Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Silver & color


Silver is a precious metal which my mother liked so much. She used to fill the tables 
with silver decorative items which certainly added an elegant feel to the living room. 
However, silver by itself icold and stern and I think colors make it softer and lighter.
All the objects I’m showing you are from 925% silver, almost all of them new pieces.
 Some are signed by Armaos, a Greek silverware manufactorer. 
They represent a particular moment in my life, my marriage, 
the birth of my daughter, family gifts, travels …

Thank you so much for being here!
I wish you happy, sunny days!


  1. I have silver jewelry, but no silver items in our house. You have a good combination of silver and color!

    Hugs, Ingrid

  2. Lovely and really charming! Love the way you've picked up nature in all objects. Birds, angels, flowers, butterflies, pattern, shells.....
    You certainly have an eye and the feel for natural beauty.


    sorry for my English...grrrh....!

  3. I love silver too. You have wonderful objects. I love your candle holder and coffee pots most of all. Very awesome.
    Warm regards
    Donna G.

  4. What a beautiful pictures I love all the colors. Greetings Petra.

  5. Wat laat je hier prachtige objecten zien,stuk voor stuk roepen ze bij mij een gevoel van rijkdom op....
    en dan heb ik het niet over de waarde van het zilver maar hoe waardevol jij met liefde er stilleventjes van weet te creëren.Bravo....goed gedaan!!
    De mooie zilveren granaatappel steelt voor mij de show ☺☺!!

    Bedankt voor het delen.

    Fijne avond en liefs,

  6. Wat een prachtige zilveren ornamenten heb je in huis, helemaal leuk als je er zoveel herinneringen aan hebt.
    En met kleur is het prachtig.
    In mijn huis past het niet zo goed, maar heb wel een paar kleine zilvertin objecten.
    Het wordt mooi weer, laten we genieten!

    Lieve groet,

  7. Such a beautiful and extensive collection.

  8. What beautiful photos. I think your home must be lovely! Abby x

  9. My silver stuff has been put away for years ,but you really gave me some inspiration, I think I need to go to my attic and pull some of it out again :-)Your photos are really gorgeous ! Warm greetings.

  10. One of my favourite things is silver - I love your collection of special pieces collected over the years, and beautifully photographed.

  11. You have so many beautiful silver things. They're precious. Have a sunny Wednesday!

  12. I love silver, especially when slightly battered, but still elegant and with a tale to tell ...
    M x

  13. You have a great collection!!! I really enjoyed looking at them. Hugs :D

  14. Beautiful and elegant collection.Even thought I have seen the most of them anh I have impressed,your photos have made them more special

  15. Ah such lovely pieces! I love to use silver. Such happy memories for you!

  16. ~ Lovely memories captured in the magic of silver and threaded in your heart! With kind thoughts...Maria x

  17. Olympia, I just love your theme, and your photos illustrate it perfectly.You have such beautiful things. I wish you good health to enjoy them.
    Many thanks for your encouraging words. I am a lucky girl, and I shall enjoy my new adventure to the full.Wishing you a very happy Thursday, with much love, Linda x

  18. Hi Olympia,

    Love all your beautiful silver and all the gorgeous treasures - gorgeous collection and photos.
    My Mother also really loved silver and had a lot of pieces, some of what she has given to me.

    Hope that you are enjoying the week

  19. That was a lovely silvery post, your
    shells are so beautiful.

  20. Wow, Olympia ! So many beautiful treasures ... Such flowers I've never seen - also a silver-plated snail's never met * gg *. I also love silver - some old parts I inherited from my mother-in-law and bought many things at the flea market. Have a good week - see you soon with a warm greeting,

  21. Ciao Olympia! Che belle foto! Mi piace tanto l'argenteria, specialmente su una bella tavola, in un giorno speciale. l'argento è un bellissimo metallo.
    Le tue foto sono molto belle e tutti i "pezzi" che hai mostrato, li vorrei. Che belli!

    Come vedi, ti ho scritto in Italiano, perchè so che ti piace tanto e anche perchè so che lo capisci benissimo!



  22. Grazie Anna,
    Si, e vero che preferisco l'italiano, mi sento piu in aggio che con l'inglese.Sono contenta quando passi dal mio blog, tua presenza mi fa veramente un gran piacere!A risentirci!

  23. Beautiful photos !!! And I agree with You - silver is cold and stark and adding color and flowers and fabric softens this,otherwise, wonderful metal...I love visiting here :)
    Hugs from here

  24. These are wonderful and obviously tied to memories which make them even more precious! Especially the last one is mind-blowing! It would fit into my home perfectly! ;o) Thanks for your comment on my blog! Have signed in and will put you on my blog list. Wishing you sunny days too! Christa

  25. Oh my, how many beautiful items you have. It's so lovely to have treasures like this. It makes you think of happy times and special days in your life.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Olympia! Enjoy the beautiful summer temperature.
    Hugs from Anette Willemine

  26. Hi Olympia ! Oh what lovely things you show us ! Love the little birds on the fabric . Send some warm sunshine over to England please ..we are still shivering !! Gail x

  27. Hello dearest Olympia!
    The compbination of silver and colors really looks precious and your silver-peaces are witnesses of wonderful memories, too!
    Warm hugs from Austria, Traude

  28. Son unos detalles preciosos, delicados y con un encanto especial.
    Las fotos son maravillosa, me encantan la combinación de colores.

  29. You have a beautiful collection of silver objects. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos, beautifully arranged!
    Have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  30. Such pretty silver you have Olympia! It must cost you lots of time to make it look as shiny as it is. It's my least favourite job :-)! Love your teapot in your of your first photographs.

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  31. Such so beautiful and elegance!!♥

    It is so lovely that you have also beautiful memories with those lovely items:)

    Just now here in Finland it isn`t sun shining, but I hope that soon it will be again....)

    Happy weekend!♥

  32. Oh how lovely your photos are...I love silver! Thank you for visiting me the other day. xo

  33. What beautiful photos! :) And thank you for your beautiful words about my blog. You made my day and I found my way here to your lovely spot of the blogworld. :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  34. So lovely details,and so much elegance,
    Have a nice day,

  35. Wow you have so many pieces of silver it is so lovely to look at each and remember the special time they remind you off.


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