Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Roof terrace opening...


and the living is easy

      and the cotton is high……

     End of May…
I woke up in a summer mood, whispering this lovely song,
refreshed and ready to act.Things left behind all these days,
my roof garden… Friday night we had one of these terrible 
drizzles full of mud coming from Africa. Everything outside 
was dirty and bedraggled, my blue car was unrecognizable!
 Panic…but also very eager to update the outside area.
At this time of year, I’m always happy because finally summer 
is around the corner and long summer evenings and dinners 
on the veranda are all ahead. When the temperatures are high 
and the sea breeze strengthens, the only place we can escape to
and continue breathing is our terrace as it's on the second floor 
of our house.Of course, all activitiestake place only 
after 21 pm or very early in the morning.  

The problem which always appears in summer is called mosquitoes.
So, we read that herbs help to repel these bad flying insects and
we have planted thyme, rosemary, lavender and basil
all around the other plants. 



After three hours of work,
I deserve some home made iced lemonade !
It’s exquisite and offered by a lovely lady as the “Amaryllis Minerva”
If somedoby is interesting I can give you the recipe,
I suppose organic lemons are all that you need.

I think life needs simple things to be beautiful
 plants which were going bad this winter are flowering
fresh love made lemonade
      sweet thoughts for bloggers never seen...

I hope the sun’s warmth arrives everywhere…
Sending you sweet thoughts and the day's melody...


  1. I love your summery pictures and especially that beautiful blue sky that is visible in some. We haven't had much beautiful weather.I hope summer arrives here very soon and doesn't leave us for a looooooong time. Have a wonderful summertime with some easy living.

  2. So beautiful!!
    Have a nice time!

  3. I could while away the hours! What a beautiful setting.

  4. You have a wonderful terrace on the roof of your house, I can imagine you like it to spend the most hours of your day here, wit a lot of sun. In our country it's raining for several days and it's too cold for the time of the year. I don't like that at all, because I love it to spend my time outside, feeling the sun on my skin. We must have patience...

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  5. What a beautiful terrace and very nice photo's! And the sun is shining so bright. Here in Holland it is cold and rainy. That's why i extra enjoy your sunny photo's. Thanks!
    Greatings from Aleta

  6. Oh, your terrace area is beautiful! It looks so comfortable and relaxing. Enjoy! x

  7. Oohh WHAUW what a lovely pictures I like the colors of your service. And your terrace looks beautiful, I like everything you show me. Over here it is to cold for sitting on the terrace, it is still to cold at the time of the year. But we can nothing do about it, and that is what your pictures loves my sunshine. Have a great evening greetings Petra.

  8. Wow, your terrace is sooo beautiful. A perfect place for relaxing summer days.

    Have a great thursday


  9. Your terrace is beautiful. It looks like such a relaxing place. I know what you mean about the muddy rain; we have that here too, the winds will be high and they'll blow dust as it rains and the dusty rain makes everything filthy. Enjoy your lemonade on your beautiful terrace. :)

  10. Dear Olympia,

    what a wonderful terrace - it´s soooo nice and beautiful.
    Wonderful flowers and trees - I can understand that you like this place.
    When we have summertime, I enjoy also my "new room" - our garden.
    But in the moment it is so cold like in october - on Friday it will be
    snowing. I´m not happy about this.

    I wish you a great time on your fantastic terrace - enjoy it.

    A lot of greetings from your


  11. Πανέμορφες καλοκαιρινές εικόνες Ολυμπία!!Εξαιρετικές οι φωτογραφίες σου!!Καλό καλοκαίρι νά έχης!!

  12. Hi Olympia,

    A lovely post you have shared and your roof terrace is fabulous. Looks like a great place to relax with a lemonade. Love all the plants and flowers. We have mosquitoes here in summer and they are pesky insects.
    Sometimes we light citronella candles which keep them away.

    Happy day

  13. Wat heb je een prachtig, sfeervol ingericht terras! Mooie bloemen en prachtige kruiken en potten. Wat zal het hier fijn vertoeven zijn.
    Het is hier in Nederland zo koud en regenachtig. Nog steeds de winterkleren en winterjas aan. De koudste lente ooit. Maar je gaat nu wel echt naar zon verlangen.
    Jouw zonnige foto's zijn daarom des te mooier!

    Lieve groet,

  14. Dearest Olympia, thank you for sharing this beautiful space with us! I love all of your personal touches, the beautiful pottery, the herbs and flowers, your colorful pillows, the hand painted dish ware. Just lovely! I wish I could share your delicious lemonade with you in this beautiful place! It is cool and rainy here and I am dreaming of sunshine. Hugs to you, xoxo

  15. I love summer too..I simply being outside, for supper on the deck, to look at my flowers and the ice cream!I love looking at your photos,your terrace area is beautiful! !

  16. Dear Olympia - your roof terrace is gorgeous - I love the shades of terracotta, the green of the olive tree, your pretty accessorises creating an ambience for relaxing and drinking your freshly made lemonade.

