Monday, January 27, 2014

Busy in the country

Two things have happened:
I have been very busy in our country home and I have had 
no access to my electronic archives all these last weeks 
but it seems that things are henceforth going normally, 
at least let’s hope! I’ll be back commenting on your wonderful 
posts! So, we have started to renovate our country home 
which needed dramatic changes and required a great effort
 not only of layout but also of money. We decided to proceed 
slowly but surely with the big desire to revitalise this 
property which comes from my husband’s family and which 
is filled  with lovely family items, a great collection of my 
mother in law's embroideries and of course a house 
steeped in tender childhood memories.

I’m showing you some little details of the work I have done 
aided by an admirable “collaborator” of mine, a talented 
sweet friend who has “abandoned” her family on three 
successive weekends to give me a hand, advice and a healthy
 dose of good taste. Thank you Yolanda, you inspire me and 
transmit so positive energy around you!
The photos from our country garden were taken in late 
autumn, in glorious sunshine. It has been grey and dull lately, 
so no photo interest from outside.

It’s my first blog anniversary, a whole year has passed
since I traveled to blogland and I would like to 
thank you , my companions, for your love, 
kindness and support. 
It was such an enriching experience! 

Wishing you all the best! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Βelow the castle

Light on winter days is precious especially in January.
 Colors, sharpness, clarity, warmth...
 αnd the view of the Acrocorinth castle is really 
unique and inviting!

While I do not intend to serve as a tourist guide, I’ll give 
some general information about this archaeological site 
which is so close to our home.
This is the largest castle of Greece and one of the largest 
in Europe.It surrounds a rocky monolithic mountain 
overlooking the ancient city of Corinth.

 It was first built as an Acropolis, then became a 
Roman citadel and later a Byzantine fortress. 

At the foothills of the castle there is the Hatzi Mustafa 
fountain, a remnant of Ottoman days which is still in use.

Following the pathway towards the center of 
the ancient city of Corinth you arrive at the
entrance of the ancient Roman Agora.
Within the Forum is the Bema.
( the Greek word for judgement seat ) 
It’s a marbled platform where St.Paul had to plead 
his case when the Corinthians hauled him up 
in front of the Roman governor in 52A.D.

 The Archaic Temple of Apollo stands a little farther,

the most important ruin, built in Doric style,
on the hill of the ancient Agora (marketplace) 
between 550-525 B.C. 
From here, there is a general view 
of most of the antiquity.

Α beautiful kumquat tree in the center of the village. 

The window of a grocery store

A prickly pear cactus from the garden of the 
American School of classical studies  which is carrying 
out some very important excavations in the whole area. 

Sipping a coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon, 
contemplating the hilltop fortification, 
is more than a simple pleasure. It’s magic! 

Greek coffee and sour cherry juice
benefiting from a superb Sunday light,
this is all I needed to feel appeased...

Tourist shops

Could you imagine the famous Corinthian potters 
labouring in their workshops in the ceramics district ?

Ancient Corinth as the evening approaches.

A warm ,golden light before it gets dark…
it’s time to leave the place and you… 
thank you for joining me.


Would you like to join us ?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shopping at flea market

After a joyful break, here I am again, showing you 
some vintage finds from the Athens flea market. 
I never have anything precise in mind, I love jugs,
 pitchers, tureens, teapots, ashtrays, vases… but 
I’m open to anything that catches my eye. 
The rule however is “I must love it”, otherwise treasure 
hunting becomes a frustrating and disappointing experience.

This time, I found some very budget-friendly items, 
which can blend perfectly with the mix and match style,
 which I want to have uniquely as my own. 
Perfect spaces look so boring to me!

So, let’s start from the prettier and more expensive find, 
this ruby-rose crystal vase, originating from Venice (no mark!) 
that I haggled for 40 € (intitial price 120 €!)

Τhe porcelain dish has cost 4€!

This vintage English rural tin was bought for 12€.

All subsequent items don’t exceed 
the hefty and exorbitant amount of… 5€ !!! 
(each of them)
This Russian metal tray

 the little teapot

the little bowl with the soft pink roses,

the glass pellets and the yellow crystal ashtray

A great Sunday outing for those who are close to Athens 
and can take advantage of a leisurely walk around 
the ancient center of the capital. 
A mood-enhancing day!

Pomegranates bring good fortune and luck.
Their red color and seeds represent 
fertility, love, happiness... 
what I wish for all of you.

I constantly look over your blogs but I’ll leave a comment 
next time, I promise!

Happy New Year! 

Hope your life is full of sun and vibrant colors.
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