Sunday, October 23, 2016

More hygge

I know that feeling when it’s coming. 
It just arrives, falls on my shoulders, sent by the universe 
to wrap me up, to fill my entire being with good energy 
demanding me to harness every single cell in my mind, in my body. 
It might be the kick off autumn season that I’m so fond of. 
Perhaps, the fact that time flies faster as we get older and 
feel anxious about. The point is that it’s that time again where 
I feel bursting with strength. It’s about embracing things, 
all at once and quickly! 
This is craziness because all I have neglected before, 
I want now, in a minute! Posting twice a month…!!!, looking fit, 
inhaling books, listening to new music, trying new lipsticks 
and perfumes, baking something extraordinary, buying new 
clothes, seeking lovely shades of yarn, rearranging furniture, 
becoming a serious gardener, a never-ending list!
But most of all, I need to slow down and 
just cherish moments of the day and 
try not to rush through them very quickly.

 Bring hygge into life. 
You know, the Danish art of living cozily. 
Treating myself to a glass of red wine to round off the meal, 
picking some humble branches of rose hips, dawdling and 
sitting outside while enjoying that glorious autumn 
sunshine streaming in through the leaves of the garden, 
caressing the fluffy feline,
oh yes, this is the good life and its bright side.

Greeting autumn with a big smile. 

 Time to head indoors and lit the candles

I wish you cozy days and warmth around you.
May the sunshine flow into you 
and follow you everywhere. 


  1. Beautiful photos, my friend. The autumn has been fantastic here in Norway. All the colors and sunshine day after day. That is not usual here. Love days like this.
    Hugs from here

  2. Dear Olympia - I feel the Danish art of hyyge in your post as it embraces the soft and beautiful golden pallet of Autumn in the flowers, berries, and sunshine - it feels serene and cosy.

  3. I am with you dear friend... scurrying about trying to do too much because I feel that 'time is running out' and forgetting to slow down and enjoy life at this age. Loved your post. It spoke volumes to me.

  4. The thought you put into selecting your photos and posting them here is much appreciated. Beautiful light, colors, and stories in each image
    Thank you for the word hygge. I look it up...pronounced hooga! I smile.

  5. Beautiful photos of your autumnal ambience, Olympia. Love the light of the season; it's softer, sweeter, more forgiving.

    Have a lovely week ahead,

  6. The signs of autumn have become so vivid in the last week or so in our part of the Greek world and you've captured life so beautifully in your photos. Hygge, a great word and philosophy! As Poppy said the light seems softer, sweeter and more forgiving (even if it is taking longer for my clothes to dry! ;-) )

  7. Oh que ce chat me plaît avec ses magnifiques yeux verts et ses airs de philosophe!
    Mais je ne dis pas non à un bon verre de vin et à une petite grappe de raisin!!! Noix et raisins font partie des gourmandises de l'automne...
    Bonne semaine automnale à toi Olympia.
    Grosses bises.

  8. WOW, lovely post! Really enjoying it :) Thnx for shearing!

  9. Οπως πάντα υπέροχες φωτογραφίες !!!!!
    πολύ ωραια ανάρτηση ...καλή εβδομαδα

  10. Coucou chère Olympia!
    Un grand merci pour ton féerique billet de l' automne!!!!
    Comme toi j'adore ce temps et nous avons plus de temps pour être créative dedans.
    Ton chat est mignon et tes fleurs un régal ...
    Profite bien ma Belle!
    Je t' embrasse fort!

  11. beautiful writing and stunning photos .
    you have powerful lenses and artistic way to catch nature

  12. Your photos do justice to the filtered light of autumn. Each tells a story. A story I want to be part of Olympia!

  13. Wowwww olympia what a beautiful autumn post.....lovely week love Ria x❤️

  14. Beautiful just reading this post slows me down and I feel embraced by the coziness of your autumn! Sarah x

  15. Such lovely pictures, they inspire you to slow down, just enjoy them. Enjoy the whole autumn mood! Your cat sure seems to enjoy his life, although he looks a little bit grumpy, just like mine! I think that they also have the same size. Maybe we should put them on a diet!!!

  16. A most beautiful post Olympia, in words and photographs.
    The photographer (you) and lens in your camera has captured the essence of this beautiful season.

    I sit and raise a glass to you ...

    All the best Jan

  17. Olympia,
    It's good to try new things, and change is sometimes what we need. Enjoy these wonderful Autumn days while they last. Your pictures are lovely showing the beauty around you.


