Friday, September 25, 2015

Why aren't you in Myconos?

As we soon kick off October and summertime winds down, I’m turning back 
and thinking to what great vacations we had. I feel gratitude that this 
summer was definitely a happy one because we made it beautiful, we made it 
funny. Syros was an exquisite choice and those photos filled with colors, light, 
scents and happy memories cheer up autumn, rainy days like today.
I share them with you, keep them close and who knows, 
they may last forever.

What struck us the most in the island was 
the simple, slow living of the people. 
How easily they can relish life, treasuring every single moment without 
desire for more. As I have previously explained Syros 
isn’t a well-known island for Greeks either and all friends kept asking 
“Why aren’t you in Myconos?” We surely didn’t regret this intimate 
experience and still feel the warmth of the Greek islanders. 

But we really had enough of this summer and its endless sunny days… 
It’s good to go back into a routine again although weather 
and calendar don’t cooperate quite a long time ago and it doesn’t help.

Something else...
It becomes in earnest hard for me to be loyal 
to my previous posting schedule. 
Not able to manage time efficiently...It’s obvious to put real life 
 first in my priorities, isn’t it? And my reality is that I’m busier now and 
daily routines too engaging to let me focus on my blog. I would like 
to visit you more often and read what you are up to…I took seriously
 the word commitment when I started blogging and now I'm a little 
concerned...On the other side, there is an urge to pack up and move 
on Instagram … No, not really ...
Oh, I keep getting multiple thoughts all at the same time... 
Hope you are doing fine...

 Take care

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