Sunday, October 23, 2016

More hygge

I know that feeling when it’s coming. 
It just arrives, falls on my shoulders, sent by the universe 
to wrap me up, to fill my entire being with good energy 
demanding me to harness every single cell in my mind, in my body. 
It might be the kick off autumn season that I’m so fond of. 
Perhaps, the fact that time flies faster as we get older and 
feel anxious about. The point is that it’s that time again where 
I feel bursting with strength. It’s about embracing things, 
all at once and quickly! 
This is craziness because all I have neglected before, 
I want now, in a minute! Posting twice a month…!!!, looking fit, 
inhaling books, listening to new music, trying new lipsticks 
and perfumes, baking something extraordinary, buying new 
clothes, seeking lovely shades of yarn, rearranging furniture, 
becoming a serious gardener, a never-ending list!
But most of all, I need to slow down and 
just cherish moments of the day and 
try not to rush through them very quickly.

 Bring hygge into life. 
You know, the Danish art of living cozily. 
Treating myself to a glass of red wine to round off the meal, 
picking some humble branches of rose hips, dawdling and 
sitting outside while enjoying that glorious autumn 
sunshine streaming in through the leaves of the garden, 
caressing the fluffy feline,
oh yes, this is the good life and its bright side.

Greeting autumn with a big smile. 

 Time to head indoors and lit the candles

I wish you cozy days and warmth around you.
May the sunshine flow into you 
and follow you everywhere. 
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