Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oleanders and a tale

Oleanders probably don’t compete with the preciousness 
of other plants such as roses, peonies, hydrangeas or 
tulips but their characteristics make those evergreen 
shrubs a garden-must in southern warm coastal 
landscapes.They grow very fast and easily, require 
little care and when they are covered with blossoms, 
they are lovely and if you have provided 
a vast space for growing them massively, 
they repay you by offering a spectacular 
and enduring view.

There is a tale in which a beautiful maiden, Hero, 
a priestess of Aphrodite was in love with Leander,
a young man who swam across the Hellespont every 
night to join his beloved.
One day, in stormy weather, he was drowned and his 
body was thrown against sharp rocks.
 Hero was anxiously waiting for him and when she found 
him, a beautiful flower was clutched in his hand.
She kept it but magically the flower continued to grow
 until it became the beautiful oleander, 
symbol of everlasting love.

July is on its way, our daughter is preparing for the ballet 
show like every year. The months of rehearsals have 
flown by and the big day is at hand! Staying in a  summer 
camp for a couple of weeks is also in her plans!
 We spend our free time οn the roof terrace where it’s 
much cooler than in our town garden, going for a swim and 
at the week end we still try to arrange our courtyard 
in the country house which nevertheless demands 
a lot of patience and… not only!

I am making an effort to understand how Pinterest works 
since my computer guy has refused to give me a hand, 
considering that it’s easy to do by myself. 
This cute boy gets on my nerves because 
I am wasting time and it’s not sure that I will make it...
the big computer genius that I am!!! Haha...
Anyway, I have nothing to promote or to sell but 
it’s interesting to get a glimpse into an ocean 
of photos, share beauty, be inspired or just relaxed. 
If you have a simple suggestion, you are welcome!
Hope everything is under control in your pace of life,
Sending you beautiful thoughts

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