Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishes for 2014!

We did enjoy a great Christmas at home this year 
with extended family and friends. 
Life has been so hectic and so strangely abrupt lately 
that we were desperate for a breather. 
So, we mostly rested and relaxed through Christmas,
 we were abroad the two last years and 
we were seeking our home’s warmth and cosiness. 

I hope that you also had a wonderful and happy holiday 
and that you are looking forward to 2014. 
Are you already making plans? We are...
the trick is how to develop a realistic way 
to make things happen.

Τo be honest, the only thing I’m praying for is 
to be in good health and to keep smiling despite everything.

I pray for the young people of this world, 
more must be done to protect them and 
lead them safely to the future. 

We only have a couple of days of down time ahead of us…

Let’s face our challenges with courage and optimism,
May the New Year be a prosperous and creative one,
May the sun which touches us so generously here,
 may touch the soul of every human being in this world…
May hope be on our path whatever we do, wherever we are!

Thank you for having so kindly and 
so generously encouraging me, it was precious for me!
Sending love,,, 

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Just a short post to wish you a
Merry  Christmas and a Happy new Year!

May the spirit of Christmas bring us
love, hope and peace!

I started my blog about a year 
ago as a way to preserve memories, 
experiences , share inspiration, 
I realize that it has given me 
much more…

Thank you all for your kind presence 
and indulgence.



Sunday, December 15, 2013

Orange time!

Light healthy breakfast over Christmas relaxation time! 
No need to ask Santa !!! 
A hot lungo espresso ,orange homemade cookies, 
and a delicious fresh cut orange instead of orange juice. 

In the middle of winter this fresh fruit is a real treat with 
many benefits, a delicacy, a powerfood, an opulent classic one.

 Here is my daily sight once the shutters are opened,
 on rainy days or frosted sunny ones, ripe tangerines, 
oranges and lemons are hanging on the tree branches 
like shiny baubles and could be my Christmas trees! 
We have only few of them in the city garden but 
a real grove around the country house.

Even without Christmas lights, they look so beautiful!

A multi-use fruit. 
“Apfel Strudel”  always served with an orange slice!

English carrot cake with caramelized orange slices 
and a lot of zest added into the mixture.

The best time to attempt an exquisite orange marmalade, 
not only to spread on bread but also like a topping for tarts, 
yogurt , pancakes etc.

And of course dried oranges are so decorative.
I use them for wrapping gifts and not only.

In glasses for a particular table setting.

Orange, a color!

A favorite one!

 Health, strength, happiness to each of you! 
Enjoy Christmas preparations and  take care!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

In the lead-up to Christmas

First, I would like to let you know that some technical 
problems with  my Internet, kept me away from your blogs
 and for mine, for a while, but everything seems 
to be normal again!

So, the Christmas mood makes life easier and happier ... 
We use to buy a real fir , the procedure is always the same, 
Christmas pro classic music, my husband's  contribution is
the lights before he disappears , my daughter and I argue
about the tree decoration, which ball is better here or there... 
 We always avoid decoration "recipes", I prefer give a personal 
touch as much as I can in all the house.I'm showing you 
the outcome of our work, mine and my little accomplice.

Nevertheless when  the Christmas overproduction and anxiety 
kicks in and I find  it difficult to harmonize with the season, 
 I try to take a step back and  rediscover the child inside me ...
to be inspired by the wonder and excitement  which 
shines in my daughter's eyes and enjoy the merriment 
of the upcoming holiday . 
I remember my childhood, we had 
fewer things and less glamour but the Christmas magic 
enveloped us and fascinated our untainted hearts.
I think that we can reignite the real meaning behind 
these festivities sharing time and affection 
with family , friends, colleagues , neighbours...
be affected by the children's pureness and impatience .. 

Looking forward to Christmas time...

We wish you love and luck, luck and love! 

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