Monday, April 1, 2013

Highly particular

How do you entertain uninvited friends?



Do you keep heirlooms?

Would you stick children’s drawings on the walls?
Do you like crafts?

Are you keen on colors?

Do you find vintage touches charming?
Do you match old with new?

Would you feel like an artist looking at the empty surfaces of your house?

Are you pleasantly surprised by unexpected items?

Do you give importance to details ?

If so, you‘re going to love this country house and its air!

The house you are visiting isn’t mine but for the regular readers
 this is the house to which the garden shown in a previous post belongs.
This is a particularly beautiful and inspiring house which bears
the signature of the owners.The woman is a lawyer,has two kids
and a husband who is often absent on business.
Nevertheless, she is able to transform this house within a few 
hours, to create crafts, to cook, to dig and keep smiling!
Where does she get her energy?

I think love is the moving force that helps us go forward. Isn't it ?

I know that for most of you Easter has passed.
For the Orthodox Church is on 5 May.
Thank you once again for your very sweet, generous
and clever (!) comments you leave on my blog.
I really enjoy them a lot !
I wish you sunshine wherever you are !

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