Saturday, November 19, 2016

Immersed in the light

There is not much happening in our little corner of the world. 
Over the past three months, I have been going to a wellness 
centre and since last week I take part in an aquatic group 
exercise class. I decided to give the gym a try;
 the water isn’t really my thing and I wouldn’t have believed 
this possible for me. However, taking up aqua aerobics 
helps to have a gentle and easy workout I’m so in need of. 
Ι’m already feeling better inside and out. Hoping
to be able to keep my mood!

We have been really blessed to have some fabulous autumn weather
 so far this November. The gilded season is upon us with that 
stunning, slanting light assigning beauty to the nature, to the 
backyard, to everything. This is the perfect time to enjoy 
the outdoors through the golden hours of this season. 
Although we emptied the yard of most furniture, 
golden Sunday afternoons beckon us to cherish the garden 
which still appeals to a sense of refuge. 
No lack of frequent showers and chilly weather, though, 
mostly at night, exactly what we were praying for 
as the country garden was watered with the hose 
until late October. 

Colorful snapdragons are profusely blooming now, cosmos 
appear healthy so far, some plum roses are spreading their 
strong fruity fragrance around and it’s a real treat to spend 
time in the yard. 
It seems that the Greek Gods will let this sweet season 
linger further although I can’t deny my love for 
the winter season as well.

That’s all for the moment. I make an effort to leave messages on 
all blogs I’m following but I always have the feeling 
that something is missing ... I apologize for that. 
I’m leaving you with the pics of our home and garden 
in the country, immersed in the flattering autumn light;
it helps to stay focused on the positive side of this life of ours. 

Shake things up a bit, in order to feel energized! 

A warm hug 


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