Thursday, August 22, 2013

Austria, a love affair

Τhe idea of fixing a padlock to the Salzburg bridge and 
then tossing the key into the water crossed my mind 

but not to prove my devotion to my loved one, 
just to express my love to the country 
I have visited for the tenth time!

This is real love story my friends!

I don’t know where to begin and what show you first!

I 've spent many summer holidays during my teenage years 
in this beautiful land of which I hold fond memories.
Austria won once again this summer as we hesitated between it 
and Scotland. But as we intended to rent a car and drive through 
the countryside, it was definitely intimidating for us to drive 
on the left-hand side and exceed our sense of adventure. 
Scotland remains a forthcoming travel plan.

If you ask me what is Austria I’ll tell you FLOWERS,

wooden chalets  which still looks great even after centuries

balconies filled with every colour imaginable.

Endless geranium plants in wooden boxes.

Apricot tree climbing up a house in Tulfes

Beautiful façades 

This time we were truly determined to avoid museums, big cities 
and crowds of tourists, to experience the beauty of the 
mountains and take advantage of the wonderful warm 
weather we were so lucky to have. 
We didn’t regret it!

Lovely hidden gardens 

beautifully decorated entrances of the houses

Looking over a wooden fence in full bloom 
to a grassy field on the outskirts of a village.

Flower street markets everywhere!

Flower stalls 

Decorative wreaths made from wild alpine flowers 
in the flea market of Kitzbuhel.

Cute garden items

We had a delightful holiday time full of sightseeing, 
hiking, discovering, and relaxing!

The most exciting experience? 
 Climbing up to the heart of the Alps but 
it will be another post for this.
Until then, cheers!

Wherever you are, I hope you had  a wonderful summer too
and thank you so much for stopping by!


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