Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The first blooms



Did you think I went to the florist?
No, I have just picked my first flowers.

The garden of our country house has a totally different arrangement
and philosophy from that we have in town. The front yard is a
multicolored space full of old favorite flowers, most of them
short-lived, while the backyard is mainly occupied by orange and
lemon groves. Violets, ranunculus, freesias, snapdragons, daisies
and some roses are the first blooming flowers so I’m showing
you our first crop for this year. I opt wholeheartedly for these
tender seasonal flowers which can transform your
mood and not only…
Thereafter, my decorations indoors adapt to nature’s
metamorphosis and I can feel the swift approach of spring.
Here, in Greece, spring is the most generous time of the year
and the temperature is ideal now; last night we stayed
chatting and drinking outside until 21pm without the slightest shiver
from cold. But not for too long ! Soon summer’s warm embrace will
overwhelm us.Besides my work, I am spending my time with some
outdoor jobs in the roof garden, and we are also planning
our Easter activities. I hope I can show you some
typical  Greek Easter traditions.



I hope you are well, and that the weather
 is finally mild and kind to you.
Before leaving you, I want to thank you for your visits,
comments and the warm reception of this blog.


  1. Wow, there are many flowers in your garden, it looks wonderful!

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  2. Oh.....mijn hart gaat sneller kloppen bij het zien van je fleurige bloementuin,en dan ook nog zo'n lieflijk boeketje in prachtig kruikje in huis.

    Hier in mijn tuintje staan enkel de blauwe viooltjes en vergeet mij nietjes in bloei,maar de rest zal snel gaan groeien nu het gedaan is met de koude winter,de temperatuur zachter en het eerste regenbuitje sinds weken gevallen is.

    Ik geniet van je lieflijke bloemenpost op afstand....
    Efcharisto poli voor het delen ☺☺☺!!!


  3. Is it true!!?;) So much are blooming there!? Ohhh!! So beautiful!!
    Here in Finland is still a quite a lot of snow, but it`s melting all the time:)
    I`m waiting really spring and summer:) Fortunately sun is shining, so I`m hopefully:D

    THak you so much for your so kind words to me!♥

    Have a beautiful week for you!

    Hugs, Marikki

  4. Oh, wat is dit een Grote Genietpost! Hier smachten wij naar. Dat het mooi weer wordt en dat we weer bloemen en planten kunnen oppotten of dat ze weer uit de grond tevoorschijn komen.
    Wat een prachtige foto's van een heerlijke, kleurrijke tuin!
    En de pot met eerst bloemen: zo mooi!
    Geniet er van!

    Lieve groet,

  5. Dear Olympia - what a beautiful garden you have - I love freesias and especially like the little yellow mimosa flowers. I am so interested to see the colour of your soil, it is very red, but doesn't look like clay. Is it perhaps volcanic, and if it is, I am sure that it will be very rich in nutrients.

    1. Volcanic soil doesn't exist nearby but this is a moist and well drained soil,clayey to a certain extent along the coastal plain.That's why it's fertile. Sun exposure also helps.Thank you Rosemary for visit and your remarks.

  6. Hi Olympia,
    you "did" it again!
    Greece is the most beautiful country in the whole world!!!
    We have everything,beautiful flowers,sun,beautiful jars (PITHARIA) from special markets,gardens and trees and smells and grandmothers and friends and special ,unexpected and "colourful" nights with all Kinds of music with only one SOUVLAKI and conversations and decorations and most of all with expectations... for more and more beauty and colours...

  7. I agree , we have all those things and also more... You made me laugh again, thank you ! See you !

  8. Olympia, How wonderful to pick so a beautiful bunch of flowers from your garden it will be sometime before we have the chance to do that here! Your post reminds me of the delights to spring and summer to come.
    Sarah x

  9. Wowww what a beautiful flower post darling.......hope spring will come here soon too....it is so cold here in Holland...love from me...xxx..

  10. what a beautiful pictures!
    Greatings from Aleta

  11. Your garden looks lovely - so full of colour. How lovely to grow freesias, and mimosa so easily. Beautiful, cheering photos - thank you! Abby x

  12. Beautiful pictures

    LG Grace www.zeit-fuer-dich.blogspot.de

  13. What a beautiful explosion of color and joy!!! :D

  14. Dear Olympia,

    How really beautiful your flowers are growing in the garden and it must be a pure delight walking around at your place. Don't they make you happy when you can bring them indoors.