  18. The word 'hygge' does sum up the atmosphere that you create with your photos, and you are a true master. So funny/nice that you know that word :-))

  19. Your words are so impressive. Being ephemeral is regretful, but it gives us a big pleasure to enjoy the time.

    1. Savoring each instant of our life is never regretful. Life is ephemeral so we should create memories and treasure them as deeply as we can.

  20. It's always a pleasure to visit your world, dear Olympia! I like this word, 'Hygge', I think it is a wonderful way to be. It is always nice to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Lovely photos of this beautiful time of year and so nice to meet your handsome cat! Wishing you more quiet moments to enjoy in this lovely season. Hugs xo Karen

  21. Lovely post Olympia.
    I feel the same some days. It's a great feeling and it leads to happy new beginnings and blissful moments.
    Tina :)

  22. A beautiful post, dear Olympia. It's maybe not always easy, but I try to enjoy the little things of life...also during cold and rainy days. Your pictures are lovely!

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  23. Those rose hips are not like the ones in Maine. I love them.
    Just planted bulbs and raked leafs. Mercy! I am too old.
    Can hardly walk today, and now a sore throat,
    have to miss a luncheon. My Daughter wanted to pick up my drugs,
    but I don't want her neat me. Just saw my dog sneeze,
    hope he doesn't get sick.

  24. What a lovely and thoughtful post from reading your words.
    Have a beautiful day, take care!
    (BEAUTIFUL photos too...)

  25. Dat heb ik nou ook, dat ik me in de herfst supergoed voel en bergen energie krijg! En al helemaal na jouw mooie blogpost :)

  26. Lieve Olympia,

    Bij jou is het altijd HYGGE.....binnen én buiten het jaar rond in alle seizoenen.
    Puur genieten........jou prachtige foto's hebben zoveel sfeer dat ik de bloemen ruik,de kat hoor snorren,de warmte voel van de najaarszon,de smaak proef van de zoete druiven....
    Mijn lief heeft zojuist een glas rode wijn voor mij ingeschonken en ik tik denkbeeldig mijn glas tegen het jouwe met de woorden Γεια σας ☺♥☺.

    Veel liefs,Ger

  27. Dear Olpmia,
    like always your pictures are fantastic! I love atumn-like this, a little "nostalique".
    Hugs from sunny France.

  28. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je suis éblouie par vos impressionnantes photos. Il est vraiment conseillé de les admirer sans modération...
    J'avoue que je préfère de loin le printemps où je me sens plus dynamique. Je reconnais que l'automne nous offre des couleurs somptueuses mais la fraîcheur des verts acidulés du printemps sont synonymes de douceur, fraîcheur, renouveau...

    Ce beau matou ne semble guère se préoccuper de cette différence !...
    Merci pour ce délicieux partage ma chère amie.

    Gros bisous ♡

  29. Hello ! I love the times when I'm filled with zest for everything and it is soooo hard to slow down and smell the roses...enjoy your autumn...if we could take a lesson from our feline friends...they know the answers of how to chill..Gail x

  30. I love that adorable furry soul <3

    I hope you have a good Halloween :)

  31. Autumn has been especially beautiful this year, taking time to stop and enjoy the colours and soft light then feeling cosy indoors, perfect for this time of year. Hx

  32. I hope this finds you and yours doing well. May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to its home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at

  33. Hello I found your blog on the links page of a Norwegian GardenBlog.
    Wonderful blog you have, love the photos !! wonderful too see a garden and flowers in Greece. I myself live in the Netherlands. I have a garden blog too ( Have a wonderful Sunday,

  34. Such a beautiful post, dear Olympia....wonderful positive thoughts and such gorgeous images. Like you I am loving all the small cosy pleasure of autumn and trying to take things slowly and make the most of them. Thank you for sharing your inspiring images and words.
    Helen xox

  35. This is such a wonderful post. You caught Autumn in it for sure.
    The Rose hips are so beautiful.
    Cheers to you and a great Thanksgiving.

  36. Dear Olympia,

    Such a wonderful post and so agree the older one gets makes us want to slow down and enjoy every single minute.
    Enjoy your weekend and the Autumn days

  37. I have just found your blog and I am so pleased I have. We seem to share very similar interests. Even our cats are similar. I will be back for more of your beautiful photos and thought. Barbara x


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