Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shopping at flea market

After a joyful break, here I am again, showing you 
some vintage finds from the Athens flea market. 
I never have anything precise in mind, I love jugs,
 pitchers, tureens, teapots, ashtrays, vases… but 
I’m open to anything that catches my eye. 
The rule however is “I must love it”, otherwise treasure 
hunting becomes a frustrating and disappointing experience.

This time, I found some very budget-friendly items, 
which can blend perfectly with the mix and match style,
 which I want to have uniquely as my own. 
Perfect spaces look so boring to me!

So, let’s start from the prettier and more expensive find, 
this ruby-rose crystal vase, originating from Venice (no mark!) 
that I haggled for 40 € (intitial price 120 €!)

Τhe porcelain dish has cost 4€!

This vintage English rural tin was bought for 12€.

All subsequent items don’t exceed 
the hefty and exorbitant amount of… 5€ !!! 
(each of them)
This Russian metal tray

 the little teapot

the little bowl with the soft pink roses,

the glass pellets and the yellow crystal ashtray

A great Sunday outing for those who are close to Athens 
and can take advantage of a leisurely walk around 
the ancient center of the capital. 
A mood-enhancing day!

Pomegranates bring good fortune and luck.
Their red color and seeds represent 
fertility, love, happiness... 
what I wish for all of you.

I constantly look over your blogs but I’ll leave a comment 
next time, I promise!

Happy New Year! 

Hope your life is full of sun and vibrant colors.
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  1. What a wonderful tip you've provided for the next time we are in Athens (this coming April!) I won't have much room in the suitcase I fear, but it is always fun to visit such places! How does one find this market?

    1. The Athens flea market is located to Monastiraki , an old part of Athens which nestles under the ancient Acropolis, and leads from The Plaka area directly beneath the ancient site. It's a touristic place as well. Thank you for all your sweet words and happy new year to you both!

  2. Χρόνια Πολλά και καλή χρονιά !! Μια ανάρτηση γεμάτη πανέμορφους θησαυρούς !!!!Όλα όσΑ πήρες καταπληκτικά !

  3. That would be a pleasant way to spend some time, wandering about a flea market in Athens. I like the idea that you have chosen items to make your home unique.

    The dish of allies near the end reminded me of how common it was for children to play with them years ago.

    I hope the new year holds wonderful things for you, Olympia.


  4. Some lovely finds Olympia - my eye is taken by the cranberry glass vase, the vintage tin and the Russian tray - how lucky were you to find all of these items.

  5. You have found wonderful stuff at the flea market, dear Olympia. And low budget....that makes you only much more happy ;-).

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  6. Me encantan tus compras son preciosas, esos pajaritos y la cajita me han enamorado, bueno y todo lo demás también, realmente precioso Olympia.

  7. Hey Olympia,

    you was very succesful - wonderful things have you found.
    I like especially the small bowl. She is wonderful.
    So sweet little pink flowers :0)
    The flea market is a fantastic place. Here in Germany we have a lot of them around the year.
    I find always furnitures which I can painting in white colour. I collect old silver cutlery and old bowl from enamel.
    Also things which are rust away. I love this. :0)
    But this year I will not buy so much. My house is full - this is just in moment my stance.
    We must wait - when I go to my first flea market this year, I have forgett al my stances.
    I know me :0)

    Have a lot of fun with your wonderful things

    your Bluemchenmama

  8. First the best wishes for 2014 for you and youre family.
    You have buy beautuful things for less money.
    I like the pomegrate...delicious.
    Have a nice evening.

    Inge, my choice

  9. I love your vintage finds from the flea market. I always fall for bowls and vases your cranberry vase it my favourite.
    Sarah x

  10. So many treasures you have here. Beautiful.

    Hugs from here

  11. Ha Olympia,
    Ook voor jou een mooi en goed 2014!
    Wat een heerlijke dag om met zulke mooie schatten thuis te komen.
    Die rode vaas is een beauty, maar ook je andere vondsten zijn mooi.
    En dat is ook het mooiste om je eigen huis te maken en het is duidelijk dat je van gezellige kleuren houdt!
    De vrolijkheid komt je tegemoet.! Fijn!

    Liefs, Gerry

  12. Beautiful photos, and very good finds. I do love old tins, and also pink glass - wonderful.

  13. You can keep the glass pellets, but we would have to discuss about all the other stuff :-))) I love flee markets and glasses ,jars, dishes and so on , just the same things as you , and I have a huge collection in my danish summerhouse where flee markets are plentiful . Love your finds and the ruby rose crystal vase was a real bargain ! Happy New Year to you too.

  14. Flea markets are so fun to shop at, Olympia. When Jess visited Athens she had the best time shopping at the market places. She said the shop owners were very friendly and she saw many lovely items. I really like that English tin, and the rose crystal vase is a beauty. Nel loves pomegranates, and I often put them in her stocking at Christmas time. Thank you for the new year wishes.


