just the best for soul and mind, love it!! Have a nice evening!! Best Regards Paula

  18. Hey.
    So nice comment I received from you, it's always fun with new blog friends.

    The pictures and your flowers are beautiful, we are fond of gardening and everything that grows has good times now in July.

    Have a nice summer evening and a great weekend of Marit.

  19. Hey.
    So nice comment I received from you, it's always fun with new blog friends.

    The pictures and your flowers are beautiful, we are fond of gardening and everything that grows has good times now in July.

    Have a nice summer evening and a great weekend of Marit.

  20. Oh it´s oleander...such a beautiful flower!
    Beautiful pictures Olympia!

  21. You needn't be concerned about the flowers you can't grow with all of the beauty the oleanders offer. They are lovely and bountiful in their blooms. How beautiful, Olympia!


  22. Dear Olympia,

    Must be beautiful relaxing out on your gorgeous roof terrace amongst the gorgeous blooms - such a wonderful show.
    Enjoy your summer and hope that the ballet show and summer camp for your daughter goes well.
    Have a lovely weekend

  23. The oleanders are so stunning, Olympia! Your photos are really gorgeous, and I enjoyed the story. I hope your daughter enjoys the ballet show and that you all have a wonderful summer.
    Helen xox

  24. Beautiful Colours you are a talented photographer . Hope your daughter enjoys the shoe. Happy july

  25. Dearest Olympia,
    oleanders are for me the quintessential of Mediterranean plants, the flowers are beautifully and their evergreen leaves very decorative! Unfortunately, it is too cold in Austria for Oleander to spend the winter in the garden. Nevertheless, I bought a little tree with white blossoms for the terrace and hope I will get it through the cold time!
    Thanks for the love story of Hero and Leander!
    Hugs and happy holidays wishes for you and your family, Traude
    (⁀‵⁀,) ✿

  26. We have been awash in Oleanders since we began our travels in the opposite end of the Peloponnese. I love the story you have told about them here. They are so beautiful. Have a wonderful July!! good wishes to you! Jackie

  27. I have a white Oleander in my garden. It is a beautiful and hardy plant, but very toxic. Your photos are so relaxing and beautiful .. Hugs :)

  28. What a beautiful story about the Oleander.

    And your oleanderflowers are really really big. How do you make them grow like that?

  29. Oh, WOW!!! just beautiful!!!!
    Hugs Sofia

  30. Beautiful photographs's such a treat to visit you and the oleanders are simply stunning!
    Best wishes to your daughter for her ballet will be such a wonderful day,
    Happy Tuesday!
    Susan x

  31. Hi Olympia ! such lovely photos and I love oleander sister has one but she has to overwinter it indoors of course ! I love the story ...very dramatic ! good luck with the ballet show ...
    Gail x

  32. STUNNING post dear :) I hope you had a great summer so far

    Check out my new post...An AMAZING Swedish summer house :)

    Have a fab weekend

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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