Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Austrian Alps

Having been in Austria several times and having had enough 
of sea views and heat, we thought that a mountain’experience 
would be perfect for our summer holidays abroad, 
away from the noise of the cities already visited and 
discovered in the past.
 So, we did! 

Our itinerary included three little towns
In Igls, we enjoyed cycling and walking along 
the countless hiking paths at the foot of the Alps and ...

we have had our first high-altitude fun!

My husband  while taking a photo of an Italian cycling team

at 1300m.altitude

From Igls, we easily popped over to Innsbruck,
but not for very long....

Next stop, the legendary and stylish town of Kitzbuhel
Definitely the most beautiful place of our journey. 
A medieval town with high level tourism which really offers
 a sublime mountain experience to its visitors. 
Leisure-time possibilities and sport facilities are available 
for those who wish to explore this unparalleled sport area.

From the center of the town, we used all kind of transports 
to reach the top. We got on cable cars, cableways, aerial 
tramways, ski lifts and arrived in unbelievably unspoiled 
areas ready to breathe the fresh, clean air and 
enjoy the fabulous Austrian landscape!

So many hikers up there!

Magnificent views!!!

Third destination, Mondsee, located on the shore 
of the homonym lake. 

We were lucky to be followed and helped by some good
friends who live in Austria, who accompanied us
between their call duty (thank you doctors!) and so, we
 managed to make an unforgettable excursion to the
1783m. high summit of Schafberg.

During the summer, there is the Schafbergbahn, a rack railway 
opened in 1893, which runs from the small town of St-Wolfgang 
im Salzkammergut on the shores of the Wolfgangsee to the summit. 

The SchafbergBahn is the steepest cogwheel railway in Austria
After a few minutes from the lake-side base, the track crosses 
the provincial border between Salzburg and Oberösterreich, 
before continuing its steep ascent through 
lush fields and green forests. 

The last segment of this trip, about 10 minutes, is probably 
the most spectacular and already offers 
impressive views in multiple directions.

The peak offers a panoramic view of the surrounding 
mountains and lakes.

 From the top you may see numerous Alpine lakes 
and the Dachstein glacier

A last walk in Salzburg before heading for Munich

leave the car and fly for Athens!

So nice to have you here, thank you 

regular and occasional readers as well!

Wish we can have enriching experiences whatever we do!



  1. Son unas imagenes preciosas, gracias por traernos estos maravillosos parajes.

  2. Οι εικόνες μαγικές... Σαν ψεύτικες...
    Όπως λες και εσύ στο τέλος, να περνάμε όλοι καλά, οτιδήποτε κι αν κάνουμε!

  3. It looks so beautiful. I wish I could breathe in that mountain air. We were watching a 'Hairy Bikers' cookery programme on TV last nightand thy visited Austria and we both said how much we would love to visit.

  4. Wat een schitterende wandeling! Oostenrijk is mooi, ik ben er ook ooit geweest.
    Je hebt ons prachtige dingen laten zien, Olympia!

    Lieve groet,

  5. ~ Picture post card beautiful photographs here, Olympia! ~ One day a visit from me too...I have just popped over to Madeliefs blog and read with sadness her loss...How beautiful your tribute, earlier post....Sending kind thoughts your way...Maria x

  6. It's gorgeous there. I would love to visit someday. Thank you for sharing your trip and beautiful photos. Your daughter seems taller now, just in the past few months. She must be growing up quickly. What a great experience for her to do so much traveling and sightseeing, I am sure she is learning a lot!

  7. This is fantastic! You had such good weather and then you took such good photographs! Truly valuable memories on summer! Christa

  8. It looks so green! It's really great and I can imagine you had a wonderful time.

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  9. Simply stunning photos I think this a great choice for a summer holiday. So much to do and such a healthy holiday. It was where my parents went on their honeymoon. Many years ago and they still talk of the beauty to this day.

  10. OOoh it looks very good, what a beautiful pictures and I can see you had a great holiday everthing looks so peaceful and thats the most important thing for a nice holiday. greeting Petra.

  11. Wauw....what a beautiful photo's Olympia.
    austria is a verry nice country...I also loved Austria in wintertime....
    Youre photo's are breathtaking.

    Inge, my choice

  12. What a beautiful post Olyympia !!...love Austria.....love from me...x !

  13. It looks a wonderful place to spend your family summer holiday! The views and mountains are incredible. I remember visiting Kitzbuhel and St Wolfgang as a child. Is that you in the lovely picture in Salzburg?
    Sarah x

    1. Yes,it's me and I didn't forget the recipe of the apple pie you asked, I'll give it in a next post. Thank you Sarah for all your sweet words.

  14. Dear Olympia,
    I m so impressed with this post,the pictures are beautiful!

  15. I love the Alps very much above all hiking on the mountains. We plan to go there next year again. It is funny that a Greek girl shows us Austria:o). Beautiful photos!

