Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The first blooms



Did you think I went to the florist?
No, I have just picked my first flowers.

The garden of our country house has a totally different arrangement
and philosophy from that we have in town. The front yard is a
multicolored space full of old favorite flowers, most of them
short-lived, while the backyard is mainly occupied by orange and
lemon groves. Violets, ranunculus, freesias, snapdragons, daisies
and some roses are the first blooming flowers so I’m showing
you our first crop for this year. I opt wholeheartedly for these
tender seasonal flowers which can transform your
mood and not only…
Thereafter, my decorations indoors adapt to nature’s
metamorphosis and I can feel the swift approach of spring.
Here, in Greece, spring is the most generous time of the year
and the temperature is ideal now; last night we stayed
chatting and drinking outside until 21pm without the slightest shiver
from cold. But not for too long ! Soon summer’s warm embrace will
overwhelm us.Besides my work, I am spending my time with some
outdoor jobs in the roof garden, and we are also planning
our Easter activities. I hope I can show you some
typical  Greek Easter traditions.



I hope you are well, and that the weather
 is finally mild and kind to you.
Before leaving you, I want to thank you for your visits,
comments and the warm reception of this blog.
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