Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishes for 2014!

We did enjoy a great Christmas at home this year 
with extended family and friends. 
Life has been so hectic and so strangely abrupt lately 
that we were desperate for a breather. 
So, we mostly rested and relaxed through Christmas,
 we were abroad the two last years and 
we were seeking our home’s warmth and cosiness. 

I hope that you also had a wonderful and happy holiday 
and that you are looking forward to 2014. 
Are you already making plans? We are...
the trick is how to develop a realistic way 
to make things happen.

Τo be honest, the only thing I’m praying for is 
to be in good health and to keep smiling despite everything.

I pray for the young people of this world, 
more must be done to protect them and 
lead them safely to the future. 

We only have a couple of days of down time ahead of us…

Let’s face our challenges with courage and optimism,
May the New Year be a prosperous and creative one,
May the sun which touches us so generously here,
 may touch the soul of every human being in this world…
May hope be on our path whatever we do, wherever we are!

Thank you for having so kindly and 
so generously encouraging me, it was precious for me!
Sending love,,, 

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