Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So peaceful...

It was one of these rare days where daily life seems unbearable
 with its hectic pace and the feeling that you live for others
and miss being yourself. An imperative need for freedom and peace…
I took my car and went find a good friend who lives in the countryside …

So quiet, so beautiful!

I recharged the batteries of my mind, picking some late roses,
wild cyclamens , listening to the divine singing of migrants robins 
and enjoying the company of an imperial cat answering 
to the name of Javert!
I suppose that its character has nothing to do with the 
hero of Victor’s Hugo book but anyway….The archaic beauty
of the estate spoke straight to my heart and
I felt so much relieved, soothe and appeased …
The olive harvest needs some more time, chestnut trees are 
shedding their fruits and leaves on the soil and nature is 
preparing for its hibernation, an eternal journey following 
the traces of which we call time…
Take a break and fend off the routine, it’s essential, isn’t it?

Nature painted my evening with the colors of my feelings…
Thank you Georgia!
Thank you Javert!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumnal feeling

With 26 to 30 degrees, wearing sandals and white trousers
it’s a little bit difficult to think about candles and carpets
all over the house , to create an autumnal atmosphere with
the sunlight and the swimmers on the beach!
I think I’m not integrated with the season...
I did it!
Let’s pretend it’s autumn!
Because the calendar says so!
Because on Sunday, the clocks are going back!
Because Christmas is already in the air!
Because it should be so!

I filled the house with everything that reminds me the season,
 quinces, Virginia creeper vines, fresh walnuts...


late champagne grapes,

faded roses, 

Yes, I feel better now!

A big thank you to all my lovely and dear blogfriends who have
 left such kind comments and sweets thoughts on my previous post.
Thank you, I think that whether we are parents or not, 
we must do our best for the new generation because children 
are our HOPE and our FUTURE.
We must make them understand that we are our choices and 
help them believe in their dreams because without them 
life is simple survival.

 This is the apple cake recipe that my good friend Sarah 
from Down by the sea  has asked for. the cake is here 

Αpple cake recipe

250 softened butter
440 white granulated sugar
4 or 5 organic eggs
260 ml liquid (either milk or orange juice or both)
Lemon or orange zest
½ kilo self-raising flour
4 apples peeled, cored and cut into thick wedges.
Sprinkle them with some lemon juice.
                                      Preheat oven to 250 degrees   

Beat the butter and sugar together with a mixer.
Add the eggs, one by one and continue beating.
The mixture must be very smooth.
Add the liquid, a little flour and the zest.
Add all the flour into the mixture until it becomes creamy.
Pour half of the batter into an oiled  baking tin.
(Alternatively, you can use a deep Pyrex baking dish)
Sprinkle the apples over the batter.
Cover with the rest of the mixture 
and bake for 50 to 60 minutes.
When ready, I sprinkle it with Alchermes liqueur which 
gives a red bright color on the surface and a little 
white sugar but you can use your imagination ...

Good luck!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A festive day

We wanted to have you, soooo badly!
And we were blessed to see your face
one sunny day in the middle of October.
10 years ago.
 A single event which has turned our lifes around.
Everything is new again thanks to you…
We see life through your beautiful blue eyes and
 we rediscover all that we thought we knew until then.
We have given you life and
you give it right back to us, every hour, every day.
And here you are, not little anymore !
Not asking for help while you wash your hair, reading to 
yourself at night,crawling into my iPad against my will,
closing the door of your room to get dressed…
You are excited about growing up and
we look at you as if for the first time…
We are immensely proud and pleased to see you growing
with only love in your heart and knowing that
 your pretty face
 reflects your spirit and your beliefs.
Be yourself my love
Give joy to everyone who knows you!
Be happy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Austrian Alps

Having been in Austria several times and having had enough 
of sea views and heat, we thought that a mountain’experience 
would be perfect for our summer holidays abroad, 
away from the noise of the cities already visited and 
discovered in the past.
 So, we did! 

Our itinerary included three little towns
In Igls, we enjoyed cycling and walking along 
the countless hiking paths at the foot of the Alps and ...

we have had our first high-altitude fun!

My husband  while taking a photo of an Italian cycling team

at 1300m.altitude

From Igls, we easily popped over to Innsbruck,
but not for very long....

Next stop, the legendary and stylish town of Kitzbuhel
Definitely the most beautiful place of our journey. 
A medieval town with high level tourism which really offers
 a sublime mountain experience to its visitors. 
Leisure-time possibilities and sport facilities are available 
for those who wish to explore this unparalleled sport area.

From the center of the town, we used all kind of transports 
to reach the top. We got on cable cars, cableways, aerial 
tramways, ski lifts and arrived in unbelievably unspoiled 
areas ready to breathe the fresh, clean air and 
enjoy the fabulous Austrian landscape!

So many hikers up there!

Magnificent views!!!

Third destination, Mondsee, located on the shore 
of the homonym lake. 

We were lucky to be followed and helped by some good
friends who live in Austria, who accompanied us
between their call duty (thank you doctors!) and so, we
 managed to make an unforgettable excursion to the
1783m. high summit of Schafberg.

During the summer, there is the Schafbergbahn, a rack railway 
opened in 1893, which runs from the small town of St-Wolfgang 
im Salzkammergut on the shores of the Wolfgangsee to the summit. 

The SchafbergBahn is the steepest cogwheel railway in Austria
After a few minutes from the lake-side base, the track crosses 
the provincial border between Salzburg and Oberösterreich, 
before continuing its steep ascent through 
lush fields and green forests. 

The last segment of this trip, about 10 minutes, is probably 
the most spectacular and already offers 
impressive views in multiple directions.

The peak offers a panoramic view of the surrounding 
mountains and lakes.

 From the top you may see numerous Alpine lakes 
and the Dachstein glacier

A last walk in Salzburg before heading for Munich

leave the car and fly for Athens!

So nice to have you here, thank you 

regular and occasional readers as well!

Wish we can have enriching experiences whatever we do!


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