  17. What a beautiful space! I love your ceramics and Mediterranean plants. Enjoy the sunshine! x

  18. Greetings Olympia,

    Just divine! Your rooftop terrace is beautiful and so well appointed!! Love all your potted plants. And, what a treat to have a rooftop terrace. On my wish list for the next house :)

    I have been out of town, and just returned home to DC where the temperature is starting to sizzle. It gets very hot and muggy here during the summer. Going out to water the garden soon.


  19. You have such a lovely terrace! I also have many herbs in pots. Their fragrance is so good. Happy week, Olympia!

  20. Thanks for visit my blog.
    You have a verry nice house by the sea, that is amazing.
    The sun is shinning so bright, we have only the rain.

    Have a nice Day,
    Inge, my choice

  21. Such lovely photos!! Here the weather is still cold, I need the sun... Hugs :D

  22. Dear Olympia,
    Your roof terrace is beautiful,lovely place with so much lovely details.
    Beautiful summer ambience for enjoy:)
    Many hugs

  23. Che meraviglia di terrazza, un posto dove prendere la prima tazza di cafè la mattina presto e un buon bicchierino di vino prima di coricarsi. Mi piacciono molto i tuoi vasi di terracotta e le ceramiche tipicamente mediterranea. Qui sta arrivando un'alto ondata di freddo ! Un abbraccio.

    1. Ma che strano Jane questo freddo fine maggio! Bisogna avere un po di pazienza...Grazie communque dei tuoi gentili commenti che gradisco al massimo.

  24. Hi Olympia! How great I found you from Helen. Your photos are beautiful! I'm a Finnish woman living in Chania. Best wishes and have a great summer! Teje

    1. Hi Teje!Nice to meet you and I'll pop soon over your blog.You live in one of the most beautiful cities in Greece!

  25. Hi ! I have just bought Ella Fitzgerald cd ! Love that song ! Oh your photos are lovely nice and summery and what a nice relaxing verandah ..Perfect ! Gail x

  26. I have two roof terraces at my new house in Italy and you have just given me a lot of good ideas! I will use your photos to show exactly what I want. I'm excited, but I'll be happier when I'm actually there!

    Thank you!



  27. Αγαπητή συνονόματη ,υπέροχη βεράντα διακοσμημένη με λεπτό γούστο και καλαίσθητα πράγματα !
    Εύχομαι να περνάς υπέροχες στιγμές στη βεράντα σου και να απολαύσεις το καλοκαιράκι !
    Καλό Σ/Κ !

  28. What an amazing roof terrace you have Olympia. We have one too, but we seldom use it. Yours looks fabulous will all those plants and the beautiful decorations. The lemonade sounds delicious too!

    Wishing you a sun filed weekend! It's wet and cold in Holland.

    Madelief x

  29. Ah, je hais les moustiques mais eux adorent ma peau. Je courrais cependant bien le risque de me faire dévorer toute crue pour être à votre place maintenant !

  30. You have a wonderful terrace, and the
    color of the lilies is beautiful.
    I like your photos.

  31. Oh, there was bad weather! It hasn`t been nice suprice!:( But now everything is so beautiful again!!:))
    I love your photos from your terrace, really summerfeeling!!♥
    Many hugs, Marikki

  32. Lovely to see your beautiful terrace. All the terra cotta is wonderful too. We are near the same latitude as you are here in New Mexico in the States. Hot here too, but evenings can be very nice. You have a gorgeous setting to enjoy them.

  33. Que maravilla, me he enamorada de esta terraza, es preciosa, me encanta como se combinan las macetas de barro con las cerámicas pintadas, toda una preciosidad.
    Besos guapa.

  34. Yes you certainly deserve a glass of lemonade Olympia!!! In fact you deserve a whole pitcher of it for all the beauty you have created here. It is such a gorgeous space you have to enjoy. Just gorgeous!!!!

  35. Oh you should be so proud it is simply stunning so tasteful and I love your accessories. Enjoy many fun days here.

  36. Dearest Olympia,
    Lovely roof garden you have with all those lovely terracotta pots. Enjoy the summer and its many splendors.
    Hugs from Georgia/USA,

  37. What a beautiful terrace! I just can't stop looking at all your amazing pictures. Heavenly! And it's easy to see why this is one of your favourite places. :)

    Take care and enjoy those lovely summermornings and nights on your terrace.♥


  38. The terrrace is wonderful with all of the pots, herbs, and flowering plants. It looks like just the perfect spot to enjoy some fresh lemonade. The rain is falling here; that is good, given I planted some tomatoes and basil yesterday.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  39. Oh boy, it all looks so beautiful and summery ... please send some sun this way! Ahh, 'Summertime' ... my dad used to sing it to me every evening at bedtime! M x

  40. Wow...your home and garden are so so lovely...thank you for sharing such joy. xoxo


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