Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A festive day

We wanted to have you, soooo badly!
And we were blessed to see your face
one sunny day in the middle of October.
10 years ago.
 A single event which has turned our lifes around.
Everything is new again thanks to you…
We see life through your beautiful blue eyes and
 we rediscover all that we thought we knew until then.
We have given you life and
you give it right back to us, every hour, every day.
And here you are, not little anymore !
Not asking for help while you wash your hair, reading to 
yourself at night,crawling into my iPad against my will,
closing the door of your room to get dressed…
You are excited about growing up and
we look at you as if for the first time…
We are immensely proud and pleased to see you growing
with only love in your heart and knowing that
 your pretty face
 reflects your spirit and your beliefs.
Be yourself my love
Give joy to everyone who knows you!
Be happy!

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