Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shopping at flea market

After a joyful break, here I am again, showing you 
some vintage finds from the Athens flea market. 
I never have anything precise in mind, I love jugs,
 pitchers, tureens, teapots, ashtrays, vases… but 
I’m open to anything that catches my eye. 
The rule however is “I must love it”, otherwise treasure 
hunting becomes a frustrating and disappointing experience.

This time, I found some very budget-friendly items, 
which can blend perfectly with the mix and match style,
 which I want to have uniquely as my own. 
Perfect spaces look so boring to me!

So, let’s start from the prettier and more expensive find, 
this ruby-rose crystal vase, originating from Venice (no mark!) 
that I haggled for 40 € (intitial price 120 €!)

Τhe porcelain dish has cost 4€!

This vintage English rural tin was bought for 12€.

All subsequent items don’t exceed 
the hefty and exorbitant amount of… 5€ !!! 
(each of them)
This Russian metal tray

 the little teapot

the little bowl with the soft pink roses,

the glass pellets and the yellow crystal ashtray

A great Sunday outing for those who are close to Athens 
and can take advantage of a leisurely walk around 
the ancient center of the capital. 
A mood-enhancing day!

Pomegranates bring good fortune and luck.
Their red color and seeds represent 
fertility, love, happiness... 
what I wish for all of you.

I constantly look over your blogs but I’ll leave a comment 
next time, I promise!

Happy New Year! 

Hope your life is full of sun and vibrant colors.
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