Friday, September 25, 2015

Why aren't you in Myconos?

As we soon kick off October and summertime winds down, I’m turning back 
and thinking to what great vacations we had. I feel gratitude that this 
summer was definitely a happy one because we made it beautiful, we made it 
funny. Syros was an exquisite choice and those photos filled with colors, light, 
scents and happy memories cheer up autumn, rainy days like today.
I share them with you, keep them close and who knows, 
they may last forever.

What struck us the most in the island was 
the simple, slow living of the people. 
How easily they can relish life, treasuring every single moment without 
desire for more. As I have previously explained Syros 
isn’t a well-known island for Greeks either and all friends kept asking 
“Why aren’t you in Myconos?” We surely didn’t regret this intimate 
experience and still feel the warmth of the Greek islanders. 

But we really had enough of this summer and its endless sunny days… 
It’s good to go back into a routine again although weather 
and calendar don’t cooperate quite a long time ago and it doesn’t help.

Something else...
It becomes in earnest hard for me to be loyal 
to my previous posting schedule. 
Not able to manage time efficiently...It’s obvious to put real life 
 first in my priorities, isn’t it? And my reality is that I’m busier now and 
daily routines too engaging to let me focus on my blog. I would like 
to visit you more often and read what you are up to…I took seriously
 the word commitment when I started blogging and now I'm a little 
concerned...On the other side, there is an urge to pack up and move 
on Instagram … No, not really ...
Oh, I keep getting multiple thoughts all at the same time... 
Hope you are doing fine...

 Take care


  1. I am so happy you had a wonderful time on Syros! Your post made me curious, so I looked on the Internet for more information. That was very interesting. I think Syros has many things that are worth to visit.

    Wish you a wonderful weekend! Sending hugs, Ingrid

  2. merveilleux ! Quelle lumière !!! tes photos sont superbes et mettent en valeur la beauté des paysages. C'est un enchantement. Merciiiii !!!!! Amitiés

  3. It is nice to have places that haven't been discovered by the tourists. Syros is beautiful! I had to step away from my blog this summer. It takes too much time from my kids. I don't feel guilty about it but I do miss it. As always, your words and photos are wonderful. Happy fall.

  4. What a beautiful photos of the island of Syros!
    Nice that you have there so enjoyed.
    I love your lovely blog full of beautiful pictures about Greece and your home.
    But if there are other things are important, it is always difficult to make a choice.
    We say what is heaviest, most weight it heaviest!
    Strength when weighing.

    Love, Gerry

  5. I too have been doing the same as you and looking back at summer in my last few posts. Syros looks just like my cup of tea with that slow simple living. I too struggle to keep up with blogging and visiting every one. Sarah x

  6. I'm longing for the slow and simple life somewhere on a beautiful place like Syros, but helas not yet, too many health problems with very old parents. Your photos are wonderful and I enjoyed them very much. I hope you continue blogging for I like your blog very much, but I know real life is most important and sometimes it's hard to do everything you want to do.
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. What beautiful photos.
    Have a great weekend
    Hugs from here

  8. Syros was our introduction to Greek islands - it was the first we ever visited and rode a ferry like the one in your first photo to get there. I absolutely adore ferry travel in Greece, especially those huge ships. It was a treat to open your blog and have one greet me. It won't be long, less than two weeks in fact, before we are back in our Greek home. . .your post has helped fill the days until we are there! Happy weekend~ Hugs to you, Jackie

  9. Happy to read you had a wonderful holiday in Syros! I do have fond memories of this island which I visited in my youth
    I understand your concern about blogging, but real life is more important. I will always appreciate reading your posts and looking at your gorgeous photos, whenever you will have the time to publish.
    I wish you a happy Autumn, dear Olympia!!
    Many hugs!!!

  10. Beuatiful pictures, Olympia. Thank you for sharing! Happy, sunny weekend!

  11. Greece is a beautiful place no matter where you are. Beautiful post and pictures.
    I want that chair! Its beautiful, looks comfortable, and the arms are covered, no not metal in the sun.

  12. Real life needs priority...... I enjoying your photos and story A lot, thank you for sharing A piece of your life at that beautiful island!