  16. Dear Olympia,
    Such a lovely series of photographs of your wonderful trip. The views are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your trip and your lovely family. Hugs
    Karen xoxo

  17. Ma chère amie bonjour,

    Je viens de m'offrir un très joli voyage autrichien en admirant l'ensemble des photos de ce merveilleux billet...
    Une bouffée d'oxygène à chaque détour... J'ai énormément apprécié.
    Tu nous as vraiment régalés... Tu es une sensationnelle ambassadrice.
    Je suis certaine que toi et ta famille avez partagé de très agréables moments.
    Gros bisous

  18. Austria is a haven of fresh air and stunning views and you are a master at creating a mood with your photos . Must have been a wonderful family trip !

  19. Lieve Olympia,

    Wat een heerlijke actieve vakantie moet dat zijn geweest in de gezonde frisse buitenlucht in de bergen.
    Je prachtige foto's spreken boekdelen!!!
    Wat zal je dochter ook genoten hebben van dit groene berglandschap met zijn blauwe meren,weer iets heel anders dan Griekenland....
    maar waar het zeker NIET minder mooi is.....
    Ik geniet altijd enorm van je prachtige foto's die geven een sfeer weer of ik echt met je mee wandel.

    Wij zijn vroeger meerdere keren met de kinderen in Tirol op vakantie geweest en heb er goede herinneringen aan...
    tot op het moment dat er onderweg voor onze ogen een betonmixwagen van de weg raakten en zich tegen een pijler te pletter reed ,
    mijn man en ik waren als eerste bij het slachtoffer maar konden helaas niks meer voor hem doen dan de politie bellen,gruwelijk....zoiets vergeet je nooit meer.

    Lieve groet en tot blogs maar weer,

  20. Lovely photos- and your descriptions too. Austria always seems like the tourist brochures say... Not many places do

  21. Oh, these pictures are wonderful. The scenery is just beautiful. My girls love to travel, and Jess went to Europe for three months visiting so many different places. What a great trip this must have been for you. I love the deer on the wall.

    Happy October!


  22. Such beautiful photos of the wonderful Alpine scenery! You captured it all perfectly and I so enjoyed reading this post. Love all the perfect buildings too, and how you have caught the breathtaking scale of it all as well. It looks like a lovely holiday for you and your family.
    Wishing you a happy autumn week, Olympia.
    Helen x

  23. Amazing pictures Olympia and now you definitely has made me wanna go to Austria in a near future. We've talked about going there in the summer sometime and now you've convinced me. So beautiful and I'm glad you hade such a lovely holiday. :)

    Take care my friend!


  24. Stunning! Lucky you, Olympia. I'd love to visit Austria. I will some day...

  25. That looks so lovely and beautiful. Must have been wonderful!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  26. Dear friend,

    Oh, it looks so marvellous!! I`m sure you had a good time!!♥

    Many, many hugs and kisses tou you,

  27. What breathtaking and beautiful scenes these are! A wonderful vacation.

  28. What breathtaking and beautiful scenes these are! A wonderful vacation.

  29. What breathtaking and beautiful scenes these are! A wonderful vacation.

  30. Dear Olympia,

    Wow! what gorgeous photos of your wonderful holiday to Austria - it must be so beautiful there and how neat to be on top of the world up there, looking down. thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
    Happy weekend

  31. Yes, thats a wonderful Land.
    Austria is great, snow and sunshine wonderful Air and many Tourists.
    Best wishes, Moni

  32. The photos are beautiful! I've been to Austria once but we only stayed in Vienna. I really wanted to get out and see the rest of the country but we already had a packed schedule. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us!

  33. I have seen only a little of Austria. Your photos show the incredible beauty of the landscape. It must have made for a wonderful holiday.


  34. Dearest Olympia,
    your pictures really look fantastic - you must have had dream holidays! It' s wonderful that you were able to experience so much natural beauty in Austria! I especially like the view of the Mondsee, which I know only from down in the valley ... (Oooh, but sooo many tourists!)
    Lots of hugs, Traude

  35. Όμορφο ταξίδι με μαγευτικές φωτογραφίες ! Μας ταξίδεψες σε παραμυθένια βουνά και λίμνες !
    Να είσαι καλά Ολυμπία μου και πάντα να ταξιδεύεις !

  36. Olympia,

    Your Greek name lives up to its fame, as you towered to the peaks of perfection in the Austrian Alps, walked on the clouds and stared into sterling waters! I wonder: would Mt. Olympus be a tiny bit green with envy at such heavenly heights?

    Thanks for taking us to the top of that beautiful world!


  37. What a wonderful time you must have all had! The scenery and countryside looks incredibly beautiful, and it is so nice to see so many people enjoying it!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos, the towns and flowers are so pretty, and it is so nice to see photos of yourself and your lovely daughter and husband! I hope you all had a great trip.
    Gill xx

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