Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Indulging in spring

Spring has always been a shifting season due to the 
accelerated pace of schoolwork that unfortunately
comes along with a good dose of test anxiety and all 
those beautiful things that go with it ☹ ....................
An emotional charge is hardly unavoidable...Thereafter, 
 Easter break usually falls within exam preparation 
and ever since I can remember, I find myself in the 
middle of a whirlwind once the season is in full swing. 
But aside from dealing with study challenges, spring
 remains the perfect occasion to seize the moment and 
indulge in its pleasures.The splash of colors, the chirping 
birds and the smell of flowers drifting in the air, are 
those components that make the season really great 
despite everything.

So, it was breezy, sunny, filled with fun and joy.We 
shared our days off between the two homes, it was 
all about grilling outdoors, eating together with people we
care about, it was a way for us to unwind from the day's 
craziness, catch up on each other's news and talk through 
anything that was going on.

We made wreaths of wildflowers, walked in the countryside,
enjoyed stunning views and felt relieved and carefree, 
at least for a while.

The moment has arrived to start counting down the days 
until the end of the school activities.Running the race to 
the end doesn't seem so exciting as the beginning but we 
have to be strong. Everybody is tired at the finish line
 but there are less than twenty days left of school here!

A promising summer is all ahead.
Let's hope that some of those brilliant sunny rays
will be reflected over us and our agitated world.

Wishing you peace and happiness

P.S. Some lovely ladies, took the time to email me
as the comments are turned off. Thank you
so much, I'm really touched. 

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