  15. Oh, I am loving all the RED on your Header today. It's a good change to start the new year off with.


  16. You found so many pretty things. I love them all, but I think the Russian tray is my favorite.

  17. sounds like great shopping Olympia ! I didn't know that pomegranates bring good luck...have a nice weekend...Gail x

  18. You made some wonderful finds at the flea market, Olympia! I love the Russian floral tray, and the china bowl decorated with pink roses especially! Love all the glass, red and blue are my favourites!
    Helen x

  19. El jarrón verde tiene un color precioso. Seguro que has disfrutado mucho con las compras. :D

  20. Happy New Year, Olympia!

    What a wonderful way to start it with newly found treasures, all of them so very pretty and elegant! The painted Russian tray is dramatic and very versatile as it could be used for its intended purpose but also as wall art. All your finds coordinate well with your existing colour scheme and once again, your photos are little still life paintings, rich with texture and hue.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2014!


  21. Hi!
    You have found some beautiful thing´s there...I just love the red vase!
    It´s not so easy to find nice treasures on flea markets anymore...
    Lovely pictures of everything Olympia!
    Have a great week...
    Love Titti

  22. Very lovely 'finds', Olympia, and a little glimpse into your exquisite taste! I love colored glass and the ruby pitcher is wonderful - that would have caught my eye right away. My husband collects glass marbles - some we have found digging in the garden from when my boys were young. Your photos today are very pretty and your new blog header is so colorful and vibrant. I will have to buy some pomegranates for my daughter - she is hoping to have a child soon. Hugs to you, xo Karen

  23. What lovely treasures Olympia! I love fleamarkets and just like you I go there without any special intentions. Sometimes I go home empty handed and sometimes I've boxes full of stuff I've fallen in love with. At the momentI tend to fall hopelessly in love with old kitchen stuff.

    Enjoy your treasures my friend and all the best for 2014!♥


  24. I was visiting a variety of antique shops today hoping to have a small table or dresser call my name. I spotted glass jars of colorful marbles in each shop and now I see them on your post. The coast of southern California and the shops of Athens have something in common. I think I need to go to the attic and bring down all my colorful marbles.

  25. Dear Olympia,

    Love all the treasures you found and it is lovely things like this, that make a home beautiful and interesting.
    Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2014 - thanks for visiting me and your kind words.

  26. Beautiful finds!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Happy 2014 and greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  27. Dearest Olympia,
    You got some great treasures. Like that Venician cranberry glass you got for a steal as it is made with gold...
    Loved also the tiny plate with the little roses.
    Are those ash trays still being used in your area? Here nobody is smoking... I used to have crystal and silver ones, still have but not in use anymore.
    Hugs to you,

  28. Oh such lovely finds I particularly live the vases

  29. Oh you have been doing my favorite for vintage treasures and you certainly succeeded at it!! Such lovely treasures you unearthed and brought home to live with you. I'm feeling a little restless now to go find a few myself.
    Have a wonderful weekend Olympia!

  30. I love the English tin, and I love flea market shopping. It gets me over the shopping bug without spending a fortune!

    Happy New Year, Olympia!


  31. Oh, also I added you to my blog roll. :)

  32. You made great finds, Olympia! I love those rose figures and the rose vase you found. Happy weekend!

  33. Las fotografías son geniales. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, te invito visitar el mio y compartamos nuestros blogs y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidor.

  34. beautiful finds ... all so much fun ... the glass just sparkles.

  35. All those pictures o beautiful blossoms reminds me that Spring is just around the corner!!! Thank you!!!

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. I enjoyed my return visit to your post full of sunny sparkle and vibrant colour.

    Thank you, Olympia, for linking it to Sunlit Sunday. I'm very pleased that you've chosen to join in again this winter. Would you take a moment, please, to put in a link back to my post. Thank you.

    Have a lovely week.


  38. You've made some great purchases. I like the English tin box and the tin tray best of all. Just think of the treasures you could store in the little box.

  39. What lovely treasures! The ruby-rose crystal vase and your cat-eye marbles are my favorites. I enjoyed my visit. Smiles..Susan

  40. Wonderful pictures choices and colour for sunlit sunday. That rose crystal glass decanter is amazing, and amazing to take a picture of I'm sure. You are posting most of my favourite colours, love the marbles.

  41. Dearest Olympia,
    oh, that was really a lucky flea market visit! You found many nice things that delight your heart - and I am happy cause you are happy!
    Lots of hugs from Austria,

  42. The pink vase and floral plate and teapot are just beautiful. Have a good week!

  43. ~ Hello Olympia...Ooh I have a huge fondness for pink floral pottery! Very pretty!
    LOVE all your treasures shown here, very much!
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year !
    With kindest thoughts Maria x

  44. You've found lots of lovely things there, very pretty. In answer to your question on my blog, the roads are usually fine, unless it has been very icy and wet, then we sometimes get "black ice" The main roads are usually gritted to stop them freezing, but if it's very bad the rural areas are sometimes cut off for days. So far this winter it's been too mild for all that thankfully! Debbie.

  45. Gosh you found loads of treasures at the market Olympia! What a haul! I love it all, especially the rose coloured glass vase and the decorative tin, but all your finds are lovely!

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