Friday, June 5, 2015

Lunch al fresco

The Pentecost weekend 
coincided this year with the start of June,
a short break to take advantage of. We had our first lunch on 
the roof terrace where we recently covered the wooden pergola 
with reed in order to have more shade and be able to have lunch 
in the middle of the day. With soft sea breeze and moderate 
temperature we enjoyed a delicious summer lunch listening to 
our daughter’s favorite songs, ten times at least “the Heroes” 
of  Måns Zelmerlöwa complete consolidation of the matter! 

 I decided to put the iron sofa at the head of the table so we 
could easily lie down while gathering and feel cozier. Only a few 
petunias, the jasmine and some daisies are in bloom now on
the veranda but ...

we felt in awe ...

discovering a beautiful yellow flower of our polka-dot-cactus. 
Despite its cute name, the plant is poisonous and no way cuddly, 
so the terracotta pot is displayed behind a wire mesh and the 
flower wasn’t visible! Cacti give attractive and long-lasting blooms 
but what is common is to buy them with fake flowers.

It’s the feeling on this veranda that makes me get excited 
about summer as it always gives the illusion of 
f r e s h n e s s …

Hope this summer will be a seasonable one!

I’m somewhat distanced from visiting blogs or popping over new 
ones. Instagram and Pinterest have temporarily caught my interest.
 It’s simply something new I’m trying to experience but I feel that
my place is here. 

A promising season is all ahead, may we live it as desired. 
Looking forward to hearing what you decided to do 
this season and
thinking of you all 
It's summer, hurray!


  1. Summer is my favourite season . I love everything about it .
    Your veranda looks so cosy and stylish!
    I'm looking forward to decorating my house with summery little things,
    and spending time relaxing with friends and family , drinking some cold wine under a full moon!

  2. This is what summer is all about. Beautiful.

  3. Adoro el verano y todo lo que conlleva, salidas al aire y comidas como esta en esas fabulosa terraza que nos enseñas, que maravilla Olympia.
    Feliz fin de samana.

  4. I get a summervacation feeling when I see your pictures. And the cherries look so sweet! See if I can buy some tommorrow :)

  5. Lovely photos! I will buy summerflowers to my pots this weekend. I have been waiting for the summer and I think it came to Gothenburg today:)

  6. Heer we have also beautiful summer weather your post! from me Ria...x!

  7. Your roof terrace and veranda look so colourful and cosy, the iron sofa so comfortable and inviting. A lovely place for leisure time and wine and dine. I had to smile your daughter was listening to her favorite song 'The Heros' repeatedly. It did me think of our youngest daughter when she was still at home, we had to listen all day to 'Guns and Roses', help......
    Wish you a great summer!

  8. Hello Olympia,
    There is nothing better than alfresco dining and your veranda, now shaded, sounds perfect. Your images and colour scheme sings to the music of Greece.

    We are looking forward to guests arriving this weekend and showing them around
    Helen xx

  9. What have you got the roof and veranda beautifully decorated for the summer.
    It gives a wonderful feeling!
    Your daughter licks something that I adore!
    Dear Olympia, I wish you a great summer!

    With love, Gerry

  10. Lovely photos, it's been a few years since I visited Greece x

  11. Alfresco dining on your pretty veranda looks so inviting Olympia - I have not experimented with pinterest or instagram but know that several of my followers have fallen by the wayside and abandoned their blogs in favour of them. It is a shame as I really miss my connections with them.
    I am loving this time of year - blue skies, flowers, eating outside, what more could a girl ask for.

  12. What a gorgeous place you have created to sit and eat and drink or just be!!! It really is gorgeous isn't it!!! xx

  13. It's nice to see what you've been up to, Olympia. Your lunch looks beautiful. I really like the blue and yellow table setting.

  14. I can't wait for summer to start properly here after seeing your photos, they are lovely. You have created a lovely outdoor space to enjoy, I hope the rain we have here stops soon so we can get outside too. Hx

  15. Olimpia, it's just amaizing! Your's garden and flowers. Love them!

  16. Hi Olympia,

    summer lunch on your lovely patio looks fabulous and always neat to be able to enjoy el fresco living. Love all the blue and yellow of the cushions and your pretty flowers.
    Enjoy your weekend

  17. What a lovely setting you have created on your roof terrace, Olympia! A perfect combination of colours and flowers! We also had our first alfresco lunch last weekend, with our daughter, but now the weather is back to windy here. I hope it will again get better. I wish you a lovely weekend!

  18. You live so beautifully, Olympia, with the glorious colours and attention to detail. It's a cool morning here and I'm enjoying the lingering springtime. The sun is shining, peonies are blooming, all is well.

    Have a lovely new week.

  19. Superbes photos pour un endroit qui a l'air vraiment agréable à vivre. C'est vrai qu'il dégage une fraicheur ... Merci de ce partage ! Amitiés !

  20. Looks so idyllic, beautiful and summery! I'd love to join you all :) That bowl of cherries - yum!! Happy Summer, Olympia. Cheers from DC

  21. Whether dining al fresco or cocooning inside on the couch, your photos are always filled with temptation - of flowers, colours, textures, pattern, and bliss! Thanks for sharing it all with us, and wishing you a wonderful warm and sunny weekend!


