Sunday, November 22, 2015

Birthday meal in the garden

Fall is the time that ushers in many celebrations, my daughter’s 
birthday coming first in October. We are usually concerned 
about the weather as her birthday party is organized as one 
last gathering outdoors; in the middle of the season things 
start to change though.The weather is cooling down and a 
crispness is in the air. Habitually...
Who could ever imagine that there could be another 
version of summer in the thick of the season?

Mowing the grass shorter before guests arrive.

In fact, the weather remains surprisingly warm so far. 
That day, we enjoyed a bright, sunny meeting in the town
 garden. Miss V. needed a day of complete rest, just a peaceful 
family meal, that would be all. Teens might seem bored by 
the prospect of spending time with relatives but fortunately 
that is not our case, at least for the moment! 

So this opportunity provided a good excuse to indulge in 
great foods and BBQ delicacies. I’m giving you here a short 
peek into my daughter’s birthday celebration. 

My sweet little niece

Capturing candid family moments, creating a little 
“time capsule” of our lives, this is bliss. 

Tiramisu home baked cake!
Candle number two drowned into the soft 
mascarpone mixture!

A joy-filled day. Completely enjoyable 
and just what we all wanted.



In in this unpredictable world…
a world of unthinkable disorders… 
when things change in an instant…

Let’s enjoy life to the fullest !!!

Don’t let fear control how we live our lives!
Let's dream! Let love rule our lives!
Dear, treasured friends, 
thank you for still being here.
Be blessed and pray !

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paris - Place du Tertre

“In this bizarre land swarmed a host of colourful artists,
writers, painters, musicians, sculptors, architects, a few with
their own places but most in furnished lodgings, surrounded by
the workers of Montmartre, the starchy ladies of the rue Breda,
the retired folk of Batignolles, sprouting up all over the place,
like weeds. Montmartre was home to every kind of artist.
"Felicien Champsaur"

It was a drizzling dreary day when I took those photos, so bitter 
cold outside and my heavy wool gloves weren’t adapted to 
my shooting operations… Nevertheless, I think the colors have been 
captured beautifully giving an idea of what this picturesque square 
looks like in an off-season period.

La Place du Tertre is one of Paris’ most loved neighbourhoods
in the district of Montmartre which still has something
of the atmosphere and vibrancy of its glorious past.
Tertre square was once the gathering place of painters,
composers and poets who have written history.
Legendary residents disappeared quite a long time ago
and nowadays the square is filled with street artists
who are not without talent.
The big difference is that now, they are mostly working 
arriere-garde,their sketches are interesting though.

Our daughter insisted on having her own portrait drawn
 and she wasn’t wrong. Of course, there is no Van Gogh 
signature below but the outcome has pleased us a lot.

Until the street artist completed his task we were watching the
 bustle of the neighbourhood at an outdoor café . 
The City of Lights always brims with life 
and culture and this is exactly what attracts me more in Paris.

Source of inspiration for many famous artists such as Pissarro,
Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Modigliani and Picasso, this 
square encouraged artistic movements such as 
Impressionism and Surrealism.

Renoir and Monet models
in the Grevin museum of Paris.

I have spent weeks in Paris and never tired of it. 
I think Paris have a special appeal in winter and the wonderful 
Montmartre quarter is always a fun place to visit and not to be missed.

Hope you are enjoying fall and all the beauty that comes with it! 

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