Monday, January 27, 2014

Busy in the country

Two things have happened:
I have been very busy in our country home and I have had 
no access to my electronic archives all these last weeks 
but it seems that things are henceforth going normally, 
at least let’s hope! I’ll be back commenting on your wonderful 
posts! So, we have started to renovate our country home 
which needed dramatic changes and required a great effort
 not only of layout but also of money. We decided to proceed 
slowly but surely with the big desire to revitalise this 
property which comes from my husband’s family and which 
is filled  with lovely family items, a great collection of my 
mother in law's embroideries and of course a house 
steeped in tender childhood memories.

I’m showing you some little details of the work I have done 
aided by an admirable “collaborator” of mine, a talented 
sweet friend who has “abandoned” her family on three 
successive weekends to give me a hand, advice and a healthy
 dose of good taste. Thank you Yolanda, you inspire me and 
transmit so positive energy around you!
The photos from our country garden were taken in late 
autumn, in glorious sunshine. It has been grey and dull lately, 
so no photo interest from outside.

It’s my first blog anniversary, a whole year has passed
since I traveled to blogland and I would like to 
thank you , my companions, for your love, 
kindness and support. 
It was such an enriching experience! 

Wishing you all the best! 

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