  22. Blue and yellow are always big winners. Your photos prove that. Thank you Olympia for sharing them with us.

  23. A roof terrace is a wonderful place to enjoy your lunch. I can imagine some shade is very welcome during sunny days. I hope you will stay a lot of your time here next summer.

    Sending you a lot of hugs, Ingrid

  24. Olympia, favorite fruit! These look yummy. Your roof terrace looks lovely, and how nice that you ate lunch for the first time this summer. The polka dot cactus is interesting, and the yellow flower blooming makes it prettier. Your couches with all the pillows adds a special touch to the terrace.

    I hope you are enjoying the summer days, Olympia. I'm not on instagram or facebook. My blog is all I can handle, or want to right now.

    love, ~Sheri

  25. I colori e il mix di stoffe rende il tuo terrazzo un luogo prezioso ,e coprire la pergola è sicuramente indovinato , bellissime immagine di un 'Perfect Day ' cosi come canta Lou Reed :-) Abbraccio.

  26. How gorgeous the images in this post are, dear Olympia! It is the epitome of summer and makes me think of wonderful sunny holidays! Your blue and yellow fabrics all look perfect with the sweet flower colours....just lovely!
    Helen xox

  27. Τελεία ...Υπέροχο Lunch ....πολύ όμορφες φωτογραφίες..
    Καλο καλοκαίρι να εχεις !!!

  28. Hi Olympia, lunch on the roof top sounds great. Must be refreshing and so relaxing to feel the sea breeze while enjoying a sumptuous spread with your loved ones I love that song too (the heroes). Isn't he great (Månz). Enjoy the rest of warm weather and the start of the week.


  29. Beautiful and fresh summer-impressions, dearest Olympia!!!
    Happy new week and lots of hugs,

  30. ¡Qué bonita combinación de flores, frutas, telas y muebles! Un ambiente totalmente veraniego. Hugs :))

  31. This is the perfect way to spend a long weekend! It looked cosy and colourful. And that bowl of cherries - delish!

  32. Yellow and blue...such a happy, color-filled combination, and truly one of my favs, just like cherries ;).

    Your petunias are stunning Olympia!! Love the two toned effect.

    Wishing you sunny days ahead!

  33. What a lovely seating area you have Olympia. It looks very inviting!

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  34. What beautiful, summery images Olympia …. such happy colours.
    …. and, I have been playing 'Heroes' ever since the Eurovision Song Cobtest !!!!! XXXX

  35. Living in warm climates like we do Olympia.. There is nothing better than having lunch or even dinner outside on the patios
    under the shade of pergola .
    Your patio looks so lovely and like you say.. so fresh.
    More time is spent outside during these late spring days and well into summer.
    lovely photos.
    happy week.
    val x

  36. Boa tarde, lindo lugar para almoçar, lindas flores a rodear e respirar o ar na sombra, é um privilegio.

  37. Blue and yellow! Definitely the colours of summer by the sea!

  38. We've considered a similar cover on a portion of our front deck but the way the Peloponnesian wind howls through here sometimes, I suspect you'd probably see it fly by! Love your terrace and your colors. I must start following you on both Instagram and Pinterest - both of which I am Travelnwrite. Happy weekend!

  39. This is summer at it's best!!! Oh, I love it!!!!
    Happy days and all my best

  40. I love the blue and yellow colours ... yes definite summery feel.

    Isn't it great to dine outside.

    Happy Summer

    All the best Jan

  41. I love the blue and yellow colours ... yes definite summery feel.

    Isn't it great to dine outside.

    Happy Summer

    All the best Jan

  42. Oh it all looks so nice and inviting ! what a great idea to put the rushes above the veranda for some shade ! I too like blogland ..I think pinterest is great for inspiration but blogland is where I belong ! Have a nice weekend ...Gail x

  43. The roof terrace and veranda look wonderful, I love the details and colours you've decorated them with and captured in your photos. The turquoise chest looks amazing. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Olympia, what a nice surprise! :)

  44. I absolutely love alfresco dining. It's one of life's great pleasures. Your terrace is beautiful and the cacti are visually appealing. Great photos here. It was fun to get a peak into your family life. Hope this summer treats all of you well!!

  45. Everything is gorgeous and elegant!!! Beautiful! :)

  46. Dear Olympia, your terrace is so beautiful and welcoming with your lovely pillows, flowers, and linens. The cactus flower is a sweet surprise, too! I do love all the personal touches that spell 'love' for your family! I can get lost in Pinterest for days, too! I hope your summer is filled with many special moments such as this. Sweet hugs xo Karen

  47. I always enjoy seeing your views of your terrace it looks so beautiful and just the place to eat alfresco. Having just returned from the Mediterranean we are already missing the warmth! Sarah x

  48. Dearest Olympia,
    On this day, the 13th I've been thinking about you...

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate it Mariette!

  49. It looks very nice.
    Have a nice summer!
    Lieve groetjes,


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