Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So peaceful...

It was one of these rare days where daily life seems unbearable
 with its hectic pace and the feeling that you live for others
and miss being yourself. An imperative need for freedom and peace…
I took my car and went find a good friend who lives in the countryside …

So quiet, so beautiful!

I recharged the batteries of my mind, picking some late roses,
wild cyclamens , listening to the divine singing of migrants robins 
and enjoying the company of an imperial cat answering 
to the name of Javert!
I suppose that its character has nothing to do with the 
hero of Victor’s Hugo book but anyway….The archaic beauty
of the estate spoke straight to my heart and
I felt so much relieved, soothe and appeased …
The olive harvest needs some more time, chestnut trees are 
shedding their fruits and leaves on the soil and nature is 
preparing for its hibernation, an eternal journey following 
the traces of which we call time…
Take a break and fend off the routine, it’s essential, isn’t it?

Nature painted my evening with the colors of my feelings…
Thank you Georgia!
Thank you Javert!
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