Sunday, September 13, 2015

Moments to ponder over

From the two gardens we tend, the country yard 
offers certainly more cheerfulness and tranquility.

 How gorgeous those zinnias are! I always have a predilection for 
this flower as it's low maintenance and provides so much color. 
In our country backyard I gained experience with zinnias this
 year because they grow easily and add a touch of old-fashioned 
garden. I read somewhere that they are homely flowers and I agree.
 However, I have the impression that they are disappearing from 
the gardens year by year, such a shame! 

The summer is usually filled with special events and 
occasions. As the sun sets, the moon rises and the evening 
air cools, we usually head straight outdoors.
We did enjoyed lots of awesome moments this summer 
and some great gatherings with barbecue food and fun. 
Here are some pictures from  a happy family reunion
that had been organized, in our town garden late July. 

Candles for the adults’ table and sunflowers for the kids.

How I feel happier just looking at those photos! I realize 
how brief any one moment is and how quickly life changes. 
Only two months have passed and now
the back wall of our house has a brick red color,
our daughter goes now to high school, the colder weather
drives us inside and  unfortunately our palm tree is ready 
to be cut down.It's not so visible in these photos (8th photo) 
but I had previously mentioned we had problems with this tree. 
In fact,we finally didn’t save it from the disease caused by 
weevil spreading. Alas, no-one has yet found out how to stop it ...
An olive tree will take its place but I still regret it enormously.

I'm happy and grateful. I think I shouldn't apologize for 
my life but there are things to ponder over at night when 
I’m wakeful.It's hard to pretend life is perfect because it isn’t
 for all people and things are getting worse.Sometimes I feel guilty...
I feel s o r r o w and p a i n 
when shocking images make me jump up at 3am…

Let’s fight for beauty against ugliness, celebrate the
marvelous generosity of nature and take lessons 
for our human soul. 
We should turn our happiness into love,
 be thankful for what we have.
Share things and be strong together, 
this is how bad situations could ameliorate.
Please pray for all who suffer and are in need.

Summer, the funniest season has ended and we usually have a difficult time 
with the transition out of summer but there is something mesmerizing 
about Fall, don't you think?
Autumn is magic...
However, whether you enjoy the season or not, it provides many mindfulness
signs that remind us to ponder ...

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