  13. Love the warmth and colour in your photos. As autumn arrives it wonderful to look at scenes of summer heat and begin planning next year's summer retreats!

  14. Such beautiful photos and such blue skies. We rarely get skies as blue as that here in England! It is difficult to balance all the things we have to do in life, but I shall look forward to reading your posts whenever you have the time :)

  15. Oh dear Olympia, these photos remind me that I must make a note to visit this lovely place. Sometimes real life gets in the way of blogging haha! but real life is what it is all about anyway, so we will not mind if you can't blog as often. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos of your holiday. Sharon x

  16. Sweet Olympia, what a beautiful trip! Your photos have me wishing I could go there and enjoy the sweet sunshine and beauty. Hugs to you, dear friend!

  17. Enjoy your beautiful ( real) life Olympia, I so loved the photos,they made me dream as I am already hard and steady back into every day life .

  18. Hi Olympia, what lovely photos of Syros. Greece is surrounded with beautiful little islands. You are so very lucky to live in such paradise.
    I am glad I've come to visit. I am hoping to post more in my blog, IG seems to take over these days. Well I guess coz it is quicker to just post one photo at a time. I am in the process of having my own desk at home so hopefully I could download and edit photos easily.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.


  19. Dear Olympia, I want to go to Myconos! These pictures are so interesting, I'm not sure where to start with them. You fill a page with beauty, my friend, and your pictures are so different and awesome. I think what caught my eye the most was that's so unique and charming. The purple flowers, the bird lace curtains, the relaxed people in the city, the red door - all these pictures are wonderful. And the sea is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your trip to Myconos. I would love to visit there someday.

    Have a peaceful Sunday, dear Olympia.

    love, ~Sheri

  20. Hello Olympia,

    Happy Sunday.. I am in mesmerized by the beauty captured in your photos. You certainly are blessed. These places have a profound natural beauty only surpass the warmth in the people you met along the way.

    Thank you for taking us along.

    Have a wonderful week and happy autumn.


  21. Lieve Olympia,

    Er zijn in Griekenland zoveel mooie plekken dat ik wel eens wenste overal tegelijk te kunnen zijn.
    De prachtige foto's die jij laat zien van het eiland Syros met het relaxte levensritme van elke dag is bij uitstek één van die fijne vakantie plekken.
    Zijn in mijn ogen net als in Chania stad op Kreta nog veel Venetiaanse invloeden bewaard gebleven,waar het heerlijk slenteren is door de smalle straatjes met camera in de aanslag.

    Probeer het ritme van Siga......Siga...... een beetje vast te houden ook nu de zwoele zomer langzaam over gaat in onstuimige herfst.

    Lieve groet,Ger

  22. I can really feel the breeze coming out of your post. Thanks a lot.

  23. Oh, what wonderful photos. It is so many years since I last visited Greece. I lost my heart to Italy but just the other day my Husband said "you know, I think we should go to Greece for a holiday soon"! It will be Italy next year, but maybe Greece the year after ... x

  24. Lovely! I can almost feel I am there! Time does get away from us sometimes. Life takes precedence. Wishing you a lovely autumn! xo Karen

  25. I so enjoyed all the little details - the lace curtains, the flower pots, the fruit stand, beautiful photos.

  26. Some stunning photo's here Olympia ... and what a brilliant blue sky.

    But where did summer go?
    I can't believe it will be October on Thursday.

    Keep well

    All the best Jan

  27. Some stunning photo's here Olympia ... and what a brilliant blue sky.

    But where did summer go?
    I can't believe it will be October on Thursday.

    Keep well

    All the best Jan

  28. Loving these pictures! The church on the hill-- amazing!

  29. Gorgeous photos Olympia, they make me want to visit Greece. Hx

  30. beautiful photos Olympia...the light is just so nice and the colours ..... I'm sure the memories will stay a long time....looks quite lush to say it's so hot....I could just visit that fruit stall right now....and fill my basket full of delicious sweet fruit ripened by the generous Greek sun...
    Gail x

  31. Lovely!!
    Thank you for you're lovely words
    Hugs Tina


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