    Happy week

  15. Wonderful! I can't wait to pick up the first flowers, but it will take some weeks till then...

  16. Oh quelles jolies bouquets!!

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  17. Wonderfull flowers and stunning colours! you lucky living in a true paradise!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  18. Olympia WOW!!! These flowers and your garden in the country house is perfect!!


  19. Wonderful photographs, I love flowers!!
    Xx Vicky

  20. You have a lovely garden, Olympia and an artistic way of displaying them in your lovely home! Everything is beautiful. Hugs, xoxo

  21. Hello Olympia

    What glorious colours and variety you have in your garden. It is indeed wonderful to be able to sit outside at night and enjoy the fresh air.

    Wishing you a week of joy

    Helen xx

  22. Your garden is fantastic with all this explosion of warm colors ...I am quite envious ! And the bouquet in your home is beautifully arranged in a perfect vase, so inspiring and uplifting !

  23. Lucky you! You have so many so beautiful flowers and warm, mild climate where to live. Stunning colors and pictures, Olympia!

  24. Your flowers are wonderful. What are the yellow flowers in the first few photos?

    1. These are the flowers of mimosa ( acacia ) , this tree is in full bloom now.

  25. Gorgeous blooms.....what a beautiful garden you have too!!!

  26. I am so thrilled to get a glimpse of your Greek garden and all of those beautiful flowers! Ranunculus are among my 5 top most loved flowers; what a treat to see them blooming in your garden.

    We are still just dreaming of blooms here in the Midwest United States. Thank you for visiting me; I'm looking forward to more of your posts!!


  27. How wonderful to have a garden so full of flowers and to be able to pick so many gorgeous bunches :) I can just imagine the delicious scent of the freesias too....Your arrangements are so pretty.
    Helen x

  28. Wow, such gorgeous flowers you have in your garden! I'm so in love with all the colors you have mixed so nicely. You are so lucky to have skill as a gardener. With all those lovely flowers, you must be trilled to bring fresh ones into the house at all time.
    I Think I have to stay here admiring your pictures of warm spring, flowers and bright colors, because here by the Oslofjord in Norway it's snowing today. Yes, snowing!! Happily I'm looking forward to some warm weather soon. My husband and I are going to visit our two oldest children in Spain next weekend, where they both are studying medicine. When I spoke to my daughter today they had just been to the beach, 2 minutes walk from their apartment (I know, students these days, haha!) The temperature today was 30 Celcius (86 Fahrenheit)!!

    Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures from your lovely home and garden!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    HUgs from,
    Anette Willemine

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post Anette, I hope that your trip in Spain will be wonderful and certainly warm! Are your children studying in Barcelone ? Thank you so much for your visit and your kind and friendly words.

  29. How wonderful, Olympia! It's so cold here, the daffodils are just beginning to flower and my camellia is full of buds, but... not even one flower, yet! It usually flowers in March! It's so lovely to see a garden in full bloom... just like in Italy! You do make me homesick, now!
    Wish I could be in Greece for your Easter!



  30. I am full of envy for your wonderful garden. What a delightful bouquet!

  31. What an amazing garden you have! It all looks so colourful and beautiful, your flowers are wonderful!
    Here in cold grey UK it is such a tonic to look at you photos, thanks for sharing them.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, am very happy to find yours!
    Gill xx

  32. ~ Ooh Olympia, You are so lucky! To live in a country as beautiful as Greece alone...but to also be picking such beauty from your garden, my friend is well, PRICELESS! YOUR blog is always lovely to visit and a delight to read...with kindest thoughts...Maria x

  33. Olympia -
    Your garden is incredible! Full of colors, textures and charm! It must be so rewarding and fun to be able to assemble such pretty bouquets from your own garden.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers from DC, Loi

  34. Oh dear! Your garden? Here it´s still snow...
    LOVELY pictures!!!
    Take care,

  35. Visiting you has been a pleasure

  36. Beautiful bouquet, and i like
    the green vase.

  37. Thanks for coming to my blog
    your blog is wonderful

  38. Hello Olympia,
    your post is very inspiring. How wonderful that all those gorgeous blooms came from your own garden. I want to grow more flowers to cut myself this year.Your first arrangement is so beautiful and I love the stone jar.
    Thank you for visiting me and leaving lovely comments. I am looking forward to my new adventure. Much love to you, Linda xx

  39. Hello,
    so beautifull flowers! I love Mimosa's flowers:)
    You have so summer there, here is snow too much yet. But summer will come...

  40. Such enchanting photos and beautiful colours x


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